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Consequences of refusal of alcohol

Refusal of alcohol - it is an act.On it dealt with many, but more ... Unfortunately only a few of making that radical solutions are kept and remain faithful to their decision.Why is it so hard to change their lifestyle?What is fraught with abstinence from alcohol?

As a rule, the main obstacle to the formation of a healthy lifestyle becomes a psychological crisis, which is hidden deep inside.Depression after giving up alcohol is characterized by loss of positive emotions and a loss of meaning in life.Man destroys the habit, and it becomes uncomfortable.He lacks just a step in the mode of the day - booze.And then the world grows dark, man withdraws into himself, not wanting to share their inner state with anyone.Depression itself is a companion of alcohol.It periodically appearing sense of guilt and remorse, despair and mood drop.However, these symptoms disappear after regular use of alcohol, which becomes dependent mechanism incorporating human meaning of life.After taking alcoholic liquor becomes cheerf

ul, kind and talkative, while the stimulant effect in the blood.

more dangerous and more long-term depression occurs after giving up alcohol.It occurs after a dependent completely abandoned the reception of alcohol in the form of not only vodka and wine and light beer.This depression, according to doctors, is a hidden threat.Man kind and lives a normal life in the family and at work, but inside he is seething discontent and emptiness fountain.Its world loses ink and this state alone, generally not pass.A person can go back to alcohol, but it does so hidden.And then can begin depression has on the background of chronic alcoholism.

To exit from the state of depression, a person prescribed antidepressants.It is desirable at this time to talk with a therapist, people who are engaged in their own business.These may be colleagues, friends with a unique hobby.An important component of the output of this depression is family support.

Freedom from alcohol addiction can be compared with the patient's condition after a successful operation.He starts to get better, feel more energetic, more confident, happier, because there is no longer the source of trouble, poisoning the body.So, what exactly is visible use of non-alcoholic drinks:

So, the advantages and positive aspects in case of failure of a lot of alcohol.And they deserve to say goodbye forever to the pernicious and evil habit.

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