Da quello che si può cadere i capelli sulla testa?

From what can fall out the hair on your head?

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  • Why can fall out the hair on your head?
  • reasons associated with taking drugs:
  • Common causes due to which the disease develops:

Every day each person there is a process of renovation of hair, in which the process of falling out old and grownew hair.This process is invisible to us.But if some of the components of this process are broken, hair stops growing with due speed and start to drop out in greater numbers than usual, then begins the process of baldness, this is it in the world of science is called "alopecia".Why hair falls out?The hair can fall out partially.


the balding process is most exposed men are usually the first areas of baldness are frontal and parietal.

So if in the morning you see on the pillow of your lost hair, it will likely take time to resolve this issue, you have to start treatment.

Why can fall out the hair on your head?

reasons may be different, but there are basic, such as:

  • deterioration of immunity;

this problem, due to which hair loss may begin to occur in both men and women.Immunity may deteriorate when the general weakening of the body, is also one of the reasons is the work wear.In addition to all the above it may be noted colds if they are frequent or protracted nature, they are also one of the reasons for which the hair can fall out.

The doctor To start a fight with these symptoms, you need to start to see a doctor to determine what medications you will restore their shaken immunity.Diets in your case - a bad assistant, it is better to devote your free time playing sports.It will generally strengthen your body, through sport you stop often get sick colds.It is advisable to travel every summer to rest on the sea, where your body is in addition to the overall strengthening will be able to receive the necessary dose of vitamin D.

  • insufficient amount of iron in the body;

One of the reasons that may occur iron deficiency in men, is a passion for a variety of diets.When a person eats is defective and irregular, then there are iron deficiency symptoms: fatigue, tendency to sleep, anemia.As a result, and there is a general weakening and hair fall in men.

In order for your hair in order, it is necessary to maintain the level of iron.In order to increase the iron content in the body, it is necessary to increase the number of products containing iron in your diet.Iron is contained in large quantities in fish and beef liver is rich in iron, as well as rye bread and pomegranate juice.You can also drink a complex of vitamins and minerals.

  • infectious nature of the disease of the scalp;

Procedures against baldness dermatitis and seborrhea can cause you to lose hair.The cause of the disease can be as allergic reactions, and pathogens from the outside.

When skin diseases is necessary to visit a doctor in order to establish the true causes of these diseases.After successful treatment of the problem of hair loss is usually eliminated by itself.Self such diseases through various masks and decoctions can lead to uncertain results.

  • violation of the scalp and hair roots of the supply of blood.

reason for violations of procurement can be a variety of cardiovascular diseases, low back pain.Incidentally, the use of beverages with a high content of caffeine can also disrupt the blood vessels supplying the head, with the frequent use of such beverages vessels constrict, and thus complicated delivery of substances relevant to these vessels is also influenced by its brandy frequent use.

With caffeinated beverages need to restrict yourself a cup or two a day.Begin to play sports, do not sit permanently in one place, move and allow yourself to fully relax.

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reasons associated with taking drugs:

  • reaction to taking certain medications;

Medications Quite a number of drugs affect the condition of hair in both men and women.The most powerful destructive effect of chemotherapy brings.With the passage of chemotherapy hair falls on his head almost all.But this does not mean that drugs are not as strong actions do not affect the condition of the hair, certain medications to lower blood pressure, certain birth control pills, medication for depression, and even an ordinary aspirin can also have a similar effect.

usually after you stop taking drugs when treatment is completed or there is a replacement drug to another, hair begins to regain its former shape.The only exception is chemotherapy, in some cases, cancer scalp recovers much longer, but it does not always happen.Often, after undergoing such treatment, all returned to their seats.

  • influence of hormonal drugs.

When receiving hormonal therapy in men can appear in a variety of disorders of hormonal sphere.When taking these drugs begins hair loss, then it may indicate hormonal imbalance in the body.Disturbances in the body of men can bring an excess of female sex hormone.Another cause of hair diseases is diabetes or other disorders of the endocrine system.

To clarify all the circumstances of the disease need to visit an endocrinologist, to hand over the necessary tests on the biochemistry and hormone levels in your blood, be sure to check the thyroid condition.After this visit, you will be discharged special drugs, taking them, you get rid of problems with hair loss.

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Common reasons for which the disease develops:

  • lack of minerals and vitamins in the body;

The development of baldness especially urgent this issue in the spring;in the spring the body lacks vitamins.Smoking is also a reason for the lack of minerals and vitamins in the body, as this habit adversely affects the vitamins that contribute to combat the organism intoxication.

to consult with your doctor, you need to start taking vitamin complex, preferably containing the necessary minerals to the body.Be sure to include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables.As hair and nails can get a picture of your health.

  • stress;

Because stress often disrupted the normal functioning of the hair, the hair starts to fall out.This is particularly noticeable immediately after undergoing a stressful situation.In rare cases this does not happen, but if stressful situations are constant, the blood circulation, which leads to a weakening of the hair.

To bring the nervous system in order, not necessarily to resort to medication, you can usually restrict tea with herbs (lemon balm or mint).Good soothing bath with the addition of chamomile and peppermint.Very often it leads to stress the banal lack of sleep, so sometimes allow yourself plenty of sleep - it will save you from the stress.

  • influence of external factors and environmental pollution;

Environment impact on your hair is very large, important ecological situation and background radiation.Precipitation can also affect the condition of your hair.And all this you can add irregular meals, such a lifestyle can not only lead to a deterioration in the condition of hair, but also to the general deterioration of your body.


If your area unfavorable ecological situation is constantly observed, it is best to move to a safe place.When this option is not available, it will help permanent food-friendly products.It is important to try not to go into a state of stress and monitor the status of your chronic illness.

  • exposure to low and high temperatures.

Many do not pay enough attention to the need to wear hats in an environment where much hot or very low temperatures.Neglect of this issue leads to a weakening of the hair.


Compliance with these rules will help you avoid unpleasant moments associated with hair loss.

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