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Use raisins for men

Perhaps raisins is one of the most common and favorite delicacies of the full range of dried fruit.Sympathy for this product and is expressed in human relations.Everyone wants to find within themselves the "flavor" as a symbol of something special, original, tasty and attractive.Raisin has a mass of useful properties, it is widely used not only in cooking but also in medicine.

At the moment we know two ways of drying grapes: the sun and in the shade.The first method is faster, and the second requires a bit of patience, but in any case, use of the product is the same.Also equally useful raisins all varieties derived from different grapes.

dark seedless raisins called in cooking "currant", and trade - "Shiganov" or "Bida".It can be savory or dryish and very sweet.Bright variety seedless make sweet green and white grape varieties.In cooking, it is called sultanas, and the modern name in the trade - "Sabza".Once dried fruit isolated light olive green with a bone mean.From grapes "ladies' fingers" or Germia

n made large fleshy sort of raisin, very sweet to the taste, having 2-3 seeds.Sellers of different species is called sultanas and raisins: Bedonia, Sabza, soyagi, Avloniy, Germian, Shiganov that different methods of drying and processing.For example, Bedonia dried in the sun without pretreatment, but Sabz advance scald in an alkaline solution.

Each variety is useful in its own way, such as raisins useful due to the high content of potassium.Dark varieties of raisins are useful for blood, they contribute to the purification of the vessels from atherosclerotic plaques, as contained in its composition rubidium and white dried fruits positive effect on the intestines and stomach.

Despite its size, each highlight a fount of valuable and useful substances for the body.The composition includes 79,5-87,5% sugar (glucose and fructose content in dry berries 8 times higher than in fresh), 0,7-2,3% of acids (tartaric and oleanolic), 1.3% fiber, 2-2,9% ash and 16-22% moisture.The raisins also contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals: magnesium, boron, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and C. Useful properties of raisins are explained by the use of fresh grapes, but it is 10 times more valuable substancesthan fresh berries.Due to high content of vitamins, raisins perfectly strengthens the nervous system and improves sleep.It is often used as a sedative, relieves stress and fatigue.

Everyone needs to know what is useful raisins in general for the body and for men.

This product is an effective remedy for acidosis (blood toxicity and treatment of the respiratory system).In this case, the effect is aimed at the prevention of skin diseases, general support internal organs, fighting arthritis, gout and kidney stones.Furthermore, it is a good barrier against many types of cancer.

As we know from Indian folk medicine, raisins are very good for the eyes and bones.Modern man simply need help eyes, because a permanent seat at the computer screen is not the best way affects the eyes, raisins and favorably affects their timely treatment.In childhood and adolescence it is very important to the proper formation of bone, but in adulthood they must be maintained at a sufficiently high level so as not to break if dropped.

Among other things, raisins still protects the teeth from caries.Unfortunately, in our time, only 1 in 10 people may boast healthy teeth.It is therefore necessary to eat properly, while the raisins in the diet should include at least 2-3 times per week in small quantities.The product contains a large amount of energy, that has a positive effect at the muscle set athletes.Cottage cheese with sour cream and raisins - it's not only delicious, but also very effective.Positive properties of dried fruit can be called and that it improves the quality of digestion, so that normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract.

What about the benefits for men, raisins beneficial effect on the reproductive system, thereby significantly prolonging a happy family life.Especially useful this product is for men after 40 years, as health begins to weaken, and it is necessary to maintain high-quality power.

In some cases, dried grapes may harm the body.You can not use it for patients with diabetes because it contains a lot of sugar.It is also contraindicated in raisins for obesity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the acute stage.Do not take this product if enterocolitis, raisins are hypersensitive or allergic to it.

Nowadays raisins choice is huge, it is sold by weight, and is packaged in sachets.In the second case it is better to take the raisins in a transparent package, so you can see the product, be sure to pay attention to the date of manufacture.Bright Cheese is often treated with sulfur, it must be well washed and soaked.If you choose dark varieties, then try to "ride" raisin between your fingers if the dye is, he soon will have an effect.The product must be free of mold and foreign smell.Remember that high-quality raisins shrunken and is not damaged and does not shine, gloss speaks of his treatment.Raisins should be dry and crumbly.You can even crush a few highlights, and make sure that no larvae inside.Too hard raisins indicates that it was dried in violation of the technology.It is better not to buy.

It is advisable to store the product in a dry, dark and cool place, then up to six months raisin retains its medicinal properties.You can store it in a glass jar, box or package, in any case, should be limited to access of pests and other insects.

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