The main reason why hair began to drop out ?

main reason why hair began to drop out?

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  • Why start falling hair?
  • Concomitant illness
  • Why hair began to fall out - alopecia areata
  • How is the treatment?

Hair loss - one of the most important problems that can not be ignored.This phenomenon is frequently observed in both men and women.

Hair loss

One reason may be experiencing stressful situations.

For example, if a person is often fraught with emotion in themselves and throws them out.Stress builds up in the body: a partial hair loss and violation of all bodily functions.In order to prevent hair loss, you must try to get rid of stress and as little as possible to experience negative emotions.When the first signs of baldness and hair began to fall out, you need to use the means against alopecia for external use.Today, a lot of them on sale.

Why start falling hair?

Men more often than women, there is a disease alopecia.This disease involves the innate tendency to full or partial baldness.The disease manifests it

self as a noticeable loss of hair in different areas of the body, particularly the head.

Causes of hair loss Typically, such signs can be seen in men under the age of 25 years.The main cause of this condition is the nervousness, irritability, or genetic predisposition.The causes of alopecia should be attributed, and chronic fatigue.Cosmetic products may not always help.In common cases, you must consult your doctor.The most major causes of hair loss in men are nervous stress, stress test, pathological syndromes.

Due to malnutrition or wrong mode of the day may come a partial loss of hair.This may occur as a result of a lack of vitamins and trace elements.To avoid this problem should as much as possible to consume trace elements, vitamins, minerals.If your diet is dominated by food that is rich in fats, carbohydrates, and other heavy components for the body, you should know that in this case, may come baldness.Endocrine disorders also cause hair loss.Some diseases that are accompanied by impaired mental state, and may contribute to hair loss.

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Concomitant illness

Baldness Among the diseases that contribute to the development of baldness, observed Down's syndrome, Addison's disease.The latter is characterized by disorders of the adrenal glands.Systemic lupus erythematosus - a disease which leads to deterioration of the connective tissue condition, thus beginning to fall greatly hair.If we consider the male pattern baldness, it should be noted, the hair can fall out either in one location or in multiple.At the head can be a variety of areas that are loss disease can wear scar and nerubtsovy character.This feature depends on how damaged the follicles of the head.When scar alopecia follicles atrophy completely, but they only damaged by nerubtsovoy.

most common disease in men is androgenetic alopecia, it is determined primarily by genetic predisposition.Genetic predisposition may result from hypersensitivity of sexual hormones.From the hormonal composition is not detected changes.In order to determine the level of androgens, it is necessary to conduct a survey specialist.

In androgenetic alopecia sebaceous hair follicle greatly reduced and does not correspond to the real size, it grows very poorly.Type of hair loss can be characterized by several species.According to the classification of baldness Norwood Hamilton first, second and third stages involve hair loss in the temporal region, thus, on the head formed a receding hairline.

subsequent steps until the 6th characterized by a loss in the occipital and temporal areas.On the seventh, the last, there is hair loss all over the head area.

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Why hair began to fall out - alopecia areata

male pattern baldness by the type of horseshoe implies the beginning of baldness with frontal part and the temples.At the top of the head portion appears covered with hair, but in other aspects of hair loss significantly.The phenomenon can be compared with a horseshoe, which is formed around the head.Mixed alopecia causes hair loss in different zones of the head.Alopecia areata - this is a rare species in which hair loss is quite rapid starts and then can stay a month.

Baldness in men hair loss stops and begins again, and after a certain period.Loss may start with the formation of a small spot on the head, in this case, the hair can fall in different zones, and not only on the head.Also note that the hair can be reduced at one location while the other drop.This process may be accompanied by loss of strength of nails, their healthy appearance is lost.To date it is not known exactly what causes contribute to this development alopecia areata.It is believed that the main reason is a failure of the immune system, the presence of an infectious disease.

The treatment process should be aimed at the cure of the hair follicles, their normalization and recovery of all the functions necessary for the hair does not fall out in the future.In rare cases it occurs without the intervention of professionals, but often at the end of the course the disease will appear again.As a general rule, it should be treated exactly the area that started baldness.Results after treatment appear at the 7th month.Your doctor may prescribe remedies that contain the multivitamins, vitamin B. The In this case, it is recommended to work with the psychologist.

Call a doctor It is important to choose the medication, depending on the individual case.For instance, drugs that cause contact dermatitis (skvarikovoy acid dibutyl ester, etc.), Non-specific stimuli (dithranol, croton oil), nonspecific and specific immunosuppressive agents.External funds are used to restore the hair follicle.

These drugs are designed to minimize the loss of hair and eventually eliminate the disease.After applying the observed improvement in hair growth, hair follicle recovery functions.If time does not see a specialist, further possible hair follicle transplantation, but such cases are very rare.In order to prevent hair loss at an early stage, use traditional methods, for example, rubbed into the scalp onion juice, you can use broth of onion peel.Before using folk remedies are advised to consult a doctor.

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How is the treatment?

Healthy foods If you start to see that the hair began to fall out quite frequently and in considerable quantity, it is strongly recommended to see a specialist, trichologist.The doctor will examine your problem and based on that prescribe a course of treatment.For starters need to take a blood test for the presence of hormones, then carried out a biochemical analysis of blood.During the treatment it is important to diagnose thyroid, you need to make her ultrasound.Spectral and microscopic analysis of hair is also needed.Very often, the hair transplant is required.Your doctor may prescribe a set of injections of steroids.They are applied to the problem areas of the head where the hair began to fall.One of the known treatment procedures is a vacuum massage therapy and drugs quantum.

If you have sharply started losing his hair, but not in large numbers, it is necessary to take products containing multivitamins.It is recommended to periodically make masks recovery.For this ideal dairy products.Masks should be done 1 time in two weeks.Head massage is sure to be useful for the prevention of baldness, help to improve scalp circulation.This massage will also help relieve stress and get rid of emotional tension.


important to remember that you can not comb wet hair.Thus, the structure of their spoils, they become brittle and fragile.To the hair began to fall out it is not recommended at bedtime to comb their special brush. balanced, healthy diet - one of the most important conditions to avoid baldness. It is important to eat foods that will keep a sufficient amount of vitamins and calcium.This is necessary to maintain hair growth, strengthening their structure.

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