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How to organize a workout at home?

How to organize a workout at home?

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  • Training at home for men
  • Warm up before exercise
    • Hardening organism
    • Running - good exercise for workout
    • Articular gymnastics
  • Exercises for muscle development and patterning of the body
  • Other health practices that can be applied at home
    • Hatha yoga for all
  • Training to improve sexual healthmen

be healthy and look good all want.But you need to give some time to training.You can engage in the stadium or in the gym, but you can at home.

Regular exercise

Training at home does not include training on simulators, but if they are constructed properly, it brings no less a favor than going to the gym.

Training at home to save time, do not have to go anywhere.

There are many sets of exercises that you can perform at home.They do not even need a lot of space.

Training at home for

men can distinguish different workouts that can be done at home to men.This, above all, of exercises to strengthen muscles and increase their

mass.Beautiful male figure like women, so men train chest muscles, arms, abdominals and legs, these places have become more prominent.

Training In addition to this there are whole systems of health practices that can be done without leaving home.For example, well-known Hata Yoga is done just at home.

There are exercises of the Chinese health practices aimed at maintaining male sexual health at a good level.These exercises are also very easy to do at home.

Which of systems to choose for their workouts - an individual matter.You can select any one set, and focus on it.And it is possible to combine different practices and according to the need and mood.Training should be constructed so that they occur every day.Only in this case it is possible to achieve rapid and stable result.If it is impossible to deal with on a daily basis, then you have to train every other day.Classes 1-2 times a week, of course, can amuse vanity, but expect them to somehow influence the shape and health, you can not.Better to arrange everything so that between training sessions did not take place more than one day.

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Warm up before exercise

Warm-up - a very important thing, which is not necessary to neglect in any case.Each workout should begin with a warm-up.If the exercises are performed with weights, the muscles of a cold and not prepared for loads ligaments and tendons can easily be injured.

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Hardening organism

Hardening before a workout is recommended to take a cool shower.I must say that it is very useful to teach the body to cold water.It has a strong tempering effect.

If you do it regularly, that is, take a cold shower every day, then you can completely forget about colds.

start hardening is best in late spring with the onset of heat.Thus, the onset of cold weather to the body will already be quite tempered.Important in hardening - is regularity.

It would be nice to buy a massage on the shower nozzle.Then you can further affect the muscles during water treatment.

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Running - good exercise for workout

running people The benefits of running a lot said and written.It would be great if in your daily workout will be able to play 30 minutes of running.If the exercises are performed in the early morning, you can run down the street.Just at that time the air is relatively clean, even in a big city.

If you run down the street is not possible, you need to run in place.This can be done anywhere in the apartment.But do not forget that on the ground floor too, are people who are still sleeping at that time.Running should be on a thick carpet or karemat.If the apartment has a loggia or balcony, you can run there.Running in place should also be quite long - 15 minutes or half an hour.It goes without saying that you need to open windows for fresh air.

clothes need to pick up a free, so that it does not hinder the movement.If the room is unoccupied, and it is warm enough, you can do naked.This is how practicing the ancient Greek athletes.

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Articular gymnastics

Such uprazhneniyavozdeystvuyut all joints of the body.Running articular gymnastics standing.You can enable the cheerful music.Before the workout, you can use a roller or any other Massager for extra impact.It is very useful.

joints kneaded rotational movements.You should begin with the neck, going down.It is recommended to first stretch your neck.A good massage has a healing effect parietal region, the tip of the nose and earlobes.In these places are biologically active points associated with many internal organs.

Articular gymnastics Neck kneaded by rotation of the head in different planes.Then warm up the joints of hands.The impact on them and the rotation of the strides.Attention is paid to the elbows, shoulders, wrists and palms.His fingers massaged and kneaded separately.

After that worked out the lumbar region different rotations and inclinations.Leans forward and should be in hand, bend back.To warm up the lumbar region is good to use a gymnastic hoop, if space permits.

the latter, in the performance of joint exercises, warm up the legs.To do this you need to put on their knees and rotate your palms knees first in one direction and then in another direction.The provisions of the legs needs to be changed, spreading them.

Finally, you need to stretch your feet.We need to sit down on a chair and rotate the feet in different directions.It will be useful to study them massager.On the feet, too, a lot of biologically active points, so it is useful to walk barefoot on the fine gravel.Some people on the balcony poured gravel on the floor and every morning walk on it.

After a workout the body is well prepared to loads and can perform absolutely any exercise without fear of hurt muscle and tendon.

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Exercises for muscle development and body shaping relief

Squats mistaken those people who think that one must have effective training simulators.This is completely optional.There are many sets of exercises that can be performed without having the simulators, or even sports equipment.

Squats.A wonderful exercise, with which you can effectively train the legs.The load on the different types of muscles varies change the position of legs.They can be kept together, and it is possible to push the widely.You can squat on one leg, exposing the other forward.

Pushups.For this exercise, as the squat, also do not need any sports equipment.Use only your own body weight.By changing the position of the hands, it is possible to work on different muscle groups.Pushups wonderfully trained hands and chest.As of fitness can do push-ups on one hand.

leaned forward lying

.This exercise allows you to create a nice news at home.For its implementation need to lie on the floor, having spread karemat.Legs slightly bent at the knees.Hands clasped behind his head to the castle.Making exhale, you bend the knees slightly.Produced as if polunaklon in which only the abdominal muscles are working.

If all 3 of motion exercises are performed to fatigue in the muscles.The number of sit-ups, push-ups and slopes should be increased.No need to stop at any one quantity.Performed at least 3 approaches.After each approach need to lie down, relax, just a few seconds.

Exercises with shells Static exercises.These exercises have been very popular in the 1st quarter of the last century.A big fan of static gymnastics was Kotovsky, who possessed exceptional physical strength.These are the exercises that you need to make an effort not making moves.For example, to put pressure on the wall, resting in her hands or feet.Or, his hands clasped in front of chest, try to forcibly break the lock.It is even possible to come up with different exercises Static exercises.

exercises with shells.Simple and inexpensive sports equipment can significantly vary the exercises during home workouts.For example, there are a variety of complexes with dumbbells and kettlebells.These exercises can also be very easy to perform at home.They train the muscles, increasing their volume.With dumbbells and kettlebells you can do sit-ups, increasing the load on the legs.

can train and expanders.This shell is a 2 handles that are attached to the rubber bands or springs.Expander is stretched, and the muscles are trained, overcoming the resistance of springs or bundles.With this exercise shell can be varied.With expander train chest muscles, swing the press.There are many options for stretching expander.Yes, and the expander can be, as usual, with 2 handles and wrist.There expander in the form of a stick with a spring in the middle that you want to bend, holding the ends of the sticks.

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Other health practices that can be applied at home

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Hatha Yoga for all

Hatha Yoga For a simple layman yoga system refers to something incredibly complex and exotic.But that part of it which is called hatha yoga, will help anyone to maintain flexibility of the body and good health even in very old age.And start training on this system can be on any segment of life.The only exception is adolescence, when the train is recommended only under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Build your exercise program at home is necessary so as to gradually move from simple to more complex exercises.It works better on a daily basis, leaving the rest for Sunday.Perform exercises can be both morning and evening.Evening training is even preferable, since the joints at this time have better flexibility than in the morning.

Some exercises of hatha yoga known to us since the physical education curriculum.It is widely known, "Birch" - stand on the shoulders, bending back in the prone position, the so-called "Cobra", and the slopes of the feet while sitting.But with these simple exercises and you can start your acquaintance with yoga.They can be used in daily training, and favorable results will not take long.

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to improve the sexual health of men

Training These exercises have come from Chinese health practices.According to the views of ancient Chinese medicine, the human body takes energy channel, which is called the microcosmic orbit.This channel runs along the front and rear side of the spine.Front channel ends at the lower heaven, and the back - on the top.

lifting the tongue to the upper palate, you can close the channels of the ring and make sure that the energy circulating in the body of this ring, which is called the microcosmic orbit.It is believed that the energy circulating in the body is washed by the pelvic organs, and a beneficial effect on male sexuality.When doing this exercise you need to feel the energy circulates through mikrososmicheskoy orbit.As fitness is quite easy to manage.


clear from our survey that the exercises that you can perform at home, can be very diverse. Which one to choose depends on what goal man, on personal preferences and the availability of spare time for training.One thing is for sure - everyone can choose for themselves something that will help to maintain good health and the formation of a beautiful body.

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