What to do if hair fall out strongly on the head in men

What if much hair falls on his head men

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  • reasons that lead to hair loss in men
  • security measures to prevent hair loss
  • Therapeutic measures to save
  • men's hair How to deal with hair loss in men

cases to specialists approached the woman, concerned that her husband started very quickly go bald, there are quite aoften.To date, one of the most common male problem is hair loss.

Male pattern baldness

baldness is facing about 30% of the male population.

Many of them arise two questions: what to do with hair loss and who to contact in extreme cases when the hair loss is rapidly?

The sooner you start fighting with this problem, the better.But first, you must determine the cause of hair loss.

reasons that lead to hair loss in men

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There are many reasons why the drop out or do not grow hair.In addition to internal and external factors, the cause may be some diseases.Most often, men hair fall out if:

  • impaired microcirculation of the scalp and its water and fat balance;
  • skin on the head is not getting enough nutrients;
  • hair slow down its natural growth.

Finding a comb hair fell out, do not panic and seek the help of professionals.Normally, if the roll is not more than 80 hairs a day, as in their place immediately grow other, more powerful and strong.It's worth noting that in some seasons the head becomes even more hair, and this is normal.

up the appearance of patients with scalp problems men should be regarded as an increase in the number of hairs shed by 100 per day.As a rule, people do not start to lose hair for no apparent reason.Therefore, each holder of a thick, strong and beautiful head of hair can be sure of an excellent state of health.

There are several stages of development scalp: stage of growth, degradation and telogen.In addition to these aspects of male pattern baldness can occur as a result of internal causes, such as:

  • hormonal failure;
  • various kinds of diseases, including infectious, autoimmune and genetic.

Hair loss External causes of hair falling out include:

  • psychological problems and stress;
  • bad ecology;
  • trauma faced by the scalp.

addition to external causes of hair loss can be caused by improper exposure of the person.Among such reasons can be attributed drying with hot hair dryer, use of male shampoo low quality or type, are not suitable for your hair structure.

In addition, often the causes of hair loss are quite serious diseases.Baldness can be caused by diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, and other no less dangerous and contagious diseases.After recovering from this kind of disease and get rid of the causes of baldness hair again become the same form and begin to actively grow.

poisoning substances such as thallium, lead, mercury and arsenic can cause the hair to fall integral tufts.Contribute to hair loss chemotherapy sessions.Over time, the hair grows back, but there are not the same as before, and for the return of their former beauty will have to work hard.

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security measures to prevent hair loss

If there is a problem of baldness and you're not in front of you, what to do if hair fall out, and who to turn to, then do not rush: try to understand and find out the reason,which gave impetus to the process.It is necessary to observe some simple but very important rules:

  1. Do not brush your hair while they are wet, as wet hair is very fragile structure.Do not use a comb having teeth rare.
  2. Do not wear tight hats, as they play an important role in hair loss in men.They are able to disturb the circulation of the scalp, and this leads to lack of nutrients and further baldness.When temperatures warm from wearing hats can be dispensed with entirely, but in the cold season they should be mandatory.
  3. propyl course of vitamins or eat as much fruit as possible.Especially it will be appropriate to the spring, when men may be vitamin deficiency.
  4. On the condition of hair can affect alcohol abuse and smoking.
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Therapeutic measures for the conservation of men's hair

Treatment for baldness Hair loss in men - although a global problem, but it is quite treatable.There are several ways to solve it:

  1. Massage.Very simple, but very effective way.Massage can do yourself, but you can combine business with pleasure and entrust their beloved head.For maximum effect, this procedure should be carried out three times a day.
  2. Douches.This unique tool helps you to deal with several problems, including the problem of baldness.To do this, during each shower to water the head, alternating hot and cold water.Such measures also require regularity.The best option would be a daily treatment for 20 minutes at the same time.
  3. Haircut.For those who have very much hair fall out, experts advise to shorten the length of the hair.Optionally shave them too short, clean enough 1 cm.
  4. Vitamins.It is worth to undergo a course of vitamin therapy, eating at the same time to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Hair Care and can be carried out using special cosmetics such as various masks.It is proved that the best help against baldness clay, burdock and a mask of yogurt.
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How to deal with hair loss in men

bald head If you have tried all of the above methods and eliminated all possible causes, and the hair loss continues, you should contact a medical facility for the qualified help.Some only at delivery of analyzes can reveal the disease.Having a full inspection can identify problems with the thyroid gland, anemia, lupus, diabetes, and many others, the effects of which lead to hair loss.

important to remember that the hair will become noticeably better only when the reason for which they fall, will be eliminated. for a speedy recovery, you must also observe the correct diet, it is necessary to limit the consumption of spicy, fried, smoked foods, and canned foods.

The daily diet is necessary to add fresh fish, seaweed and other seafood: shrimp, clams, crabs and so on.Be sure to eat meat and foods containing soy.

When hair loss after strong emotions and stress should be given to the restoration of their nervous system and undergo treatment.If you can not cope with depression on their own, seek professional help.


So, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • find hair loss, to start investigate the cause that led to this result;
  • then try to deal with the problem on their own, eliminating the main reason;
  • if not, ask for help from experts.

Remember that you're not the only one who went through it.If you follow the tips, you can once again return to its former beauty of the hair.At the same time you do not need to exert much effort.

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