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alcohol withdrawal syndrome

dependence on alcohol - is both human weakness and sorrow to his relatives, it is a lifestyle change that stands at the head of all alcohol.And if a person comes to a stage, then it may be, and alcohol withdrawal.It is also called withdrawal symptoms.It manifests itself in a set of symptoms characteristic of long-term abstinence from alcohol after a long drinking bouts.What kind of symptoms?How are they diagnosed and treated?

First of all, note that should not be confused hangover (what is popularly called "went over") from abstinence.These are different things.Because the first can test everyone.For example, rarely drinks and one day does not restrain himself for various reasons.The second is a measure of alcohol, that is a strong attachment to the person alcohol.

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome are divided into 2 types.

If the dependent man appeared two or three of the above symptoms due to the discontinuation of alcohol, then this is evidence of withdrawal symptoms.We must not forget that p

eople who drink often lose critical towards their health control.Diagnosis doctor alcohol withdrawal can cause a bout of aggression in humans.That is why the situation should be dealt with by professionals - psychologists and drug treatment.

After diagnosing the cancellation syndrome doctors begin his treatment.It is usually symptomatic.If it is needed, it should apply to a special clinic or rehabilitation center.One of the methods of treatment - the use of infusion therapy to eliminate the symptoms of intoxication.Seizures are eliminated special anticonvulsant, hallucinations - the introduction of neuroleptic drugs.It should closely monitor the pulse and blood pressure dependent person.It is often this treatment aggravated existing problems with the cardiovascular system.And also need to monitor the status of other systems of the body, suffering from alcohol withdrawal manifestations.

dependent person and his family, loved ones need to know that the cessation of use of any kind of alcoholic beverages should be done only under the supervision of experienced professionals.And, of course, it is better to avoid such conditions, and that means not to abuse alcohol or become dependent to the green snake.