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How to do the exercises for pectoral muscles at home for men ?

How do the exercises for pectoral muscles at home for men?

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  • exercises for pectoral muscles at home for men
    • Proper organization of training at home
    • exercises for the chest muscles using weights
    • exercises for pectoral muscles with expanders

Having a well-developed chest muscles attached to the male figure of power and beauty.It was developed with the chest muscles man is transformed into an athlete.

Pectoral muscle That's why there are so many different exercises that allow to develop the pectoral muscles quickly.For some systems require special exercise equipment, but most of the training can be done at home.

In order to carry out such an exercise, do not need a lot of space, and the room is fine in a city apartment.

exercises for pectoral muscles at home to

good men to develop this muscle group and make it quite a relief, it is necessary to carry out exercises with weights.It can be dumbbells, kettlebells or expander.This exercise, like push-ups, performed without

any sports equipment, but also brings tangible benefits, and they should not be neglected.

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Proper organization of training at home

Water treatments Each home training includes several phases:

  • water procedures before a set of exercises;
  • workout, allowing to prepare the body for stress;
  • directly own training;
  • final part, which includes relaxation;
  • water treatment after a workout.

before the training you need to take a shower.If around the house there is a natural or artificial body of water, the water treatment committed in the summer can be transferred there.Water is great hardens the body, so that regular dousing with cold water will get rid of colds.

Warm-up should include jogging and various gymnastic exercises, which allow to prepare the body for stress.We can recall the curriculum of physical education or exercise morning exercises, which are shown on television.That is different slopes, swings his arms and legs.By and large, no matter of what will be a warm-up.The main thing is that after she felt cheerful.

There are also special warm-up exercises that affect the muscles of the chest:

  1. Stand straight, feet placed shoulder-width apart.Hands in front of chest, elbows bent.Palms facing down.
  2. necessary to make sudden movements elbows back with the maximum amplitude.The chest while expanding.
  3. After several such movements need to straighten the arms and also take them back sharply.

Another exercise of the workout, which affects the chest muscles:

  • SP as in the previous exercise;
  • one hand raised, the other lowered, fingers clenched into a fist;
  • sharply take hands back with the maximum amplitude.

All warm-up exercises should leave at least 15-20 minutes.Thereafter, the body is ready to larger loads.

Among the purely masculine exercises include push-ups.This is a very simple exercise that does not require any exercise equipment or sports equipment.It is familiar to all from the school.However, despite its simplicity, it is extremely effective exercise, allowing the well to pump the pectoral muscles and make them more prominent.Push-ups need changing hand position, pushing and pushing them.Then worked out different muscle groups.As fitness becomes possible to do push-ups on his fingers.

Even at the very beginning of training need to rest on the floor, not only with his hands but with his fists, which creates an additional burden.First you need to do push-ups on the mat.As hands get used to, you can do the exercise and on the bare floor.

Each series of push-ups to be performed so that the last time was carried out with maximum effort.After a series of needed rest for about one minute.Then the process is repeated.Commit need at least three approaches.We must constantly strive to increase the number of push-ups.

When push-ups you can pick up your feet on a chair or on the couch.It also increases the load on the muscles of the arms and chest.

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exercises for the chest muscles using weights

Exercise to increase the pectoral muscles At home, usually used dumbbells and weights.We need to pick up a shell, a suitable weight, that is, such that the movement at least 10 times can be performed with it.

With lightweight dumbbell can repeat the movement of the warm-up for the pectoral muscles.

then need to take more weight dumbbells and lie on your back on the floor.It is better to do the exercise on karemat.

  • Hands dissolve in hand, the cross;
  • exhale need to raise hands with dumbbells in front of you, and with breath breed them in hand.

When performing weight training exercises should be remembered that in the pectoral muscle strain occurs when the hands divorced in hand, climb up or fall down.

Another option - static exercises.It is not too common, but it gives a good result.Muscles trained by the static force.This effort is very useful pectoral muscles.After straining, they increase in volume.Tensing and relaxing.This gymnastics was very popular in the first quarter of the last century.

  1. Stand straight, feet placed shoulder-width apart.To link the palms in front of chest.
  2. On the exhale, make an effort, pressing one hand to the other.This should be done with maximum force.
  3. relax for a few seconds and repeat the exercise.


Another exercise is that you should try to forcibly disengage the hand.

¬ęSliding wall."Perform this exercise static gymnastics is very simple.We must stand in front of a wall, rest against it hands and make an effort, trying to move toward the wall.Here, too, need to be alternated effort and relaxation.

I must say that this exercise for pectoral muscles at home did not require free space.

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exercises for pectoral muscles with expanders

Exercise for pectoral muscles with expanders sports equipment, called expanders, consists of two arms, which are fixed spring or elastic rubber bands.Exercising takes for the expander arms and stretch in different directions.Due to a different corner of the created load on different muscle groups.

to affect the chest muscles, you need to stretch the expander in front of him.

  1. IP - standing, feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Expander straight ahead, at arm's length.
  3. With an exhalation stretch the springs as much as possible.
  4. With breath to return to the SP.

Another exercise - this is when the expander over his head.

  1. IP - standing, feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Expander is located in the outstretched hands above his head.
  3. stretch shell Exhale.
  4. With breath return to its original position.

All of the exercises are very simple to implement them do not need a gym, they do not require much space, and they can perform even in a small city apartment. But if you practice regularly, performing these simple exercises will surely bring great benefits.Not only will the power, but also increase the volume of the chest muscles that make men more attractive figure.Home workout, if properly organized, even more preferable than a workout in the gym.Indeed, in a big city sometimes has to travel quite a distance to get to the gym.And the maintenance of the male body in great shape, and it is possible without simulators.It's easy to do and in the home.After all, our ancestors they simply did not have.


After training, you need to lie down, relax for 10-15 minutes, take a shower and get to their daily business.Exercise should be daily or every other day.