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Postinor and alcohol

Women are very important reliable means of contraception.One of such popular tools - postinor tablets.How they are combined with the use of alcoholic beverages?Can I use them occasionally during the application Postinor?What this means for the female body?

postinor is a hormonal drug that is used in cases of force majeure in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies.The use of this drug is convenient for women who do not have a permanent partner in private life, or those who have during sex, for example, the condom broke.That is, a means of contraception for extreme cases.

About Postinor there are a lot of conflicting information.Yes, this drug is not safe contraceptive.Its function is based on the impossibility of conceiving.Adverse effects in this contraceptive much.They include headache, vomiting, nausea, and fatigue, abdominal pain and uterine bleeding often malfunctioning of the menstrual cycle.In addition, postinor contains in its composition of many hormones, which negatively affects the female body

.Therefore, the frequent use of the drug leads to hormonal disruptions and disturbances.They are difficult to treat, and it's a long process.That is why the gynecologist advised to use contraceptive pills postinor only twice a year.

As stated in the instructions to postinor about its compatibility with alcohol?Unfortunately, the manufacturer (which is Gedeon Richter) did not give information about it.Therefore, do not worry this combination does not cause?But it is necessary to combine the shock dose of hormones with alcohol?After postinor it used very rarely, so why can not opt ​​out of alcohol during this period?What threatens this "duo"?

postinor decomposed in the liver to metabolites.If a woman has to malfunction of the body, then it is put at risk.In Postinor contains a huge dose of levonorgestrel, is a synthetic analogue of the female hormone progesterone.This dose is already a blow to the liver as a barrier human body.Acceptance of alcohol exacerbates the blow.How strongly depends on the dose and the type of alcohol and the state of the liver itself.After all, not all women have information about their health status, and liver as well.No one can accurately predict liver reaction to the use of Postinor and then wine or beer.It happens that alcohol intake is just precedes consumption Postinor.But the alcohol in the blood is kept for about 48 hours!

should stop and on the mechanism of action of the contraceptive.It is to reject tablets endometrial mucosa and this can cause heavy bleeding.This state itself is dangerous, and the threat of bleeding increases after drinking alcohol.Alcohol is initially rapid expansion of blood vessels, then they narrowed - and this is also the threat of bleeding.

should take into account the fact that postinor not 100% contraceptive protection.That is, after receiving the pregnancy may occur.This means that a woman may think that pregnancy is advised, but in fact it is not.She drinks alcohol, which has a devastating effect on the fetus, and thus exposes itself to another blow in case of continued pregnancy.Of course, a thorough examination of the woman and timely registration with help avoid any complications with the fetus.But is it worth such a risk?And for what?

Women Safe from time to time by Postinor should plan your life so that to give up drinking alcohol after these tablets.After all, they themselves are the risky method of protection against unwanted conception.Choose a safer and more modern means of contraception.