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The consequences of drug use

Passion drug can not only lead to the loss of friends and discord in the family, but also to problems with law enforcement and health loss.Drugs - substances that have an impact on the mental and physical condition of the person.The main types of drug banned substances include marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, opium, methadone and ephedrine.It must be remembered that drug addiction - is a terrible disease that leads to physical and psychological dependence on the drug.

cannabis (marijuana, hashish, marijuana, up) in our time are the most commonly used illicit drug.Marijuana is the dried shredded flowers and leaves of certain types of cannabis and hashish - a resin, which is obtained from this plant, and appears as a brown solid oily mass.Typically, they are used in a mixture by smoking tobacco.The consequences of the use of cannabis is largely dependent on the composition and dose of the substance, individual characteristics, and even the mood.Most often characterized by redness, dryness of the mouth, talkati

veness, relaxation, heart rhythm disturbances, unmotivated laughter, hallucinations, and disturbed perception of time and space.Unfortunately, young people think that cannabis derivatives - it is quite harmless substances, "soft drugs", which are not hazardous to health and not addictive.But this is not the case.Just in this case, the destructive action does not occur so quickly.The regular use of these drugs may lead to severe bronchitis and lung cancer, arrhythmia (failure in the rhythmic work of the heart), disruption of reproductive function.And there was also serious implications on the human psyche: impaired abstract thinking, decreases memory, there is a deep change of personality that leads to self-isolation and disruption of the social role.

The next group of drugs - opiates (heroin, codeine, morphine, methadone) in our time are the main cause of death and disability among drug users.They are administered intravenously, so people are at high risk of contracting syphilis, hepatitis and AIDS.Because liver damage and reduce the production of proteins decreases the natural human immunity and disease resistance.Opiates damage the brain structure, even a small overdose of these drugs can lead to insufficient supply of oxygen to the destruction of brain cells.In addition, they violate the calcium metabolism in the body, resulting in broken bones state (become soft) and broken teeth.In most cases, conditions in which an injection produced opiate drugs are not sterile, so blood poisoning (sepsis) is a fairly frequent and serious complication in drug addicts.Another negative consequence can be called "shaking" (hyperthermic response), that is in the blood, together with the drug enter the living and dead microorganisms.In this disease there is a sharp rise in temperature, chills, nausea, dizziness, weakness and other symptoms, which can be fatal.It should be noted that people who regularly use opiates, live about 7-10 years from the start of use.

stimulants (cocaine, crack, amphetamines) - a group of drugs that have a stimulating effect on the nervous system.Cocaine and crack are relatively expensive drug, so little prevalent among teenagers.Some stimulants smoked or inhaled.After their consumption increases mental and physical activity: teenagers become restless, talkative, restlessness, increased blood pressure, thirst, lack of sleep, sharply reduced appetite, increased heart rate.In addition, there is the force of sexual desire, leading to casual sex.After exiting this state there is irritability, depression, aggressiveness, sleepiness.Week constant use of these drugs is replaced by 2-3 "reducing days", during which long sleep there.These substances are extremely damaging effect on the entire body, affecting all organs.Especially the nervous system suffers: developing dementia, reduced intelligence, aggressiveness, may develop psychosis, violation of sensitivity and shaking hands and feet, severe depression, which can lead to suicide.Also it suffers cardiovascular system, as it increases blood pressure, which can cause early death from myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage.When injected, the drug can be toxic and viral hepatitis, HIV-infection.

Another drug - Ecstasy is a synthetic drug that acts as a hallucinogen and psychostimulant.This multi-colored pill, taken orally.After application of the drug increased the activity, anxiety arises, hallucinations and insomnia.It is highly addictive and can lead to death.

hallucinogenic drugs number of extremely aggressive in relation to the brain, and the intoxication of any of these drugs is artificially induced psychosis.It should be noted that a single LSD intoxication can damage the brain and always leave traces in the psyche that are indistinguishable from changes in schizophrenia.A small dose of the drug in a healthy person is of little consequence, but each time all the damage progresses.eventually addict loses vigor, vitality and ability to perform targeted actions.In addition, there are recurrent panic attacks, hallucinations frightening and uncontrollable aggression.Most often other complications did not have time to develop, because the man turns into a "vegetable".

Among the health consequences of drug use should be noted the degradation of the individual, in addition to the drug addict's already not interested in anything.It is also noted psihopatizatsii - a pronounced worsening of certain character traits, all kinds of disorders of the nervous system and internal organs.You also need to remember that when applying injecting drugs can be transmitted human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and death.In addition, a drug addict problems in the family, the society, it loses any interests.Not rare and variety of crime, because for the next dose of drug addicts are able to commit theft, murder.Besides distribution, receipt and possession of narcotic substances in the majority of countries is subject to criminal liability.

In the first stage of treatment for drug addiction is necessary to completely stop the use of this substance.In general this leads to the development of narcotic abstinence syndrome.In this case, the injected drugs that help to overcome the pain, psychopathology.At the same time it should be carried out detoxification therapy (enter different solutions in the organism) to be able to bring drugs and its products out of the body decay.If there is a drug that is on the opposite mode of action of certain drugs, it should be administered to a patient.In severe cases, drug addicts can enter in anesthesia, so that he did not feel the gravity of his condition.Following the withdrawal of the withdrawal syndrome need long-term rehabilitation, which should include the intake of certain medications, psychotherapy, as well as preventing situations that can be returned to use drugs.

As you can see, the consequences of drug use in their destructiveness exceeds almost all known diseases, because suffering both physical and mental condition of the person.the time necessary to understand and take action when violations are still in the reversible stage.

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