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Hangover : what to do

After an active, long and stormy feast morning headache and stomach, people feel dry mouth, extreme weakness, and thirst.These symptoms are talking about alcohol intoxication (hangover).What to do in such a situation?What tools to use?How to get rid of a hangover in the home?

First of all, keep in mind that to get rid of hangover symptoms may be no earlier than 12-14 hours.And the main thing in this state - not to take certain actions.Which ones?

What to do when the hangover can not be grasped, and how and what should be saved?We offer proven and all available recipes.Perhaps not all of their components are on hand, so there are options:

hangover symptoms can be removed and medication, and folk remedies.If you need to recover quickly, before work, take advantage of such recipes:

So many options for removing hangover.However, it is better to avoid.And this should be before the meal to drink two glasses of milk or eat 150-200 grams of sauerkraut.It will serve as a barrier to intoxication.

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