What helps against hair loss : folk recipes

What helps against hair loss: folk recipes

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  • for proper care tips for hair
  • masks against hair loss
  • Exotic masks
  • Recipes proper care

hair adorn human.Therefore, the problem with them is always perceived negatively.Often there is a problem such as loss of hair.The reasons for this can be many: poor diet, stress, disease, improper care, the impact of negative factors and so on.To help in this can and popular recipes from hair loss.


Tips on proper care of hair

should pay attention to hair loss in the event that more than 60 drops of hair every day (unless fewer dropped, it is considered normal).Symptoms of the problem is the thinning scalp, hair loss in the area of ​​the crown and forehead in men.

When the manifestation of these symptoms should immediately take steps to fix the problem.Otherwise, only the hair can not become brittle, rare but possible and completely bald.But this outcome will be happy few.stage baldness

There are various ways to treat hair loss.It

is necessary to revise its food, personal accessories used detergents.Comb should be wood, and use it needs to be one person.Shampoo should be selected according to the type of hair.To him it is recommended to select the same name balm-conditioner.

course, should minimize the use of a hair dryer.It would seem that a man so it is not used.However, the modern representatives of the stronger sex often use various means for hair styling, pay much attention to their appearance.

effective method is to use the recipes of traditional medicine.

Despite the increasingly improving technologies, advice on the treatment of hair loss, which came long, are very effective and safe.Consider the most popular ways to treat hair loss.

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masks against hair loss

mask - on - pattern baldness very effective method for hair loss is the use of different masks.There are a variety of popular recipes, compounds that strengthen the hair, making them healthy and shiny.Consider such a mask:

  1. Onion mask.To do this takes a bow, rubbed on a grater.The resulting paste is rubbed into the scalp.If your skin is sensitive, then the onions mixed in equal proportions to the natural yogurt.Matured mask 1 hour.
  2. mask with aloe.Aloe - a medicinal plant used for getting rid of many ailments.No exception, and hair loss.For this plant is passed through a grater or blender, paste is applied to the head and held for about half an hour, then wash off with warm water.You can also use part of the aloe and honey mixed in equal proportions.
  3. Highly mask.Excellent positive result can be achieved by using the following folk recipe.Take 1 tablespoon of honey and onion juice, 2-3 tablespoons of burdock oil and one egg yolk.All is mixed and applied to the head.It should massage about 5-7 minutes, then put on plastic cap and wrap a towel and stand for 40 minutes.Rinse with warm water and shampoo.
  4. mask with clay.The clay contains many minerals and trace elements, beneficial effect on hair.To help with the fallout of the following mask will help.Take the white clay (the number depends on the hair) and mixed with warm mineral water.If the scalp is dry, use cream or milk instead of mineral water.The mixture should be creamy consistency.The composition is applied to the head, the top is covered with polyethylene and towel.Matured mask 40 minutes, then wash off with shampoo.
  5. Salt mask.It is often used against hair loss regular iodized salt, which gives an excellent result from its use.To this end clean, damp hair is rubbed salt.The head is massaged with light circular movements for 5-10 minutes.Thereafter, the salt is maintained for about 15 minutes and then washed off with warm water.Making such a mask should be 1-2 times a week.

This is the most effective masks.However, there are other people's recipes, which are difficult to enumerate because of their quantity.

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Exotic masks

Masks of fruits Traditional medicine mostly uses ingredients that are always at hand.However, such mixtures have been used in recent years, a part of which includes tropical fruits.Such masks are also quite effective.Here are the most well-known methods for treating hair loss:

  1. mask with avocado.This composition helps to restore the health of the hair.And the effect is soft, unlike more aggressive mustard and onion mixture.To mask taken ripe avocado, a half of the fruit is pounded in the resulting slurry is added to a teaspoon of honey.The composition is applied to the scalp and through the hair, aged about 30-40 minutes and then washed off.
  2. mask with kiwi.With kiwi peel, the pulp is kneaded.It is added to vodka or cognac, all mixed.The mixture is applied to the head and covered with polythene and a towel.Matured mask about 15 minutes, then washed off.Kiwi fruit contains a lot of vitamins, so this mask is very beneficial for the hair and scalp.
  3. mask with grapefruit.Fruit not only strengthens the hair, but also improves blood circulation, stimulates the growth of hair follicles, including "sleepers."To mask you need to mix 1 tablespoon of burdock oil with 1 teaspoon of honey and the juice of half a grapefruit.The mixture is rubbed into the scalp, distributed over the entire length of hair.After that, the head is covered with polythene and a towel, kept for 40 minutes.Then wash off with shampoo.

Thus, currently used for the treatment of hair and new recipes that had not been used because of the lack of tropical fruits.They also are effective, returning health of the hair.

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Recipes proper care

Besides masks, helps stop hair loss and proper care.Various recipes are also provided traditional care

So, you can use a shampoo for washing the hair.In ordinary shampoo (it is best to take the remedy for hair loss) per serving add one egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.All this is mixed and applied to the head.Such a composition is better to stand on his head for half an hour, then rinse with water.As a result, hair is much stronger, get extra vitamins.For shampoo treatment should be used for each washing head, hereinafter - 2.3 times a month.

Rinsing hair different broths also help to improve the condition of hair.So, it is useful decoction of the root of sweet flag (3 tablespoons) boiled in half a liter of vinegar for 15 minutes.Very effective common nettle, which should just pour boiling water and infuse.Use the broth should be at a water temperature of 40 degrees.Better use of young nettles, which have not yet blossomed.

Good help for hair loss burdock root decoction (20 g) with flowers of calendula (10 g), steamed in 1 liter of water.You can add in a mixture of 15 g of hop cones.So decoction should rinse the head 2 times a week.

Also rinse can be used various compounds for rubbing into the scalp.The positive effect of bringing massaging into the scalp a mixture of birch juice, garlic, honey, aloe juice and egg yolk.Each ingredient taken one teaspoon, then they are thoroughly mixed and rubbed the head.After 1-2 hours, the composition is washed away.

Good help for hair loss lotion Nettle and nasturtium.To this end, 100 g of nasturtium seeds are mixed with 100 g of nettle leaves, finely ground.The mixture is poured 0.5 liters of alcohol and infuse for two weeks.The mixture is then filtered, and rubbed into the scalp every night.


Thus, hair loss well help various tools recommended in folk medicine. They all tested for centuries and provide an excellent result.After the use of traditional medicine recipes hair becomes thick, healthy and shiny.

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