Which tea is good for potency

are many factors affect the state of men's health.Basically it is a variety of natural factors, the level of human life and the products that he uses.The positive effect on the potency and provides a wonderful flavored drink like tea.It is obtained by brewing tea leaves.There are many types of this drink, each with its taste and its origin: India, Japan, Ceylon and others.Each tea affects the potency of its own way.The most beneficial for men is considered green.He not only has a positive effect on the potency, but also a beneficial effect on the entire human body.

Green tea is made from a sheet of de bush as black, the difference lies only in the method of processing, which allows you to save in the leaves of green tea more nutrients than black.Due to the content of zinc this drink enhances the potency and maintaining men's health.Zinc is an important trace element for man, it is a building material for hormones.In addition, it takes approximately 500 biochemical reactions.Also in the green tea include

: vitamin A, C, F, K, minerals potassium, selenium, phosphorus, manganese and chromium.Green tea makes the blood vessels more durable and elastic, removes from the body toxins, prevents heart disease, helps to cope with radiation sickness (radiation away from the TV, computer monitor), but also has an antioxidant effect.In addition, this beverage contributes to weight loss, that is, it accelerates the decomposition of fats, regulates blood sugar and cholesterol.

You need to know about some of the harmful properties of green tea.It contains a large amount of purine that form toxic urea in the body.Another drawback is the large green tea content of excitatory substances - caffeine, theobromine, theophylline.A cup of strong green tea contains more caffeine than a cup of coffee.This drink is absolutely impossible to use for people with ulcer disease, kidney stones and gall bladder, arthritis and gout patients.Also, do not abuse the strong green tea, because it can lead to insomnia, apathy, and increased irritability.Quite often with the use mint tea, which is a good medium for gastrointestinal and renal washing leads to a weakening of potency.

, you need to know how to brew it to save all the useful properties of green tea.brewing water temperature should not exceed 80 degrees because the boiling kills all nutrients in tea.Before tea leaves Chinese teapot pour over boiling water, letting it warm up a little, then poured into water and put the tea leaves, so that they become accustomed to the temperature and disposed of before pour the water.Try not to overdo the drink during welding, because then it will become bitter, lacking flavor and oversaturated purine and caffeine.Maximum infusion is 2 minutes, and with each subsequent time during welding is increased by 20 seconds.For welding are not suitable metal or plastic dishes, it is best to use clay or porcelain.

Try not to drink freshly brewed, cold or strong tea.Also, do not exceed the daily dose of the drink, which is 2-3 cups per day or 400-500 ml of medium strength tea.

have a wonderful drink for men in oriental medicine.To prepare it, you need a good black tea to be brewed with a little cardamom.Then it is necessary to add a couple of slice of lemon and a little milk.This tea will improve and restore the erection, as well as add sexual forces.It is advisable to drink it after a meal, and not every day.

It is important to make tea, to save all their beneficial qualities and flavor.To do this, use a soft, water-free mineral salts.The clay or porcelain teapot should put 2 tea spoon, then pour it over three-quarters of water heated to 90 degrees (not boiling).Remember that you need to brew the drink no more than 10 minutes, otherwise all its medicinal properties are lost.Drink small sips tea after a meal, but do not gulp.Avoid different flavors in the composition and do not drink cold and not freshly brewed (yesterday) tea.Also give up and from a very strong drink, because it can only do harm to your health.

Mate is a drink from South America, which has migrated into the modern world of Guarana Indians.The most popular is it in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.Mate tea is difficult to call - is completely independent beverage having a tradition based on it.In South American countries, the invitation to the mat is considered a sign of hospitality and respect.And this invitation you can not refuse - it is considered bad form, and would mean the rejection of the adoption of friendship.

Unlike green tea, mate does not contain caffeine, but its structure has mateine ​​- a substance that has a stimulating effect, thus devoid of the side effects of caffeine, such as palpitations and insomnia.In addition, drink a rich inner composition of nutrients: it contains vitamin A, vitamin B complex, C, E, P, minerals potassium, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, iron, chlorine and sodium.

Due to the content vitamin E this drink has a boosting effect on potency, promotes the production of sex hormones.Besides mate has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and is very useful for men suffering from obesity.People who regularly consume mate, after the next drink servings noted increased activity, improved mood, relieve fatigue and stress.Modern manufacturers based on the tonic properties of this drink began to produce soluble mate.Most often it is used athletes as a natural Energy.

also very famous Mursalian tea, which for the past 150 years in Bulgaria is considered to be the "people's Viagra."It is made on the basis of a plant that grows in the mountains.In addition to the increase potency, this tea is used for treatment and prevention of various diseases - helps with insomnia, nervous disorders, respiratory diseases, useful for the cardiovascular system.The drink can also be prepared from plants usual for us: currants, parsley leaves, St. John's wort and dry raspberries.It is advisable to take it no more than half a glass a day.Generally, tea is useful for the whole organism.It is recommended to eat with him, and Lemon - a great tool for the heart.This drink takes pride of place among the drugs that prolong the life of man and are beneficial to the work of many organs.This is a cure for many diseases it is available to everyone.

As you can see, tea is very useful, it will help to keep activity to increase alertness and enhance virility.