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How to choose a set of exercises for men at the gym ?

How to choose a set of exercises for men at the gym?

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  • Exercises for the gym for men (part 1)
  • exercises in the gym for men (part 2)
  • Another male set of exercisesin the gym to lose weight
  • How to perform a complex program (slimming exercise)?
  • Description elements exercise program for weight loss
  • used for workout equipment and gear

If you have decided to improve the physical condition of the body, then go to the gym for men.There are all conditions for the implementation of your plan.To begin, select the opening itself a set of exercises to train the body to the power load.Then (after several weeks), you can move on to the enhanced program.There are all conditions - at your service have any exercise equipment and sports equipment in the fitness club.The training program in the gym and covers issues of struggle with losing weight in men.
Training in the gym
For the introductory course offer a program of exercises for beginners course and its subsequent improvement.The firs

t part of the complex is designed for 1-3 months, after which you can gradually move to its second, more complex program.

Exercises for the gym for men (part 1)

Before you begin any of the complex, learn to follow simple rules:
Warm up the leg muscles

  • carefully read the description of the exercise and try to execute it correctly;
  • try to choose for themselves the weight of sports equipment or adjust the load on the simulator so that when the exercise you did not have pain or rapid fatigue;
  • these exercises are useful for an exercise program to lose weight for men;
  • introductory course accustom your body to sporting loads, and then gradually increasing the weight of the projectile (the load on the simulator), and intensity of exercise, improve their achievements;
  • first part is designed for training for 2-3 months.

take a few pictures of your body in the form of a half-naked before the start of classes (most importantly, to be seen legs, arms and torso).After an introductory course, repeat the procedure and compare the two photos.

try not to repeat what other people are doing in the gym - you only damage your health.Most of these exercises, you may perform only one year of training.

Start with light training.It includes simple exercises with shells, which have to pick up the weight so that when the movements were not jerks - all must be done beautifully and smoothly.

The complex (training plan) divided into 2-3 days, that follow each other.

Complex 1 - for beginners (Monday, Wednesday, Friday):
Walking on a treadmill

  1. total workout muscles of the body.We use the treadmill (treadmill), the performance of 8-10 minutes.
  2. swing press: the lower part - 2 sets of 15 times the upper muscles - 3 sets of 6-10 times.
  3. Pull-ups: 2 sets of 8-10 times.
  4. Bench Press (on the simulator, and then to the pole): 2 sets of 8 times.
  5. The same exercise, but performed his feet: 2 sets of 8 times.
  6. Stretching to warm up muscles.
  7. carbohydrate intake after school.

number of approaches starts from 2 and then gradually increase to 3-4 per 1 exercise.

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exercises in the gym for men (part 2)

After proper setting performance art, you can move on to strength training for a set of muscle in the gym program covers all muscle groups of men.

complex 2 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday):
Abdominal exercises

  • Warm up on the treadmill for 8 minutes.
  • Testing press: both muscle groups (upper and lower) demand for 2 sets of 12-15 times.Start doing the exercise slowly.Not all at once out - usually at the beginning Press weak.
  • Deadlift (stamped): number of approaches start with 2 and gradually adjusted to 4.Exercise makes 6-8 times.Do not attempt to lift a lot of weight the first time, for the good it will not.
  • Bench Press: 2 sets of 10 times.You can vary this exercise the use of its various options.
  • Squats: 3 sets of 12 times.
  • Stretching to warm up muscles.
  • carbohydrate intake.

After training with the help of the first 2 complexes, 3 months pass to exercise special training programs to impart beauty male body.

Complex 3

Day 1:

  1. Warm-up: Jogging - 5 to 8 minutes.
  2. abdominal exercises: the number of approaches from 2 to 4 at the maximum possible number of execution.Gradually bring the number of push-ups to 30-40.
  3. Squats: done in 3 sets of 10 times.There are different kinds of exercises.Choose the one that you prefer.
  4. Dumbbell bench press (seated on an incline bench): 2-4 sets of 10 times.
  5. exercises on the simulator to the unit: 3 sets of 12 times.If you do not know how to set up the machine, refer to the service personnel, or could damage their health;
  6. Rise on your toes (sitting or standing), 2 sets of 20 times;
  7. Banners and carbohydrate intake.

Day 2:

  1. jogging for 8 minutes.
  2. Trainers for straight back muscles: 2 sets of 12 times.This exercise can be replaced by performing the bridge or "Scorpion" element, but the effect will be much less.
  3. Thrust vertical block on the simulator: done in 3 sets of 10 times.Follow all instructions on the use of the machine and do not aspire to do exercise spurts.
  4. Bench rod (lying): 4 sets of 10 times.Do not try to immediately lift a lot of weight - can overstrain.
  5. Raising the bar to the biceps: 3 sets of 10 times.
  6. Banners and carbohydrate intake.

to keep a diary of self-control of your sure to take breaks for 2-6 minutes for the power exercises between sets.Stretching is performed for groups of muscles that are most used in the day, the performance - 6-12 minutes.
cravings can become the first step to replace squats on his shoulders until the back muscles get stronger.1 time for 15 days, it is necessary to go to the steam room (Russian bath or sauna).

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Another male set of exercises in the gym to lose weight

Healthy eating If you for some reason do not like the above exercises, you can use another system for employment.Do not forget that the main thing for a beginner - it is a regular practice (missing and can not be lazy).Otherwise, all your attempts did not lead to the desired result.If you want to use a proposed set of exercises for weight loss, you should consult with a dietitian and limit fatty and spicy foods in your diet.

This set of exercises in the gym is also designed for beginners.Term of use - the first 2-3 months of training.Before the workout make sure the workout.

The complex (training plan for weight loss) in the training complex consists of the following exercises in the gym:

  • ups of different types;
  • deadlift on one leg;
  • barbell bench press (lying in several versions);
  • in a sitting position to a belt pulling unit;
  • different pull-ups on the bar;
  • power mode and climb to the top of the bar biceps;
  • leg exercises at the gym;
  • exercise "plank".
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How to perform a complex program (slimming exercise)?

Exercises for a set of muscle mass the initial month of training all exercises performed in 2-3 sets of 10 times.This will help your body get used to physical activity.In the next month to increase the weight of sports equipment and the number of sets increases to 8, and performance - up to 10 times.Only recently do exercise at a time - by 2 approaches for 30-60 seconds.

complex is based on the fact that all its elements training programs are executed alternately and in pairs, for example, the first and the second exercise, then the third and fourth and so on.Only the last element is performed separately.After each approach, rest for a minute, and then continue to perform a specified number of approaches.An exception is the exercise "plank".

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Description elements exercise program for weight loss

perform squats with dumbbells or kettlebells.You can make them with the rod, but gradually, as it must first strengthen the joints of legs, pelvis, shoulders and thoracic spine.

Deadlift on one leg can be performed using barbells or dumbbells.Initially better to use low weight, and then 2-3 weeks to move to their increase.Exercise well developed posterior thigh and buttocks and leg muscles.

For beginners and useful to do these simple exercises like the bridge.
Bench rod ( lying )
Bench rod (lying) - is usually performed on the bridge, but other options are possible.The main thing that it does not hit the shoulder joints.

training simulator (tightening of the belt unit in the sitting position) - it is good for newcomers replaces the use of the bar and is quite safe.

Various types of pull-ups on the bar - usually made from the provisions of the free Davis, but if you do not have enough power, you can use rubber bands.With proper training a man is free to achieve the implementation of the approach 1 40-50 pull-ups within 3-4 months.

Bench rod is performed in different variations.This is normal and the rise of the bar at arm's length, and the same thing, but with the straightening of the knee.The same thing as with the rise in the biceps.

Planck and its variations - exercise for the muscles of the bark.It is carried out in return for exercise on a press.

Any training program for weight loss include diet.It must be agreed with a specialist.

After a workout in the gym need to take a carbohydrate food or drink.It is advisable to go to the pool or even wash in the shower.This should be done within an hour after the set, otherwise you can catch a cold.

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equipment used for training programs and equipment

  • treadmill;
  • simulator with the unit;
  • Rod;
  • collapsible dumbbells;
  • mat;
  • towel;
  • sports uniforms and shoes.

In any case, even if you do not use the above-described training complexes in the gym, you can use all the tips and advice given in the article forimprove their fitness.Train and you will not regret the time spent!

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