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Physical inactivity - the scourge of modern times.The presence of mobile phones, Skype, the Internet provides an opportunity to communicate, negotiate without going to the office or home.At the same time the benefits of civilization impose a taboo on human movement, the ability to load the muscles on a daily basis.It would seem that the deficit on the motion can replace or compensate for the gym.But this very often we do not have time, because we are living at work.So, what exactly is the threat of a sedentary lifestyle for a man?How to turn a "minus" to "plus" or at least minimize the risks?

sedentary lifestyle "bestowed" man problems, of which he is unaware.By the way, compared with women who one way or another in the morning and in the evening move through homework, men from a sedentary lifestyle to suffer more.What affects the organs so their life style:

If you already have at least one of the above problems, it is necessary to draw conclusions immediately.Think about how to make more movement int

o your life.Perhaps this will be walking to work instead of driving the car or public transport.Or maybe you simply wake up 15 minutes earlier and do exercises.Of course, the ideal option would be a record in the fitness room.They qualified trainer will tell you what is best to do the exercises to eliminate the planned tummy and stagnation in the cervical area.At the lunch break at work, you can afford to walk 20 minutes after eating.It will be great if you dedicate his weekends working in the country or cycling.That is, you choose.

If in the office working on the computer, you spend 8 hours, and sometimes longer, it will help you simple exercises that you can do, not looking up from his workplace:

In addition to these "sedentary" exercises can be performedothers.For example, came out into the corridor or the toilet, bend down, palms down and try to touch the floor.Hold this position for a few seconds.This will stretch the muscles of the transverse spine and 4.5 space between the vertebrae, which are constantly squeezed in a sitting position.Ideally, at a constant sedentary lifestyle should go to direct the hands and feet for a few minutes every day in order to stretch the space between the vertebrae.Of course, it is more convenient to do it at home.And at home be sure to perform a "rolling" on the spine.This ordinary rolled over back and forth, which is a kind of self-massage of our spinal column - bearing life.

So, sedentary lifestyle - health threat, the risk of problems of individual organs and loss of male power.So try not to run yourself, move daily and hourly.

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