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smoking cessation syndrome

no secret that nicotine has a fast and highly addictive, so giving up cigarettes, smokers often suffer from smoking cessation.As with any other form of substance abuse, in the case of lack of nicotine in the body there is the inevitable break-up of nicotine.The intensity and duration of the syndrome depends on how long "time" of smoking.The longer a person smokes - the stronger the longer he runs smoking cessation syndrome.How does smoking syndrome, and whether it is possible to overcome the throes of nicotine withdrawal - explain further.

throes of nicotine withdrawal can be divided into several stages.Absistentny syndrome usually begins in half an hour after drinking the last cigarette.In humans, there is a slight, but an obsessive desire to smoke, Two hours later appears stable feeling of discomfort, and after six to eight hours to join him irritability, restlessness and inability to concentrate.All these symptoms characteristic of the first day of withdrawal from nicotine.

These physical torment th

e smoker begins to feel the next day, and they reach their peak around the third or fourth day from the date of withdrawal from nicotine.During this period a person stops smoking, or residual or spare himself and re-lights a cigarette.

note that sometimes it is very difficult to cope with a smoking cessation as irritability and lack of restraint are constant companions of the period.Often comes and general depression, apathy, tearfulness, etc.In some cases, suicidal thoughts marked character.However, having gone through this period, there is a rapid improvement, although the desire to smoke may still haunt you still.

the end of the first week, the body begins to vigorously cleaned on nicotine and the effects of its use.Very often in this period, the former smoker feels an unpleasant taste in the mouth, in the morning possible cough with sputum great.All these symptoms disappear after about a month.

During smoking cessation syndrome and possible exacerbation of chronic diseases, but is almost always possible to the end of the first month of ex-smokers to get rid of the physical nicotine addiction.With regard to psychological dependence, it is still strong, so reflex smoke, chew tobacco, smell is present.

important to note that, despite the fact that smoking cessation syndrome takes place in the first month of the refusal of cigarettes, the risk to return to the use of nicotine is still high.Experts say that the craving for nicotine can be stored for about a year, and in some cases this period and exceeds the two-year threshold.However, two years after quitting the body is completely free of the habit of smoking and partially recovering from the devastating effects of nicotine on it.

After reviewing all the withdrawal symptoms of smoking syndrome, many smokers refuse to throw this addiction, fear of physical and psychological pain.However, we assure you that facilitate smoking cessation syndrome is possible, and quite successfully.Not without reason at the time of giving up cigarettes many of us replace them with cheese sticks, candy and seeds.In most cases, it helps to distract from thoughts of smoking and is much easier to move the smoking cessation syndrome.It is also quite the popular methods that help overcome nicotine breaking yourself.

If the deal does not work independently with smoking cessation syndrome, it is possible to pass the course with the help of special medications or by psychological therapy.In any case, the desire to quit - this is a step to victory.So by all means and ways to go to the target - a life without cigarettes.

Good luck and excellent results!

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