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Interrupt binge at home

Unfortunately, alcoholism every year becomes a problem of universal scale, which applies to both men and women, and even teenagers.Alcohol addiction - a terrible disease, cure is difficult enough.That is why doctors strongly recommend not to abuse alcohol and do not exceed the maximum rate of alcohol during a party.

Alcohol dependence - a real tragedy, which also applies to relatives of alcoholics.It is close to the people more often and begin to look for a way to get rid of alcoholism, seeking to help the drinking person to return to a normal life.Some are turning to the expert in narcology, the other - to psychics and healers, and others - have resorted to a method of interrupting the binge at home.It is the interrupt binge at home, we want to talk about today in our publication.So if you want to learn the details of this method, we suggest that you carefully read our current publication.

Let's start with the fact that if you come to help the alcoholic, you should understand that alcohol dependence -

is a serious disease, and not a whim or entertainment.The alcoholic tends to drink another glass as morally dependent on alcohol, so the approach to treatment should be very careful.No wonder binge interruption - a procedure that is most often performed in a hospital, under close medical supervision.

Accordingly, when interrupted binge at home or in any case not to put pressure on the alcoholic and appeal to his conscience, as it can only aggravate the condition.Also note that in a protracted drinking bout a sharp rejection of alcohol can cause cardiac arrest, so completely deprived of alcoholic liquor dangerous.Best of all vodka diluted with water and give a little.Note that the withdrawal from binge at home is incompatible with exercise, bath and taking a hot bath.

families and friends of alcoholics who want to take it out of state binge at home, it is very important to prevent the dangerous consequences of this kind of procedure.

Firstly, you should know that after the alcohol has ceased to act in the body, it is necessary as soon as possible to relieve it of the decay products, which have turned into poison and destroy the body's internal organs.To do this, use the following methods:

Secondly, folk remedies also contribute to the speedy conclusion of the binge, so reception of herbal infusions and decoctions of the second stage of the home interrupt binge procedure.For these purposes, use St. John's wort, wild rose, mint, yarrow, sweet flag root and wormwood.Herbs have diuretic and diaphoretic, so you can quickly deduce the decay products of alcohol from the body.Herbs pour boiled water and used in the form of heat.On the day you can drink up to three liters of this liquid.

Everyone knows that during the binge suffers and the nervous system of the patient, so do not be superfluous to the use of tincture of valerian and Leonurus (20 drops to half a glass of water).

significantly alleviate the condition will binge regular reception contrast shower or pouring cool water.Taking water treatments are recommended every hour, alternating with walking outdoors or sleeping.

However, if you think a man out of the binge can be a few hours, it is very wrong.This complicated process takes time and patience.Moreover, with the deterioration of the need to immediately call the "first aid", because the lack of timely advice can be lethal.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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