რა მოხდება, თუ თმის თავსა დაიწყო დაეცემა ძალიან ?

What if the hair on his head began to fall very much?

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  • little about the causes of hair loss
  • How to deal with hair loss?
  • Can we cure baldness?
  • Are there any traditional treatments?

Thick and strong hair on his head at all times been considered a sign of good health and vitality of man.The presence of a lush head of hair or long hair in some nations of the world could bear witness to the high level of energy and related abilities of a shaman or healer, spiritual development.It was very common custom to shave or shorten the hair in mourning or in violation of certain moral standards.Monks of the Catholic shaved hair on the crown, symbolizing the renunciation of the world and its temptations.

Hair loss in men

Times have changed and today men do not pay so much attention to your hair - the presence of well-groomed hair says, rather, an increased attention to their appearance, and a bald head is declared as a sign of extreme brutality and male sexuality.But, according to stati

stics, the fear of hair loss is on the 2nd place after the fear of impotence.

About 30% of men lose their hair early cover, Gmina Łyse partially or completely at the age of 35-40 years and asking the question: what to do?

little about the causes of hair loss

morning, while bringing myself up, men often notice hair entangled in the teeth of a comb.There may be quite a lot of 40 pieces or more.In men it causes a mild panic: hair began to fall, what to do?But worry about it not worth it, because in natural processes on a daily basis to lose 150 hairs on your head.In their place the new grow.In some cases, the amount of hair loss is so great that they literally begin to climb in shreds.The reasons for this may be as follows:

  • seborrheic alopecia seborrhea in 25% of cases the cause of hair loss.It occurs in young people during puberty and often passes through several years.But sometimes the process can become chronic and lead to seborrheic alopecia;
  • genetic predisposition - the most common reason why the hair falls out.In this case, the hair follicle affected by sex hormones own men - androgens.They break the power of the hair and lead to its loss.The only thing that can be done in this case - to see a doctor and start taking hormones;
  • stress, constantly pursuing the strong half of humanity, are another reason for the hair fall out.Excessive psychological stress, lack of sleep and fatigue cause the death of 10-15% of the hair at the same time;
  • hormonal disruptions in the body lead to increased production and androgen, and thyroid hormone, which is also not the best way affects the hair;
  • inflammation in various diseases can also be a cause of thinning hair.

addition to the general reasons, there is still a number of individual violations that are difficult to correlate with the loss of hair: improper care and use of low-quality shampoos, exposure to cold or the sun, an unbalanced diet and hypovitaminosis.All this does not improve the skin condition scalp and hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

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How to deal with hair loss?

Before you take steps to improve the condition of hair, it is necessary to visit a doctor and consult about what is the reason and what can be done if the hair began to fall out.

For seborrheic alopecia is characterized by an increase in the sebaceous glands and increased sebum secretion.This changes the chemical composition of the sebum, which is caused by the violation of the autonomic nervous system and endocrine glands.Sometimes seborrheic hair loss and is accompanied by a decrease in sexual function.

Hair loss occurs mainly in temples and at the crown of the head, while in the 18-20 age they begin to gradually become thinner, later falls, leading to the formation of bald patches or bald spots to 30 years.While preserving the hair is usually dry and thin, itchy scalp and contracted, shelled, forming a large number of dandruff.The scales have a grayish-yellow color, a characteristic foul odor, the type of fat.

In this case, the correct diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment can only dermatologist on the basis of microscopic hair research.It is important to distinguish between the form of seborrheic alopecia from others, united by the common name of androgenetic alopecia.

Androgenetic alopecia is expressed in thinning and alopecia at the temples and at the crown of the head, in the forehead.Unlike the previous case, there is a lack seborrheic manifestations: scales and increased sebaceous excretions.The scalp is not inflamed and apparently looks healthier.The reasons for it lie in the genetic predisposition or in the effect on the hair follicle of male sex hormones.

There are different forms of androgenetic alopecia:

  • diffuse alopecia diffuse - characterized by an even loss of hair on the head.This may not form well-defined bald spots or bald patches, hair simply become sparse and thin.Sometimes there is their depigmentation (bleaching);
  • alopecia - is expressed in the sudden appearance of round bald spots.Hair hearth border become weak and fall out when you pull or combing.It may appear on the face;
  • total - reflected in the fact that the hair starts to fall and lightning for 2-3 months scalp completely exposed.Among the complaints are characterized by weakness and headache;
  • universal - resulting in a complete loss of all hair on the head, the hair can fall out and on the face, body and limbs.When surveys usually reveal neurasthenia and vegetososudistayu dystonia, brittle and thinning of the nails.

In any case, the disease may reveal only a dermatologist or a trichologist.

Acquired alopecia includes cases of hair loss due to other causes (stress, chemical exposure, poor nutrition, and others.)

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Can we cure baldness?

Medications for the treatment of seborrheic and androgenetic alopecia in any case, must choose a doctor.Among the treatments prescribed today are widespread such treatments as mesotherapy and ozone therapy, low level laser hair therapy.In very difficult cases to resort to surgical hair transplant techniques.The use of external tools and tablets may lead to positive results only in the early development of the disease.

  1. Mesotherapy scalp During the intradermal mesotherapy and under the special scheme introduced drugs.Microinjection affect the condition of the skin in the affected area and on its borders.The impact of these procedures is supplemented by stimulating the reflex zones and biologically active points.
  2. When ozone therapy produces effects on red blood cells, it becomes possible for them to penetrate into the smallest blood vessels of the skin, supplying them with oxygen.This leads to enhanced blood microcirculation, providing enhanced nutrition of skin cells.
  3. low-level laser therapy is in action on the hair roots of the laser beam of low power.This method of application in the 30 years there were no cases of side effects.
  4. for transplantation using the patient's own hair from the nape of the neck, where they are least affected by hormones and growing throughout their lives.The operation is under local anesthesia.In order to obtain grafts to the patient's head dissected skin flap, which is then divided into parts with 1-4 hair follicles.In the area where you want to transplant hair, make small holes into which and placed grafts.Hospitalization is not required.The transplanted hair begins to grow after a few months and do not fall.Depending on the affected area can be performed 2-4 operation.
  5. preparations for external use to slow down hair loss is minoxidil.Their action is based on the vasodilatation of the scalp, thereby improving its power.But to use these tools have to constantly, at the termination of the use of their hair will start to thin out again.

Tablets containing finasteride to affect the production of male hormones and thereby contribute to the cessation of hair loss.Their application must also occur during life, to remove the drug restores hormone levels in the blood, and the hair falls out again.

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Are there any traditional treatments?

Onion mask for hair honey During and after treatment, to prevent hair thinning, diseases that can lead to hair loss, you can use some folk remedies for strengthen hair.Before you make a mask for hair loss, it is necessary to determine the absence of allergies to the components of the mask.

proven tool for strengthening hair - onion mask.To do it, the bulbs 3 medium mince necessary to separate the juice through cheesecloth and add the alum completely dissolving them in the sap.The resulting mixture is applied after shampooing on dry hair at night.On the morning of the hair is washed with warm water and apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon per 1 liter).

can be used and a mask of onions with honey.To do this, mix the juice of 1 onion, 1 tbsp.l.honey and 1 tbspolive oil.This mask is applied once a week for 1 hour, washed with warm water.


To increase efficiency in the application of masks scalp massage for 1-2 minutes.After that, head cover with plastic wrap and warmed towel.


If you have problems with hair growth should remember that smoking and alcohol reduces the effects of drugs and procedures.Save your hair healthy will help only a healthy lifestyle, minimizing stress and varied and balanced diet.