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Why have a headache after drinking

Every organism differently perceives alcohol.Some people can drink a lot and feel at the same time normally, without any consequences.For others, however, even after a small glass of wine or a glass ridge begins very much headache.What's the matter, and the reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon?

American scientist, who for a long time been studying the effects of alcohol on the human state that sometimes, only one glass of beer on the eve to the morning headache, and the man felt disgusting.But still most common hangover after drinking plenty.What are the causes of migraine after drinking alcohol?

Recall that alcohol has a powerful effect on our liver.The consequence of this - stopping the production of glucose in the necessary volume.A glucose needed every cell of the human body and the brain as well.Migraine - this is just a reaction to the absence of glucose.

Drinking alcohol - that a diuretic effect on the body.As a result, people running to the bathroom - and there is dehydration, the result of

which can also be a headache.

And alcohol violates the metabolism.It uchuvstvuet and prostaglandin - a substance that helps the body to perceive pain.After alcohol consumption in humans and decreases the pain threshold.The consequence of this will headaches.

Under the influence of alcohol in the body produces acetaldehyde, which results in an excessive amount to not only the headache but also to vomiting, nausea, drop in blood pressure.Sam acetaldehyde is a carcinogen and affects all our organs.

addition to the above, alcoholic beverages stimulate swelling and swelling of vessels leads to severe migraines.

symptoms of a hangover - it is not only headaches.It is accompanied by dry mouth and red eyes, sensitivity to bright light and irritability, diarrhea and loss of appetite, sleep.As for the psychological symptoms of hangover, it is often a feeling of guilt because of incorrect behavior while intoxicated.A man can torture yourself reproaches, tortured, and even for this reason can head ache.

To facilitate the hangover symptoms need to do two important things.This removal of toxic substances from the body and restoration of water-salt balance in the body.

person needs to drink a lot to give in the form of pure water or mineral dining to remove alcohol residues from the body.Good help after such removal kefir or whey.

excellent means of getting rid of the hangover symptoms is a douche.And to finish it needs cold water.

Dream - a panacea for all ills.It cures and hangover.If there is a possibility to sleep, then it should be done.

Tested and helps a lot after hangover remedy is a regular brine.You can also use the products of fermentation, salt-rich electrolyte.It sauerkraut, cucumber, pickled apples.Sometimes it helps to just brew and unpasteurized.

Well established themselves as helpers eliminate hangover lemon, orange, grapefruit juice.Doctors advise

morning headache to find time and energy for a walk in the fresh air.Better if it will be a park, forest, park, without a contaminated air and traffic noise.While walking is recommended to drink juice, water, yogurt.This integrated approach will ease hangover symptoms, and headache as well.

paraphrase a saying that the best remedy for headaches is the guillotine, one can say that in our case it is the taboo on alcohol.There is no reason - there is no problem in the form of migraine and other unpleasant symptoms.

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