Hair loss : a doctor and what methods treat the disease ?

Hair loss: a doctor and what methods treat the disease?

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  • What doctor treating baldness?
    • Kinds and types of baldness
  • when necessary to consult a trichologist
  • Causes of hair loss on the head
  • diagnostic methods
  • methods of treatment for alopecia
    • Cosmetic procedures
  • most famous head of hair restoration procedures for
  • effective treatments against baldness

problem of sudden hair loss on the head is a cause for concern for many muzhchin.Osobenno many psychological problems delivering early baldness that begins atmales with an average of 23 years.Usually people just resort to unprofessional means to strengthen and hair growth, which are sold in stores.This precious time is lost, and the chances of hair restoration is reduced.


Therefore, the right decision in the event of a sudden mass of hair loss or baldness early - a consultation with a physician trichologist.

What doctor treating baldness?

Doctor Triholog - a doctor who specializes in a va

riety of diseases of the scalp.Based on knowledge of the composition and structure of the hair and hair follicles of the growth phase, and so on. D. The doctor will determine the causes that led to the problems with the hair, and treats them.Trichologist also provides advice on the proper care of hair and scalp care, nutrition and so on. D. The doctor can identify the causes and prescribe treatment on the basis of inspection.

However, often requires that the patient has passed certain tests to more accurately assess the situation.Often connected to the problem, and other specialists (for example, an endocrinologist, a nutritionist or even a psychologist), depending on the cause of baldness.

First, trichologist determines the type of alopecia, which occurs in a particular patient.After that it determines the causes, which led to the loss of hair.Then the doctor refers the patient to the delivery of the analysis.On the basis of the doctor decides how to treat the disease.

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Kinds and types of baldness

Types of baldness There are 2 kinds of baldness:

  • partial alopecia;

Baldness occurs on any one or more areas of the scalp.This skin can be modified.This may indicate a skin disease or problems within the body.This kind of disease is insidious in that it can be a precursor to a full baldness.

  • Complete alopecia;

This kind of disease involves complete hair loss on the entire skin of the head.

addition, trichologists emit several types of baldness:

  1. total alopecia, which is characterized by a complete loss of hair.
  2. Androgenic alopecia, sometimes called male or hormonal.It is characterized by thinning hair almost to transparency.It is a hereditary disease.
  3. diffuse alopecia, which is a rapid decrease in the volume of hair, thinning them.
  4. Patchy hair loss, which is also called alopecia.It manifests itself in the fact that the hair falls out on some specific areas of the head.
  5. Scar alopecia, which is accompanied by the appearance of scars in the places where the hair fell out.
  6. very high forehead line.
  7. Congenital alopecia, which occurs as a result of genetic defects manifested either in complete absence of hair or partial hair loss in the form of lesions or bald head.

addition, isolated and temporary hair loss that causes any external factors.Typically, after the termination of these factors through the hair for a time restored independently.

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when necessary to consult a trichologist

triholog When hair loss, few people immediately go to trichologist.Typically people buy non-professional shampoo to strengthen hair mask for their growth, and so on. D. If hair loss is a seasonal phenomenon, it is by such means that the problem really be solved.However, if the hair loss is transferred to the stage of the disease, without the aid of trichologist can not do.

If conventional means against hair loss are ineffective, it is very important at the time to recognize it and, without losing time, to see a specialist. To do this you need to understand at what point it is necessary to sound the alarm.

  1. Hair suddenly began actively to fall out whole bunches.
  2. scalp became atypical for the usual condition - dry or oily.
  3. There dandruff, which was not previously.
  4. be irritation or damage to the skin of the head.

All these signs are the first signals about the need for professional assistance.However, much depends on the reasons which provoked the loss of hair on the head.Sometimes the reasons are obvious, then it is possible to cope with the problem alone.However, in most cases, to establish the cause may be a doctor.

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Causes of hair loss on the head

Hair loss Sometimes it seems that the hair began to fall out actively, without any whatsoever reasons for it.However, this is not true, because any failures in the body have their reasons.Loss of hair on the head is no exception.

  • internal causes of baldness;

main reasons in this case are the hormonal failure, metabolic disorders, thyroid problems, or immune, and genetic predisposition to baldness.If the patient has a predisposition to early baldness is usually a problem solving can not be.

  • external causes of baldness;

Among the external factors usually distinguish different head trauma, infections, intoxication (poisoning poisons), stress, nervous disorders, stress and so on. D. They also include poor diet, lack of vitamins and trace elements, unfavorable ecology, and so on. D.

often occurs several reasons simultaneously.Set the final cause can only physician trichologist.

Separately, you can select the wrong hair care as one of the causes of hair loss:

  1. Too frequent hair washing, and using improper fund type.
  2. abuse thermal styling hair dryer, hair iron - all these extremely negative effect on hair.
  3. Unsuccessful painting.

In these cases, a person can solve the problem yourself.It is sufficient to limit the impact of termosredstv, at least temporarily stop hair color, use high-quality cosmetics, suitable for the type of hair.

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diagnostic methods

Diagnostics To assign the correct course of treatment, the doctor refers the patient to a variety of tests.Among them, the most complete picture provides the following:

  • diagnostics with videodermatoskopa;

procedure allows you to get all the data about the client's mane: the structure, type and even disease, which triggered loss.

  • phototrichogram;

Alternative, which also provides similar information videodermatoskopu.For this client to trim a small area of ​​the skin of the head, and 2 days later analyze.

  • biopsy;

This histological examination, which is carried out under local anesthesia and is performed on a small area of ​​the scalp.Over time, it grows.

  • blood test;

for diagnosis and treatment is necessary to spend a few blood tests: general, biochemistry and hormones.This is done primarily to avoid possible very serious reasons for thinning hair.

All these diagnostic procedures allow a correct diagnosis, to make a comprehensive treatment that will bring quick and lasting results.

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Therapies baldness

baldness Treatment course of treatment prescribed by trichologist will depend on the cause of the disease.Typically, an integrated approach to solving the problem: the professional beauty treatments, adjusting diet and lifestyle.There are many different procedures that have proven effective in the treatment of baldness.This professional service offering beauty treatments.

In addition, the physician may prescribe the patient a complex of vitamins, dietary supplements, which make up a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats.This will not only restore hair, but also to strengthen the entire body.In some cases, and may designate triholog drugs which contain the necessary solutions for baldness surfactants.In any case, it is not necessary to self-medicate and buy vitamins and so on. E. Independently, focusing on the labels.drug treatment course assigns only trichologist, otherwise you may provoke a more active head of hair loss.

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Cosmetic procedures The most common are the following salon treatment: ozone therapy, Plazmolifting, mesotherapy, cryotherapy, iontophoresis, myostimulation.These procedures are carried out only in the beauty rooms.they are expensive, some even painful, but they are very effective.Choosing one or the other procedure independently to solve baldness is not necessary.

In each case, will be more efficacious a certain procedure.If you choose the wrong procedure, in the best case you can not get the desired result, and at worst - exacerbate the already serious condition.Therefore, the selection procedure should also be left to the specialist.Moreover, it must appoint a course trichologist, not a cosmetologist in the beauty salon.

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most famous head of hair restoration procedures for


The most common procedures are offered in many beauty salons are ozone, cryo-and mesotherapy.

  • ozone;

procedure works by deep penetration of oxygen into the skin of the head.Thus, stimulation of blood vessels carried blood circulation, increases and improves the intake of vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for the nutrition of hair follicles.painful procedure.

  • cryotherapy;

procedure is frozen scalp problem areas.This is accomplished with the help of liquid nitrogen.The procedure activates blood circulation, strengthens hair follicles, thus contributing to the restoration and growth of new hairs.

  • mesotherapy;


This is a procedure during which the problem areas in the skin of the patient's head is introduced complex drugs, contributing to solving the problem.The selection means of the complex - a very important step, which depends on the effectiveness of the procedure.They are chosen depending on the cause that led to a problem.The complex includes the usual hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, ingredients that dilates blood vessels, etc.

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effective treatments against baldness

Procedures against baldness There are several options, which are also very effective:.. Plazmolifting, iontophoresis, myostimulation.

  • Plazmolifting;

procedure is that the scalp is introduced changes in the plasma.Due to this, the client clears the blood and enriched.This procedure is characterized by high efficiency in a case where you want to restore hair.

  • iontophoresis;

procedure assumes that the scalp various drugs also introduced to stimulate the follicles.In this case the conductor of these nutrients is small galvanic current strength.The advantage of the procedure is that it allows substances to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

  • myostimulation.


This procedure also involves the use of power, but in this case using pulse currents.This procedure is effective when you want to restore hormonal balance, blood circulation and metabolism in the scalp - with these problems it copes perfectly.

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