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  • basic principles of weight loss for men
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Recently, there was a mistaken stereotype that the figure following exceptional women and men do not attach importance to its weight, calling protruding belly "bundle of nerves".It's not like that at all.First, beautiful, slender body - this is the main sign that a person is successful and self-sufficient.Secondly, obesity leads to serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, joints, liver.Accordingly, the maintenance of good physical shape is necessary not only to look good, and like the others, but also to take care of their health.

The girth of the abdomen

most effective method to get rid of the extra kilos and in the future to maintain a good shape - a combination of physical activity and a balanced diet.This men's diet is different from women's.This is due to hormonal difference backgrounds, and accordingly, the f

low of physiological processes in the body between the sexes.Features of the male diet for weight loss consist in the fact that often the stronger sex more difficult to limit yourself to food, their thoughts are aimed at solving more global challenges, and thoughts about the importance of proper nutrition sidelined.

basic principles of weight loss for men

Products containing protein

Most men who are thinking about losing weight, strive to achieve the desired result as soon as possible, opting for this very radical methods - a sharp reduction in daily caloric intake, or even starvation. This is the wrong way, which not only will not help to lose weight, but, on the contrary, contribute to a slower metabolism, detention of fluid in the body, which means that the weight will only be added. No one will argue that the low-fat yogurt - a useful product, which should include both the men's diet for weight loss, as well as in women, but it should not become the basis of power.

Proteins as "building material" for muscle - is a basic component of the diet of healthy men.It is worth remembering that they are contained not only in meat.Foods such as cheese, eggs, nuts, cheese, they are also a source of protein, thus helping to lose weight.

Some people believe that a diet for weight loss is to completely exclude fats.But fats are different.Of course, fatty overcooked meat or fast food are not allowed, but vegetable oils (olive, peanut, avocado), dairy products with fat content of 1-2% will only benefit, because to saturate the body beneficial trace elements, which will support its normal functioning.At the same time lose weight, they do not interfere.

addition to food, due attention should be paid also use the liquid.

daily norm of an adult - 1.5-2 liters of clean water without gas.

This will help cleanse the body, and avoid problems with the kidneys.

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Men's diet for weight loss

Contacting a dietitian

optimal and effective way to diet selection - is to consult a dietitian who will prescribe examination of the body and only after that, taking into account the individual characteristics and needs, will pick up the necessary diet.

Every man is a different way of life, has a different number of extra kilos.Accordingly, only an individual approach will give the desired result as soon as possible.

But if the opportunity to consult with an expert there, you can opt for a ready-made men's diets, developed on the basis of the general properties and characteristics of the male body, how it differs from the female.

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diet in Don Juan

This diet is designed for those who are overweight, but leads an active lifestyle, including sexual, wasting large amounts of energy on a daily basis.

Fruit for breakfast

Sticking to the diet can be suggested below are not more than 1 week:

  • Breakfast - 150 grams of fresh fruit, a glass of mineral water;
  • lunch - porridge on the water or cottage cheese, green tea;
  • dinner - baked potatoes, fish or chicken breast, steamed, fresh vegetable salad;
  • dinner - fresh fruit, except bananas and grapes;
  • an hour before bedtime - 1 cup of yogurt.

This diet does not provide for snacks between meals.

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essence jockey diet

This menu is suitable for the impatient men who want to get maximum results in minimum time.Follow this diet can be only 3 days, otherwise the body will start to feel the exhaustion.Although such a short time, can lose up to 4 kg, depending on the initial weight.

Grilled chicken with jockey diet


  1. Day 1 - baked in the oven or grilled chicken to be divided into 4 equal portions and eat during the day.
  2. Day 2 - same as the previous day, but the chicken is replaced by 400 grams of lean veal.
  3. Day 3 - 3-5 cups of natural black coffee without cream and sugar.

Such a diet is very low calorie, therefore not able to provide the body with all the elements necessary to maintain vital functions.Therefore it is impossible to abuse diet jockey, but to lose weight on it just enough.

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What particular spectacle diet?

This method of weight loss for those men who do not pursue quick results, and prefer a healthy and light diet.This man's diet is similar to counting calories.Each food product has a certain number of points.By evening, the amount eaten should not exceed 40 points.

The number of points in the products

number of points in the main products:

  • 1 slice of white bread - 10 points;
  • 100g porridge without any oil - 10 points;
  • glass of dry red wine - 10 points;
  • 100 grams of boiled chicken breast, veal or fish - 1 point;
  • 1 boiled egg - 1 point;
  • 100 g of beans - 5 points;
  • 200 g of cottage cheese - 5 points;
  • glass of milk - 5 points;
  • 100 g of any sweets - 20 points.

As you can see, the emphasis in the diet should be on protein foods, they contain a minimum of points.Thus, this diet more than men than women.

The main advantage of the spectacle diet is consumed in a variety of products, respectively, stick to it quite easy.


Thus, there are many dedicated men's diets for weight loss.It is necessary to choose only the one that is most suitable.

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