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Preparations of smoking

Most smokers want to get rid of his addiction, but, unfortunately, do it yourself can not.To help such people, there are drugs from smoking.This aids which reduce the withdrawal symptoms.What kind of drugs?What types should be preferred?

aids smoking should be chosen carefully.They are contraindicated for people who work with the exact mechanisms to drivers.For this reason, it is desirable to agree on their choices with your doctor.It is also possible to take sedatives and antidepressants.Start taking them should be immediately after the last cigarette smoked.Usually, doctors advise in the first week of taking prescription or instructions stated in the dose, and then reduce their number.By the end of the third week of receiving sedatives should be minimized.That is against the background of the special funds from the smoking reception sedatives should last no more than 3 weeks.

Duration of drugs for smoking cessation is also prescribed by the physician.But dependent who are confident in their abilities

, you can certainly do without medicines.But remember that the temptations are great, give up long-term habit oh how difficult.

Smoking is a physiological and psychological addiction to nicotine.For this reason it is difficult to overcome both functions together.

To facilitate withdrawal, nikotinozameniteli used, i.e. preparations containing nicotine or its substitutes.Using nikotinozameniteley based on the fact that the transition to alternatives facilitates the process of parting with cigarettes.

These tools belong to the following: tablets "Tabeks" and "of Zyban" anabazina hydrochloride and caramel "Nikomel" patch "Nikotinell" and inhaler "Nicorette" gum "Gamibazin".It should be noted that all these drugs are quite serious (candy and chewing gum among them).Because it is better to take under the supervision of a physician.

Inhaler "Nicorette" was created taking into account the psychological aspect.It looks like a cigarette, it is also "tightened".In gum, inhaler, caramel specific taste, not very pleasant.But compared to the plaster, which can be forgotten, these drugs are always in sight, and the sensitivity of the dependent person.It should be noted that the aforementioned means of smoking is removed only physical dependence.That's why nikotinozameniteley efficiency is only 30%.

there today in pharmacies and such means that only suppress the urge to smoke.This, for example, tablets "Bullfighting plus."They cause an aversion to tobacco smoke and cleanse the body of toxins.Courses such tablets is very good for health.They help to easier to give up smoking.

Besides medicines, there are homeopathic their counterparts from smoking.Modern homeopathic remedies more sparing to the body, they do not have the side effects that have drugs."Antinik" refers homeopathic tea to them.It tones and soothes, improves appetite and reduces the craving for tobacco.In addition, it serves as an excellent prophylactic against broncho-pulmonary diseases.

Another effective medication - "Ceres Compositum".It consists of minerals and herbal products.Producing it in granules that need to be resolved."Ceres Compositum" Active ingredients reproduce those chemical processes that occur during the smoking process.However, harmful substances in the human body is not received.

Get rid of tobacco dependence drug help "TABACUM Plus".It is made from tobacco leaves.This homeopathic remedy reduces withdrawal symptoms and reduces the craving for cigarettes.

You should know that all homeopathic remedies to be taken on a specific scheme and for a long time.It will appoint a homeopath.By the way, for the effectiveness of the action of smoking means you need to abandon the use of beverages and foods that contain menthol.Recommended period of quitting include in your daily diet is enough fruit, juice and always find an occupation that would help not to think about tobacco, to switch attention and took a lot of free time.