What if the bald pate ?

What if the bald pate?

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  • Symptoms start balding
  • Causes of hair loss in men
  • Caution hormones
  • Hair Loss Treatment
Many men are concerned

hair loss.Before starting treatment, it is important to realize that the problem is not related to hair disease.State head of hair depends on the condition of some of the features of the human body.These reasons are easy to identify and correct.

hair Loss

Most men believe that baldness - an irreversible process that is associated with heredity, and do not know what to do and where to go.Until recently, genetic studies have not clarified the situation.Previously it was thought that a typical alopecia occurs at any age, because the same clinical syndrome.

Most people who have certain types of baldness are common and often the hair dysplasia (especially temporary disorders of hair growth cycle), it was felt that one or more such disorders - is an ordinary hair loss.

If you decide to make a diagnosis of alopecia yourself, then you s

hould pay attention not to the father's hair and bald spot on his grandfather on the maternal line.It is precisely the culprit of this disaster.It is necessary to find out the age at which my grandfather started to go bald.Most likely, in 30-35 years, he had forgotten that such hair.Otherwise, he would have stayed with beautiful thick hair.

Symptoms start balding

Start baldness One of the main features of a typical pattern baldness - hair replacement lush thinning hair that are less pigmented.It can start at any age completely and manifest clinically in men in 17 years, and women 25-30 years of age (if she is suffering violations of the endocrine system).

the same time reduces the amount of follicles and shortening of the anagen phase.For this reason, in the telogen phase, hair loss increases.The man pays attention to it and go to the doctor for advice.

speed of these changes depends on various factors.As a rule, men between the ages of 25 years the presence of characteristic symptoms makes it easy to establish the diagnosis.It is important not to overlook the other possible causes of baldness.

Very often, the doctor observes the man who has begun to appear bald head, for about a month before he could give a definite conclusion.To rule out other known causes of baldness, it holds all the necessary research.

Young people who have bald head, put the correct diagnosis is much more difficult.They all tend not complain that the bald, and a significant loss of hair during shampooing.It is not uncommon when patients complain of hair loss, which is imperceptibly.

Nevertheless, according to statistics, the majority of men suffering from baldness, the cause of this disease is as follows: a man feels a surge of hormones 4 in their lifetime.If we talk about women, they are exposed to this every month.Moreover, the fair sex is no effect on hair loss which may occur only at sufficiently serious hormonal disorders.

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Causes of hair loss in men

Causes of hair loss At the age of 14 to 16 years old the first surge of hormones begins in young people's faces.It manifests itself as follows: on the head, there are signs of seborrhea, there is a need for frequent shampooing, hair fade and become unruly.

seborrhea In this situation arises from the increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, which stimulate the male hormones - androgens.Our nature disposed so that these hormones are present in hair follicles.For some reason, the amount of hormones is growing, and there are such consequences.As a rule, top shown the young man is not bald.

second explosion of hormones occurs in 22-27 years.Currently, about 60% of patients who have addressed the problem of hair loss - men, of whom about 30% fall into this age category.

At this age, because of problems with hair loss in men can appear different complexes.To prevent this, you should contact the doctor-trichologist.How manifests a second surge of hormones?It has no effect on overall health.The pressure of the patient is normal, as a rule, there is tachycardia (rapid heart rate), but it is related to the emotional state due to increased levels of hormones.

In this age is difficult to find a man some cause by chronic diseases.Although it is possible that at this age, many of the men have time to buy some of them.But this is usually regarded as a pathology, rather than the cause.

Baldness during this period may increase the fat content of the skin head, losing his hair at the crown.Hair loss often uniformly become thinner, it grows more slowly.It is worth noting that in 30% of cases in the analysis of the patient's blood is a change of testosterone produced by the testicles or prolactin produced by the pituitary gland.

latter option requires a survey, unlike testosterone, which can be controlled by non-hormonal drugs.In today's world, preventive treatment of the prostate has become urgent.After all, this body is important enough for men.

Every man should know that taking any medications needed only after the doctor will do the right diagnosis.

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Caution hormones

Next hormonal surge occurs in 34-37 years.Usually analyzes reveal the physiological pathology.All that is required - is the right approach to its treatment.It is not recommended to delay the resolution of the problem, because the process can acquire a chronic kind.

During this period, men sweating occurs.On the face may appear spider veins.Such patients usually like to take a hot bath or shower.The hands become cold, sweating.Often there is irritation, nervousness, fatigue, decreased sexual activity.

It is worth remembering that all these symptoms are temporary.They are also fast, as the beginning, so the problems of this age group to create panic is not necessary.It is better to pay attention to the state of the scalp.

If your hair fall out, it is inconceivable that the follicles have atrophied.In some cases, the man will never be able to restore lost hair.Just for this reason, most of the men remains head of hair forever, not knowing that there was an opportunity to fix it.Today, in the hands of experienced trichologists have the necessary drugs to help grow new hair.

latest surge of hormones is considered to be the most unfavorable for men.At this time, the mechanism of hereditary baldness is triggered if a person has a genetic predisposition.In this case, it is sure to get tested.

Changes observed in 80% of men, but not as bad as it seems.These changes can not occur.It is changing only their interpretation.If there was a launching mechanism of inheritance, the patient may provide triholog preserve the maximum amount of hair.Already lost hair will not turn back.The doctor will try to do it, but for this it will be important period, when the hair began to fall out.Therefore, the sooner you see a doctor, the better.


All the reasons listed above are characteristic of hair loss for men only.Learn why your bald pate, you can, if you consult a professional.

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Hair Loss Treatment

What if the hair began to fall out?First you need to correctly identify the true reason why the bald man, and to prescribe effective treatment.This requires an individual examination with the study of blood biochemistry analysis on hormones and the clinical blood analysis.Also may require additional inspections.Patients are advised to spectral analysis of the scalp for the presence of 40 essential micronutrients.

Hair Loss Problem the same time carried out a study of the hair under the microscope, studied its core and root system.The doctor evaluates the condition of the hair by external examination of the scalp.On the skin surface can determine the exact cause of hair loss.Next is assigned the appropriate course of treatment for baldness.

If a man started to go bald, do not forget that each case requires specialist advice. Trying to cure baldness in the home, you can make the situation worse, so it is not recommended to self-medicate.

can do the prevention of this disease in the home.To this should be included in the diet of nuts, beans, green vegetables and seafood.These foods contain the essential amino acids and protein that hair is a building material.

If the bald head, you can start taking vitamins and minerals that contribute to feeding the follicles to conduct daily delicate massage of the scalp, because massage stimulates circulation.


to shampoo, you can add a decoction of calendula or mother-and-stepmother.At any age, it is important to nourish the scalp.With this task well handle shampoos that are based on natural ingredients such as ginseng and chestnut.They also contribute to the prevention of the appearance of gray hair.

The earlier start taking care of preserving the hair, the longer the thick hair will please you.Taking care of health now, you do yourself a favor in the future.

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