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The effects of smoking

WHO provides data that today from diseases related to smoking in the world every 6 seconds a person dies.Each year, the number of such people is 5 million.When you save a growth trend of tobacco consumption by 2020, the number of premature deaths associated with smoking to increase two-fold.Figures frightening.And how tobacco affects the human body as a whole?What are the consequences of smoking cigarettes?

man for a long time suffering from tobacco addiction is a huge "bouquet" of diseases.Since our body - a single whole, a mechanism in which all organs are connected, and they all suffer in varying degrees from smoking.

smoking several times increases the risk of stroke.This disorder functions of our brain, caused by impaired blood supply.Blockage of the blood vessels that deliver oxygen to the brain, leading to thrombosis as the most frequent cause of stroke.

Violations delivery of oxygen to the heart muscle occurs due to blockage of hemoglobin with carbon monoxide from tobacco.It also leads to the

defeat of our vessels and the heart.

addition, smoking increases blood pressure.The vessels are compressed and force the heart to work with increased load.The result is wear and damage.And tobacco contributes to blood cholesterol levels.The arteries supplying the heart are deposited fats, and so there is a blockage of these arteries.The implication of this - myocardial infarction.

way, medical statistics states that the risk of myocardial infarction in smokers in 4-5 times higher than in non-smokers.If the smoker while still higher pressure increases the risk of a heart attack by 8 times.The average age of people who die from heart attacks, 67 years old, and in smokers - 47.

Lungs suffer from nicotine addiction very first.lung cancer occurs in tissues of their surface.And just in 90% of cases it is caused by prolonged smoking.If a person smokes two, and even more packs of cigarettes per day, it increases the risk of lung cancer by 60-70%.

characteristic signs of lung cancer is a persistent cough and hemoptysis, frequent pneumonia and bronchitis.On average, smoking reduces life by 10 years.

Prolonged addiction can cause chronic lung disease.This pulmonary bronchitis with lesions of the mucous membrane and pulmonary emphysema (lung tissue atrophy), which is characterized by the destruction of the bronchial tree and alveoli.The main symptom of emphysema - a shortness of breath, cough, barrel chest.

One of the negative effects of smoking - an additional stimulation of hydrochloric acid in our stomach.It eats away at the protective layer of the stomach and contributes to ulcers.Its characteristic symptoms are aching or burning pain between the breastbone and the navel.There are such a pain in the morning and after meals.The pain lasts a few minutes or a few hours.The ulcer is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite.Smoking also slows the scarring ulcers, it contributes to their secondary occurrence.And ulcer transition tends to cancer.Smokers risk of such a transition is much higher than non-smokers.

eyes smoker usually have the ability to blush and tears.The edges of the eyelids swell in smokers.Nicotine retina changes, decreases visual acuity, intraocular pressure increases.

Every seventh smoking person gets sick obliterating endarteritis.This disease is a vascular lesion leg arteries.Occlusive disease often goes into gangrene, requiring amputation of the feet of the smoker.

of forty smokers more susceptible to bladder cancer than nonsmokers.A male that risk, moreover, 4 times higher than in women.Its symptoms are blood in the urine, and painful urination.

huge detrimental effect smoking has on the human reproductive system.In men, it causes lethargy sperm, their inability to fertilize eggs.Very often they can not get pregnant, and women who smoke, because their reproductive system is subject to continuous failure and the risk of fetal miscarriage.And even at the birth of healthy children in smoking mothers and fathers then there is a huge risk of lagging in mental development of children.

Are these negative effects of smoking little to tobacco goodbye today?

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