As prostatitis affect the potency

Currently prostatitis is one of the most common male diseases.This disease affects both young men, and men of mature age.Of course, each submit a strong half of mankind to find at the first signs of the disease, in particular, it asks whether prostatitis affect the potency?

Prostatitis - an inflammation of the prostate gland.The disease got so widespread because the life of modern man is full of factors that contribute to the development of pathology.As a rule, it is a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work, long-term abstinence from sexual intercourse, promiscuity in sexual relations, alcohol and tobacco, local or systemic hypothermia, as well as the constant stress and sexual infections.The main symptom of prostatitis is a difficulty or painful urination.After that can be observed and a reduced potency.Although the risk of complete impotence not large, the quality of erections, respectively, and intercourse, is significantly reduced.

To understand how the prostatitis affects the potency, first of all

, you need to know what is the prostate and what it was for.Thus, the prostate - a glandular (generating a secret) body, which is located below the bladder.A prostate gland passes the urethra and at the rear is the seminal colliculus, where the opening of the ejaculatory ducts.When ejaculation is thrown not only the seed, but also stands out prostatic secretion, which is required for normal sperm activity.Doctors call this body this man's heart, because it is there concentrated the most important features for any man.The prostate is involved in the release of semen during sexual intercourse.Furthermore, it affects the hormonal balance of the male organism, because it is in the prostate, testosterone is converted to its more active form.

Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction and prostatitis, argue that these diseases are linked.After all, as soon as they prolechat exacerbation of chronic prostatitis, the erection immediately restored.And with the onset of prostatitis getting worse and potency.To some extent, violation of potency in men suffering from prostatitis, is a psychological problem.After all, men are constantly waiting for that potency fail, and basically it so happens.Approximately half of all erectile dysfunction can be explained by a psychological disposition.

Remember that these two disease are interrelated only in acute inflammation of the prostate, so the weakening of erection should immediately consult a doctor.However, men often do not want to see at the presence of the disease.Even when there are recurrent pain, discomfort during urination, they tend to ignore them, and violation of potency blamed on stress or age.

Violation potency prostatitis primarily manifested reduction in the duration of sexual intercourse.But it should be noted that the need to compare the sexual acts under the same conditions and normal regular sexual life.For example, after a long break sexual intercourse is short, it is the norm rather than a violation of potency, or the manifestation of prostatitis.If, however, a regular sex life duration of sexual intercourse decreases sharply, and ejaculation becomes quite unmanageable, it is necessary here to think about the violations in the prostate.To eliminate the possibility of error, it is advisable to follow the process of melon over a period against the background of a regular sexual life with a partner.

healthy male orgasm is a strong and vibrant event, sometimes stunning body and soul.When prostate sensations lose their brightness, sharpness, are becoming more blurred.The development of prostatitis can cause painful ejaculation (ejaculation).If this feature complements erased orgasm, you should immediately consult a urologist.

The medical sources stated that chronic prostatitis does not violate potency.But it is characteristic only for the periods of remission - the attenuation of disease.Most physicians believe that prostatitis still has an impact on the potency, but mostly mediocre.

In some cases, a man after successful treatment of prostatitis is still complaining of problems with potency, in this case, the reason lies in its neuro-mental state.His long enough torment pain, difficulty urinating, general malaise, and this has a negative effect on the psychological state, and there is no longer before sexual activity.

If still remain after the treatment of prostatitis problems with potency, men should think about how to safely recover it.Today, there are a lot of drugs to increase potency, but not all of them can be effective and safe.If violations are the causes psychological problems, the urologist may recommend a course of treatment with special drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra), only a few tablets which will help the stronger sex to get back to normal sexual activity.

vitality and activity of men, including sex, is also largely dependent on what a person eats each day.Remember that you need to eat well to maintain their own body in good physical shape and bring the body all the essential nutrients in their entirety.Every man should know what foods have a positive effect on his sexual strength.Thus, a positive effect on men's health products that contain large amounts of protein, necessary for the production of testosterone.These include: lean meats, fish, chicken and quail eggs, various types of nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts), seafood, vegetables (cabbage, celery, parsley, turnips, radishes, carrots) and spices (basil, mint,anise, asparagus, cilantro, etc.).You need to know about the foods that can cause harm.First of all, all possible semi-finished products and fast foods, sausages and smoked meats.It should also get involved in pasta, potatoes and rice.In addition, experts recommend a very limited use of strong coffee and alcohol.

Each man must remember that the potency depends not only on the diet, but a way of life in general.It is advisable to avoid bad habits, to fully relax, engage in physical exercise and, of course, enjoy a full sex life.You also need to undergo regular medical examinations, because the potency might cause harm not only the prostate but also other urological diseases.Early diagnosis and treatment can help you avoid unwanted complications in the future.