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Use Kiwi men

impossible to overestimate the benefits of kiwi to the human body, and yet, a hundred years ago people did not know that there is such a miracle - kiwi vine.This plant has been displayed in China, and then quickly spread across the globe, winning a well-deserved popularity.Kiwifruit can be grown even at home, you need a thorough care of this tropical fruit.It got its name because it looks like a flightless bird kiwi.Also sometimes this plant is called "Chinese gooseberries."

Kiwi has a slightly tart taste.This exotic fruit is literally "larded" with vitamins that are so essential to our body.That ascorbic acid (vitamin C), carotene (vitamin A), vitamins B and D, and E. "Fluffy" fruit contains folic acid, which is necessary for women during pregnancy.In addition, the fruit is rich in trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, phosphorus.Kiwi is an indispensable source of various organic acids and beta-carotene.In the fruit absolutely no cholesterol.

First of all, kiwi is an excellent die

tary product, so it is recommended to use it for men overweight.Indeed, in 100 g of fruit contains only 61 calories, but it's just a ridiculous figure compared with other products (even with some fruits).So if you want to lose weight, you should enable kiwi in your daily diet.Many people prefer to lose weight on apples, but it's not quite right.Apples are able to "stir up" the appetite, after they want to eat, the more they are not suitable for every stomach.But with kiwi no such problems.It not only promotes weight loss, but also well nourishes the body.Use kiwi diet consists in the fact that this exotic fruit is able to rid the body of all toxins, toxins and other harmful substances.At the same time, it normalizes bowel, digestion becomes more active, and all of the body's excess fluid out.

Kiwi is useful not only for weight loss, it is still perfectly strengthens the immune system.This is especially important in winter, when a person is more susceptible to various colds.Strengthening immunity is provided by the content of vitamin C in the Chinese gooseberry, which is a must to every person, regardless of gender.

The composition of green fruits include vitamins D, E and B complex, which are necessary for healthy skin, beautiful appearance, but also for the smooth and uninterrupted operation of many internal organs.For example, B vitamins ensure the normal flow of energy, fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism in the male body.Another worth noting that the "hairy" fruit is considered a good antioxidant.That is thanks to him, slowing the aging process.With a healthy lifestyle and regular consumption of kiwi male is still very long stay young both internally and externally.

As part of the kiwi has such an important matter as aktinidin - a plant enzyme that helps the body to digest protein well.A magnesium contained in the fruit kiwi, ensures the normal course of the processes of cellular metabolism.

This fruit has a positive effect on male potency, which is undoubtedly very important for each representative of the stronger sex.In its structure there are all the necessary elements to maintain potency.For example, kiwi fruit a beneficial effect on the condition of blood vessels throughout the body, and it is precisely due to the influx of blood to the genitals erection happens.The vessels become clogged over time, become less elastic and weaker.Kiwi perfectly cleanses the blood cholesterol, which can become a barrier to long-term maintenance of potency, because it spoils the cholesterol and blood vessels, clogging the body.Unique fruit prevents the development of cancer, particularly prostate cancer.This small green fruit kills the mutated cells, and in their place are formed healthy.

Finally, kiwi - it's just a good aphrodisiac.Therefore, it is recommended to use before intimacy.It increases the level of libido and erectile promotes stronger.Moreover, after kiwi male sperm becomes more palatable.Thus, the kiwi is a unique product for men's health.The day is enough to eat 2-3 sweet fruit to significantly improve your health and protect yourself from many diseases.

Some people are so healthy fruit can still cause harm.Patients with gastric pathology can not be combined with Kiwi dairy products, or simply eat too much fruit, as this can cause digestive disorders, constipation and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract organs."Shaggy" the fruit does not get involved in people with urinary tract disease, because it can trigger on the promotion of urinary tract stones.It is worth noting that the Kiwi, like all citrus fruits, is a powerful allergen, so people with a tendency to allergic reactions nature, should be cautious to consume this product.

Chinese gooseberry is contraindicated for people with food allergies to berries or individual intolerance to its components because it is fraught with molasses angioedema, asthma attack and even anaphylactic reaction.Also, it is better not to get involved in this fruit of people prone to diarrhea, as its consumption can cause a laxative effect.As already mentioned, the kiwi contains a lot of acids, so it is contraindicated in people with gastritis, hyperacidity or peptic gastric pathology.

We must learn and choose the fruit properly.It is better not to buy fruit from street vendors not to run into a chemically treated fruits and grown with more pesticides.Good fruit should be slightly soft, if the kiwi is too soft - a sign of over-ripeness, and too hard is not very tasty.You can buy a solid fruit, and wait until it softens slightly.Exotic fruit for a long time retains its useful properties after maturing.

Do not take kiwi, which smells like wine, it must be malopahuchim.In addition, the surface should be no dark spots - a sign of fetal disease.We need a little push to the place where the stalk was, the liquid should not be allocated.Particular attention should be paid to rot, it can manifest itself in the form of a plaque gray or gray-purple color.Fruits need to carefully examine all sides.By the way, opening the package is not always a sign of poor quality, it is possible that just touched the kiwi from low-quality fruit.

Overall "hairy" fruit is very useful for the organism, it is necessary only to use it in reasonable quantities and according to the contraindications.Then the pressure will always be normal, potency and erectile function for a long time will remain in excellent condition, and cardiovascular disease will bypass your side.

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