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The protein is dangerous for your health?

The protein is dangerous for your health?

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  • myths about the dangers of protein
  • real danger
  • What is sports nutrition?

Today many talk about the benefits and dangers of the protein.Those who begin to use it, afraid of negative consequences, including a complete impotence.The same protein is harmful to health, what is truth and fiction?

Protein To understand this question, it is necessary to consider the process of making protein powders, after which it is to draw conclusions about whether it can be used as a sports nutrition for men or impossible.

myths about the dangers of protein

about the dangers of the protein has a number of myths that do not correspond to reality.Among these myths should be noted:

  1. dependence.Receiving protein in sports nutrition can not in any way cause a dependence, the composition is in no way does not contain components that could cause such addictive.
  2. Reduced male potency.It may be noted even the opposite picture - in the use of sports
    nutrition there is an increase in sexual desire.
  3. Possible irregularities in the kidney or liver.Healthy body protein can not bring harm.There is only one amendment: sports nutrition is not recommended if there is chronic renal failure.
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real danger

Dysbacteriosis Sports Nutrition contains nutrients that are used by the body to maintain its vital functions.However, even a protein which is essential for the construction of the musculoskeletal system, can be dangerous.So it really is harmful, it is necessary to note the following points:

  1. individual intolerance to some components of the mixture, and allergic reactions.In some cases, the body is simply not enough enzyme for cleaving proteins.
  2. Using protein in too large quantities, then it really will cause heavy damage.May develop goiter, there is bloating, constipation, pain.The protein is not digested until the end, he is an excellent reproduction of flora for any harmful microorganisms.
  3. Unscrupulous manufacturers can add to the power of heavy metals, but it is dangerous to health, can cause severe intoxication.
  4. You can not take a lot of protein in the presence of chronic kidney disease, renal failure.In this case, sports nutrition can greatly worsen the situation.
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What is sports nutrition?

Sports nutrition What is protein, which is now so much controversy?The substance itself is a polymeric molecule, or chains of amino acids.Human protein also consists of amino acids, the number of which is 22. However, the body itself is only able to synthesize these 14 amino acids, which may also be called interchangeable, with essential called rest.They can only act together with food.Among these essential amino acids necessary to allocate:

  1. amino acids leucine, valine, isoleucine are components of protein structure.They activate the synthesis of proteins in the human body create an anabolic background necessary to build muscle mass.
  2. Glutamine - the substance that makes up more than half the mass of muscle proteins.This amino acid is very important for any person.

the production of sports nutrition seeks to introduce the drug is not cleared, but the most effective proteins, which fully contain all the necessary substances for building muscle mass, to provide the body with all the necessary proteins.

Unlike many myths protein for sports nutrition is taken only natural.

proteins in sports nutrition, based on the following components:


  1. Natural whey, which contains everything needed for the organism.Such protein compositions differ fastest splitting, gut absorbs the ingredients quickly and easily.
  2. Casein - milk protein, which is also called a slow protein.It turns into a gel under the influence of a particular acidic gastric environment.Digested casein long time, for about 8-12 hours, so it is recommended to take at night.
  3. egg white.Here the amino acids in value a little smaller than the other ingredients, but it is very rich in sulfur, which is necessary for normal functioning of the body.
  4. Soy - protein having a vegetable origin.Many argue that it is not too good for your health, but it is not so.That wheat, oats and soybeans are an invaluable source of many proteins, which would otherwise not receive.
  5. Meat products.A complete protein, which is necessary to ensure the health, can only be obtained from the meat ingredients.But such amino acids, although a high level of value, not digested well.

Conscientious producers of the protein is not administered any colorings and flavorings, artificial substances. powder is at least 90% is composed of pure protein.But the price it can not be low, it is necessary to take into account when choosing.Often it is because of cheap and substandard drugs and there is a large number of myths.


Protein shakes and powders are popular today as a sports power.They are composed of a purified protein which is safe for the health.Myths about the dangers are not such myths, if you take a protein uncontrollably.