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The level of ALT in the blood of men : the rate

Blood ALT levels in men: the rate

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  • That includes the analysis on the ALT?
  • How to donate ALT?
  • Transcription Biochemistry at ALT
  • Why ALT levels increased?
  • What is the analysis of AST and when he was appointed?

Conduct biochemical blood tests today is not uncommon.Under laboratory conditions, the enzyme activity is checked, which are protein structure.They activate and accelerate for all biochemical processes necessary for life.Enzyme itself has a complicated structure, it consists of two parts, one of which is a protein and the second is a kind of active center.The protein portion is also called the apoenzyme and active - coenzyme.Most often, the second part is an organic substance such as vitamin B6, B12, B1, heme, flavin and others.But it can be inorganic materials, such as copper, zinc, cobalt.

The rate of ALT

Coenzymes in the composition of the enzymes responsible for the acceleration of the reaction.It works to determine enzyme activity and their specific biochem

ical analysis is carried out. During such studies expert receives the necessary data regarding the state of the liver, heart, muscle system.After decoding is determined whether the rate is maintained ALT in the blood (or any other enzyme, such as ACT), which disorders may occur when exceeding the norm.

That includes the analysis on the ALT?

Blood chemistry Analysis on ALT is performed to determine the activity of the enzyme structure, which is responsible for metabolism of protein, carbohydrate, which are so necessary for the life of the organism.Biochemistry of blood can help diagnose many diseases, especially such organs as the liver, kidney, heart, skeletal system, the pancreas.When there is tissue damage such organs, ALT activity is increased, the number of blood units increased.

Blood sampling for analysis is carried out from a vein, before 8 hours can not take food, water, alcohol is absolutely excluded.Often doctors prescribe such examinations, when there is suspicion of hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, myocardial infarction.After decoding is necessary to conduct additional studies, are often prescribed qualifying tests that help the doctor a clear picture of the present state of health.

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How to donate ALT?

Analysis on ALT Analysis on ALT held expert knowledge, which takes into account a number of factors influencing the result.But an accurate diagnosis can be made only after a number of studies will be conducted with other specialists, if there is suspicion of liver disease, heart and others.Before any analysis of the need to avoid strenuous exercise, medication, alcohol intake is not valid.If all of these factors have occurred, then error will be large.ALT norm for men what should be?The normal level should not exceed 42 U / L, but for the children and adolescents it is much higher - up to 50 U / l for women on average, it is up to 31 U / L.

In any case shall analyze in the morning on an empty stomach.If there are factors that affect the accuracy or the results of these must be reported to the doctor who will carry out blood tests.Otherwise, the analysis will be invalid.

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Transcription Biochemistry at

ALT Alanine aminotransferase, or ALT is an enzyme transaminase series.Such enzymes offer a high quality transfer of amino acids between biological molecules.Alanine amino acids involved in transferring such as alanine, wherein the vitamin B6 coenzyme acts.Synth eziruetsya this enzyme only in the liver cells, but is found in the heart tissue, kidney, pancreas, muscle there.

man usually has a rate of enzyme and 40 U / L, but for women the rate is less - up to 32 U / L.When the decoding is necessary to consider that on the indicators influenced by many drugs, such as antibiotics, narcotic drugs prescribed as painkillers, non-steroidal agents, the majority of anticancer drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs.Once the blood has been taken for analysis, the specialist must perform decryption based on the data obtained.

Among the main reasons why increased levels, observed: Increased ALT and heart disease

  1. Myocardial infarction - death of some areas of the heart muscle.Because of this, in the blood, a large amount of enzyme, its activity is increased.
  2. various liver diseases, most commonly cirrhosis, hepatitis, tumor formations, steatosis.There is a replacement of normal liver cells fat.At a higher degree of liver disease increases and increased ALT activity.
  3. Awareness occurs when there are heart disease, such as myocardial, heart failure.Due to disturbances in heart muscle cells has been increasing activation of ALT.
  4. Of cause it should be noted burn disease, acute pancreatitis, hypoxia, shock, ieoxygen starvation of the brain tissue.
  5. Disturbances caused by lack of vitamin B6, when the blood trace elements do not come into full force.
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Why ALT levels increased?

Alanine aminotransferase may be elevated level for the following reasons: Increased ALT in alcoholism

  • presence of acute hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver;
  • diagnosis of so-called obstructive jaundice;
  • presence of a large tumor and its subsequent decay;
  • the use of drugs such as hepatotoxicity, antibiotics;may occur during drug administration and for poisoning by lead salts;
  • presence of liver cancer metastases penetrate into the tissue;
  • during burn disease of varying degrees;
  • injury, damage to the muscle tissue;
  • presence of extensive myocardial infarction.

tests may show increased ALT in alcoholism and immediately after ingestion of alcoholic beverages, with mononucleosis, have been transferred if heart surgery.Lack of vitamin B6 is usually also shows a strong divergence from the norm, the lack of this vitamin is very dangerous for men's health.It causes a variety of disorders of the organs, deterioration of mental performance, memory loss.

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What is the analysis of AST and when he was appointed?

Increased rate of ACT due to physical exertion Blood tests for men called aspartate aminotransferase, or AST, is to determine the function of the structure of the enzyme belonging to the group of transaminases.This enzyme is responsible for the transfer aspartate (amino acids) between biological molecules.In this process, a coenzyme vitamin B6 acts.

aspartate aminotransferase is a kind of intracellular enzyme where it is in these parts of the cell, mitochondria, cytoplasm.The largest enzyme activity is observed in the kidneys, liver, heart, muscle system.Normally, blood is present in most of this type of enzyme is the cytoplasmic fraction.

Norma AST for a healthy person can be increased if there are excessive exercise, is sending a specific group of drugs or after minor doses of alcohol.All of these factors the physician must consider when a man passes on the ACT test.Typically, the rate for men is 15-31 U / l for women, it is much higher - about 20-40 U / L.

If during the study experienced higher levels of about 4-5 times, the doctor may prescribe a consultation with a cardiologist, because this situation is observed in myocardial infarction.

If this situation lasts for more than 5 days, there is increased activity of the enzymes, then we can talk about the strong expansion of the infarct area.With treatment in this case can not be delayed.

Increased enzyme levels may be observed and severe cases of liver cells, necrosis of the organ.Among other causes of increased AST levels in men should be noted:

  • cirrhosis, hepatitis, starting or developing necrosis;
  • alcoholism;
  • presence of liver cancer metastasis defined;
  • the presence of myocardial infarction;
  • cholestasis;
  • mononucleosis;
  • presence of autoimmune, hereditary diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • steatosis.


Increased enzyme levels observed in men with burns, thermal bumps, injuries of varying severity during poisoning poisonous mushrooms.If there is a strong deficiency of vitamin B6, together with the liver disease and during the survey have AST increase above the norm.

Indicators enzymes currently used by physicians in order to properly assess the condition of the liver, the heart, to determine the existence of the problem.But it is necessary to consider whether there are side effects, since the readings influenced by external factors.

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