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Why do people drink alcohol

Drunkenness - is a process, a habit, tradition, hobby, pastime.For each person the use of alcohol has its own meaning, its own approach.Why do people drink alcohol?What causes this?

So, what we associate the word "alcohol"?For most of us - the holiday.We all need a holiday as festive events such as a fun pastime in the narrow circle of friendly.

the festivities we drink because it is assumed that the holiday - it's sure to honoring someone or something using toast and alcohol.On these holidays can not drink - does not mean to respect the other participants of the ceremony and its main culprit.When this tradition came into our lives, it is difficult to say.Surely so we celebrated and our grandparents.Perhaps the celebration of the format was different, but alcohol - mandatory tradition of significant dates.

The second option - a fun pastime - is a slightly different shape, and the reason for drinking.Rather, there is no reason for this is not, it's just too traditional form of relaxation and rest, acce

pted in our society.Kebabs?With beer and wine.Ear - with vodka and an ax.Hams - with cognac and champagne.Options picnic set.But they are alcoholic.We just do not know how to relax without alcohol, do not know (or rather, do not want to know) other ways of relaxation.This intoxication is helping many get free and to speak or to do what sober people can not afford.

said that alcohol awakens the beast that lives in every human being.Only some people are able to curb this animal, while others are unable to cope with him.Starting it all with a sense of proportion in the consumption of alcohol.After all, not everyone can control yourself.And it is in most regards men.A further characteristic of the stronger sex to compete in the use of alcohol."Are you - not a man !?".Then, obeying the herd reflex, sickly and unhealthy man begins to indulge in and inherit a healthy 100-pound "colleague".What it ends up, it is not difficult to guess completely.But often these traditions turn into a regular gathering, and people just become drinking buddies, and then - chronic alcoholics.

Another reason for the use of alcohol, or rather, the tradition - it mogorychi, that is thanksgiving Meeting about "washing" some work events.I bought a car - to put mogorych.Handpainted no celebration in the restaurant - mogorych, helped in the harvest - is the same.By the way, the latter is almost a celebration, because without washing the collected fruit and vegetables simply "rot» ...

But in fact, the holiday - this is when a person is by itself, it is the ability to enjoy simple and natural things.Unfortunately, this ability is not given to everyone.And those who can not rejoice wholeheartedly, stimulate the emergence of such a joy alcohol.

Holiday without alcohol - is a human skill that grew in their spiritual development.It is important to that will say or think around because absolutely does not matter the price of alcohol for him, his prestige, for that matter, and snacks.For such a person a holiday - it's the fact that in his mind, and not on the table.And the ability to sincerely rejoice requires great inner strength and human perfection, the prevalence of moral values ​​over material.

Therefore, the trend towards healthy living and the taboo on the use of alcohol - this is man's spiritual growth, striving for perfection.Such a person does not need 100 grams, to cheer the company to become its soul.Yes, such a unit of people, but that people are drawn to them.

So, alcohol - is herd reflex, human weakness, a tribute to the traditions and the inability to relax for real.

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