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How do the analysis for HPV in men ?

How do the analysis for HPV in men?

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  • types of human papilloma virus, and the main symptoms
  • What you need to be tested for HPV to men?
  • Treatment HPV

HPV (human papilloma virus) - a concept that combines more than 130 different types of viruses, sexually transmitted diseases.Papillomavirus can occur in both men and women.It can be in the human body for years and does not manifest itself until a malfunction of the immune system.

Call a doctor when tumors detected

Some HPV can have oncogenic character, so doctors are advised to pay attention to any new growths appearing on the body.If you have any build-up should immediately see a specialist, to be tested for HPV and receive treatment if necessary.

types of human papilloma virus, and the main symptoms

There are 2 types of HPV:

  • nizkoonkogenny, which is characteristic for dysplasia and genital Kandil;
  • High risk, which can cause malignant tumors.

Phases of oncogenic HPV The most dangerous are the 16 and 18 types of HPV in men, which are usually found on the hea

d of the penis.They significantly increase the risk of cancer.Localization of HPV in other parts of the body - only a cosmetic defect.

In most cases, the male population of the HPV does not manifest itself until it does not happen over-activation.On symptoms pay attention only when there are failures in the immune system.In this case the virus is localized in any part of the body where there is damage to the skin.Under its influence a change in cell function, they begin to actively share, resulting in the formation of skin appear, which are the main sign of infection.

In the male population of HPV can lead to cancer of the penis, perineum or genital warts rise.They are usually formed inside or outside the genital organs.In places of their growth can be felt pain, itching, discomfort during sex, and in some cases bleeding.

have men of education may appear on the lips of the urethra, on the head, bridle or coronal sulcus of the penis. papillomavirus no negative effect on male potency.

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What you need to be tested for HPV to men?

If the doctor suspects the presence of HPV in men, he may appoint:

  • external examination of tumors appearing on the body;
  • biopsy tumors;
  • PCR - men take on the analysis of HPV from the skin of the penis head and with the urethral mucosa.

This method of diagnosis is very good at diagnosis, when is the latent form of HPV in men.

Identification of disease before its external manifestations can prevent various complications, which include cancer.

cytological screening - this is the best way to diagnose.If diskeratotsidy kilotsity or samples are taken in, they will be found.Their presence may indicate that the disease started enough, even if it does not manifest itself outwardly.

cytological screening method has the following disadvantages:

  • such an analysis on HPV in men can detect only subclinical or clinical form it;
  • has a chance to get false results;method of cytological screening has a sensitivity of approximately 55-85%, more accurate results can be obtained if to be tested again, and if the result is the same, you can be sure that the patient is infected with HPV.

HPV DNA analysis performed by PCR examination, which allows you to get an accurate result Bole.With this method it is possible to diagnose the pathology even at an early stage of development and start treatment early.PCR analysis reveals up to 1000 molecules / mL of viral DNA.Survey accuracy is about 95%.For proper delivery of test man for 1.5 hours prior to the study to abstain from urinating.

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Treatment HPV

Before you perform the treatment in men, the doctor must take the appropriate tests and send them for analysis.Some strains, which do not lead to cancer can not be treated.At the same symptoms (warts, papillomas, etc.) Are removed by surgery, after which the patient may be given immunotherapy, which allows you to improve the functioning of the immune system.


To prevent infection with an oncogenic virus type, it is possible to vaccinate.For men, there is only one vaccine called Gardasil.It is administered by intramuscular injection in the shoulder 3 times for 6 months.