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Nicotine Withdrawal

All smokers at least once attempted to give up smoking and engage with addiction, poisoning life for themselves and others.If the man was smoking a long time and was really depends, in the first period after parting with cigarettes, he will manifest the syndrome.What is it and how it is characterized alleviate?Is it possible to avoid the manifestations of this syndrome?

nicotine withdrawal syndrome is also called nicotine withdrawal symptoms.In simple terms, this condition is systematically smoker after giving up an addiction.

If a person smokes for many years, then in his body inevitably nicotine acts as a stimulant of many natural processes.This refers to the increase in pressure and increased heart rate, stimulate brain activity and more.

When a person refuses to cigarettes, then we need a new method of controlling the above-mentioned processes.With the passage of time and the absence of systematic nicotine into the blood the body converts these processes in a natural channel.But this withdrawal sy

ndrome characterized by symptoms which are divided into several phases.

Thus, in the first hours after not smoking felt a strong urge to smoke, and the inability to concentrate, extra nervousness and irritability.Especially these symptoms appear when a person feels the smell of cigarette smoke.

After the first day cancellation smoking person may experience insomnia and problems with the gastrointestinal tract, increased appetite and headaches.

After the first week at the dependent person may experience depression and memory disorders, severe coughing with phlegm and significant weight gain, craving to smoke.

Unfortunately, almost no one can avoid the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.Do you smoke a little, occasionally, and then sometimes for the company.So smokers is significantly easier to carry cider cancellation.

To facilitate the state of a person who quit smoking, it is recommended to suppress excessive irritability and nervousness, sedation as valerian, motherwort tincture or other special means of herbs, which are sold in any drugstore.

It was at this time for the former smoker there is a high risk of exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases.For example, bronchitis, and laryngitis.This can cause a sharp cough and breathing problems.In this situation, it is recommended to take medications that thin the mucus.

Often, the first time after the abolition of nicotine in humans may be a problem with the pressure, the more likely it slide.To prevent this, you can use caffeine as a coffee or a tincture of Eleutherococcus, which normalizes blood pressure.

If a person has an acute form of chemical dependency on nicotine, it is possible to introduce small doses into the body using nicotine patches and gum.

When quitting is often observed slow metabolism, that is characterized by a set of extra kilos.To avoid this, it is necessary to adjust the power failure of fat and sweet, restriction dinner time.Perhaps a fasting days, and drinking plenty of fluids.A great way to alleviate the condition of the body during withdrawal - sport.Physical activity helps to get rid of excess weight and prevent its set, and they are a good way to switch attention.Psychologists call this phenomenon the second dominant - focusing attention on alternative employment.

Very often the problem is not so much dependent on nicotine as smoking process.This process is dependent to a certain person becomes a ritual, a part of his life and the daily routine.The absence of this class - the emptiness of life and a gap that should be filled with something.If the dependent morning started with a cigarette, then, ideally, the alternative may be a bad habit morning exercises, exercises on the horizontal bar, jogging.Doctors recommend the abolition of smoking to drink more to avoid dry mouth.

In general coping with nicotine withdrawal syndrome for the forces of each.But for this we need a very strong will, endurance and patience.An important basis for this is a conscious rejection of the smoker from smoking, rather than imposed by the decision of relatives or friends.