Both men increase the weight of the body ?

Both men increase the weight of the body?

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  • How to increase the weight of a man?
  • Proper nutrition for weight gain
  • How to increase weight with the help of brewer's yeast?
  • Training to increase muscle mass

How to increase body weight?The cause of weight loss can be any diseases in the body.Therefore, a man with a low birth weight should be, above all, consult your doctor.If abnormalities in the body have been identified, the underweight can be due to too rapid metabolism.This is especially true of young men.

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How to increase the weight of a man?

Many men with reduced weight are trying to recover, increasing the amount of food consumed.However, this does not lead to the desired results.

necessary to increase not only the amount of food and increase the amount of calories consumed by the body per day.Calculate the number of calories needed just for your body, help the physician nutritionist.

In order to increase the weight, you must follow the correct sched

ule and diet.Proper nutrition combined with exercise will increase the weight by increasing lean body mass.

To determine the optimal weight person, it is necessary to measure its growth and take away from the value obtained 110 centimeters.The result will show the number of kilograms, which is the optimum weight for a given individual.

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Proper nutrition for weight gain

Diet necessary to make the correct diet.You must try to eat more often throughout the day, preferably every 3-4 hours.Food should be rich in vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates.

need to have breakfast in the morning for an hour after getting up from bed.For breakfast you can make an omelet, use products such as cottage cheese, cheese, dairy products, fruits and honey.It is very useful to have a breakfast cereal milk, seasoned with vegetable oil.

For lunch you can prepare a hearty soup for the first, the second meat or fish with a side dish of pasta or mashed potatoes, a salad of fresh vegetables.Then you can eat dessert and drink coffee cream.

For dinner, you can make an omelet with ham and tomato and coffee with milk.Before going to bed to eat fruit: apples or grapes.During the day, besides 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), you need to make snacks.As a snack, you can eat dairy products, sandwiches, salads, fruit and nuts.During the day you need to drink plenty of water.

For 1 serving is not necessary to eat too many different products.Prepare the food can be a full day.If possible, it is desirable to prepare a meal before every meal, as the food is fresh and tastier.You must eat regularly and avoid the appearance of hunger.

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How to increase weight with the help of brewer's yeast?

Brewer Brewer's yeast improves metabolism and overall health of the human body.The composition of brewer's yeast includes a large set of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.Brewer's yeast help to increase muscle mass with the prerequisite physical education classes, sports and other physical activities.

Brewer's yeast contains a large number of amino acids and vitamins that promote their assimilation.The protein contained in brewer's yeast, reminiscent of animal protein but has a lot more calories.

In order to increase your weight, you should take 2-3 tablets of brewer's yeast after meals.By taking brewer's yeast improves appetite in humans.

During the reception, brewer's yeast should observe the correct diet.Brewer's yeast can be purchased at the pharmacy.They are made in the form of tablets.To improve the appetite can be prepared beverage.To do this, dilute the brewer's yeast in water, add there honey and biscuits.

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Training to increase muscle mass

How to increase your muscles and how to increase your body weight?The volume of muscle is increased by exercise.In response to the increased load on the muscles of the body meets increasing lean body mass.To gain weight and increase muscle, you must achieve a constant progression in training loads.

Strength training is desirable to perform in the gym under the supervision of a trainer.

Gym If you can not go to the gym, you can perform strength exercises at home.

necessary to monitor the intensity of your workouts and gradually increase the load.If exercise is not intense enough, the increase in muscle mass will not occur.

When doing home most preferred exercise with dumbbells and a barbell.They are most effective for increasing muscle mass and body weight.

necessary to perform the exercises correctly and gradually add weight.Among exercise the greatest effect give the following:

  • squats with dumbbells;
  • pushups;
  • barbell bench lying down;
  • deadlift;
  • twisting the press;
  • barbell bench press in a standing position;
  • pulling up on the bar;
  • mahi with dumbbells.

Strength training should be combined with running, swimming, cycling.It should be regularly and get enough rest.

Muscle growth does not occur during the actual workout, but it is at rest, especially at night. Therefore, it is necessary to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Training is not desirable to carry out every day.You can train 3-4 times a week in the gym or at home.

Avoid overtraining.If you spend too much time and energy to exercise, not to build muscle at the same time you will be allocated cortisol, which, on the contrary, contributes to the destruction of muscle.

If because of too frequent and processes that destroy the muscles will be exorbitant exercise, then increase the weight and add muscle mass will not work.Therefore, you must make sure that the training did not exceed 1.5 hours.

After training, you need to eat.During the training you need to increase the power mode.Breakfast should be early and tight.

Only in this case, in response to exercise and strength training, your body will be able to gain the necessary weight.


Implementation of these recommendations will increase muscle mass and gain weight in a relatively short time.