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Alcohol withdrawal syndrome: Treatment

If you had to drink alcohol in large quantities, such a thing as a hangover, you're probably familiar with.Symptoms of a hangover, as a rule, appear the day after the "libation" of alcohol.These include nausea, severe throbbing headache, excruciating thirst, unpleasant taste in the mouth, drowsiness and irritability.These symptoms are accompanied by palpitations, his rhythm disturbances, autonomic disorders in which there is a fever, and gives way to a feeling of heat.Naturally, the main cause of hangover is a large amount of alcohol consumed the night before.The fact that the excess amount of ethyl alcohol in the body leads to the fact that the liver can not revise it.As a result, it accumulates in the blood acetaldehyde, which is still toxic than ethanol.That is why there is a hangover, which is a kind of defensive reaction of the organism and evidence of alcohol poisoning.How to cure a hangover?Details - later in the article.

To begin to distinguish from the usual hangover hangover.With a hangover, a

s a rule, even the thought of alcohol can cause nausea, while hangover when one feels the need for a physical receiving regular servings of alcohol.People suffering from hangover does not feel aversion to alcohol, and consider it the only means of salvation, without which the return to normal life is very difficult.

symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome are facial flushing, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, flushing, sweating, weakness, tremor of the limbs and trembling all over.In addition to these symptoms may also be nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and loss of appetite.

This condition is dangerous not only because it is often accompanied by various kinds of internal bleeding, but also affects the body, provoking the development of new diseases and exacerbating existing ones.That is why drinkers often suffer from acute or chronic pancreatitis, hepatitis, liver, brain edema, etc.

With regard to treatment, the folk remedy - opohmelenie - is one of the most popular methods for removing hangover.However, this method can only lead to short-term relief of the state, at the same time poses a threat to escalate into a full-fledged binge.No wonder there is proverb that wrong opohmelku leads to long zapoyu.

That is why the treatment of hangover - a set of activities performed, conducted by an experienced narcologist to eliminate hangover symptoms and prevent binge patient with alcohol dependence.

Treatment hangover can be a standard, enhanced or maximized.In addition, each option requires a cleaning droppers, medication and complete abstinence from alcohol.An experienced doctor will give recommendations on preventing a possible relapse.Best of all, if the patient will be in the clinic under medical supervision around the clock, which maintains strict control over the observance of the patient mode sobriety.

important to note that in contrast to the usual hangover hangover will be repeated each time a person is drinking alcohol.After this condition is characteristic for people suffering from alcohol dependence, which is quite difficult to cure.

summed up our conversation today, I would like to note that the hangover - quite a serious disease characterized by alcohol abuse, which does not reverse development.Therefore, get rid of the hangover is possible only by complete renunciation of alcohol.

Take care of yourself and do not get sick!

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