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Cigarettes without nicotine

Which methods just do not resort people dependent on tobacco!They try to cure pills, hypnosis, coding and folk remedies.One of the alternatives goodbye to cigarettes are cigarettes ....But without nicotine.What is the essence of this psychological deception and replacement?What is the composition of cigarettes and that people should consider trying this alternative?

The main difference from the standard of these cigarettes is the lack of tobacco in their composition.Instead, use herbs that do not contain poison.After all, the problem of smoking cessation - is primarily a psychological problem, which is based on the habit of smoking to keep the object in the mouth (tube, cigar, cigarette).

first alternative cigarettes were known in India.They are used in Ayurveda for the purpose of healing the body.But first, they were a natural respiratory inhaler with vegetable filter.Today such mind herbal cigarettes resemble ordinary.They clean the lungs and bronchi, blood and internal organs, makes breathing easier

, help fight tuberculosis.

Their main purpose - to break the habit of smoking.After all, for most men and women smoke breaks are a kind of ritual that accompanies the work, events, actions.

Manufacturers of cigarettes without tobacco smokers are trying to help in this way to overcome the psychological dependence.Alternative smoking a tobacco rod, a person inhales the smoke, but the light does not get nicotine gum, and the ritual is a ritual.

opisuemy us means sets filled with medicinal herbs as a part of the smoking mixture.However, to think that this medicine is not necessary.After all, every medicine should be applied in doses and in moderation, but always cheat your body is unlikely to happen.

apply such devices is recommended when a dependent does not have enough willpower to say goodbye to traditional smoking.Only in this case, with a strong desire to help a smoker they refuse Tobacco.The refusal will be less painful.

should be noted that the manufacturers of alternative cigarettes steel pharmaceutical companies around the world.Domestic manufacturers stuffed body of the product and the thyme, sage.

most famous Russian cigarette manufacturers are "Meadowsweet" and "Aromatics".The first type has such varieties as antitobacco and anti-stress with mint in the composition, as well as to reduce appetite with mint.These subtypes are different filling herbs.The compositions of herbs add even flavors of prunes and chocolate.

As for "Meadowsweet" cigarettes in their composition have thyme and plantain, yarrow, horsetail, motherwort, and St. John's wort, sage, mint, marjoram and eucalyptus.

Indian manufacturers are introduced into the non-nicotine cigarettes coriander, cinnamon, saffron.

second alternative nicotine cigarettes are electronic.They are free of nicotine and with him.The essence of their use is that the smoker does not ruin the body, gradually decreasing the amount of nicotine inhaled, and thus protected from harmful substances in its structure.Electronic Cigarettes - aides in controlling the nicotine level.For within them is a cartridge with a flavored liquid and other substances.Nicotine may be present there in a minimum dose.

progress in the steel market Without nicotine electronic cigarettes.They are now used very widely, but in spite of them in places without tobacco, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide will still stand out.They also have a negative impact on our body.Of course, this is much less harmful than traditional cigarettes cause.So you can try this option as a transitional step in getting rid of the habit of living with tobacco.It will be a red herring, and the psychological habit of switching to the new dependent person.Such cigarettes are helping to combat cravings for nicotine.