Reasons for decreasing potency in men

Quite often, men have problems with their main advantage - potency.Of course, this problem needs to be corrected, but the treatment, first of all, need to know the reasons for the decline in potency.They can be both psychological and physical in nature, can be caused by various substances and the different states of the body (depression, stress).Reduced potency can be temporary and permanent.

As a rule, a temporary reduction in potency due to different states of the body, such as stress, depression, lack of sleep, excessive physical and psychological stress, constant feeling of fatigue and so on.To restore the potency will need to identify and eliminate the cause of its decline.Then men's health be restored in a very short period of time.But the reasons for a steady decline in potency are mostly a variety of diseases, psychological disorders, and the effects of poor lifestyle choices.

Endocrine diseases manifest themselves in violation of the production of sex hormones in the pituitary gland or the tes

ticles due to cancer, genetic disruption, injury or systemic disease.And this leads to a decrease in testosterone levels, which is the main hormone responsible for the erection and arousal.To diagnose the disease can only endocrinologist.Very effective are hormonal treatments that will help to eliminate the causes of endocrine disorders, and Your potency very quickly returns to normal.

also reduced potency and sexual disorders may be caused by taking certain medications.These include hormonal drugs - a female hormones, which are used in the treatment of cancer.In this case, the decrease in potency is the result of the struggle for life.Negatively affect the sexual function and means for causing depression of the brain (drugs, alcohol, anti-depressants).Surprisingly, even the usual tablet (diphenhydramine, diuretics, drugs that lower the acidity) may cause disruption in the genital area.Therefore, before taking any medications you need to carefully read the instructions, and even better to consult a doctor.It will assess the risks of taking this drug and will prescribe an analog which has no effect on sexual function, if necessary.

Another reason for the decrease in potency is a neurological disorder.As a rule, it is epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, stroke, autoimmune and systemic diseases, as well as a variety of injuries pelvic and perineal and operations in these areas.But at the moment the possibilities of modern medicine in neurology rather limited, so it is often the only way out of this situation is a prosthetic penis.

sexual disorders in young men can be caused by psychological problems.Depression, neuroses, chronic fatigue, prolonged stress, general poor health, dissatisfaction with a partner or an - all this is a major development of erectile dysfunction.Reduced potency may also be associated with the fear of an unwanted pregnancy, or the fear of contracting diseases that are transmitted sexually.It should be noted another type of psychological erectile dysfunction - selective.This impossibility of sexual intercourse with a certain partner, while the other is all right.This can be explained features of male psychology.This can happen when the first close for fear of failure and a general excitement ( "first meeting syndrome").But in the future, as a rule, all takes place without problems.

local causes such as trauma, injections and foreign substances can result in the substitution of functional tissue connecting member (sclerosis).Due to the lack of good vessels will not be a full blood supply to the penis, which leads to erectile dysfunction.For this problem can lead to artificially tightened sexual intercourse, when the man in every possible way tries to delay ejaculation.

In most cases, the basis for reducing the potency lie vascular causes, namely the violation of blood flow in the arteries and increasing the venous outflow.In the first case erection does not occur for a long time and almost never a maximum.In the second case, however, the excitement comes quickly, full erection, but quickly fades away, not allowing complete, and sometimes even begin sexual intercourse.

Violations can occur in diseases such as atherosclerosis of the aorta (narrowing of the lumen, and the deposition of cholesterol on the walls), varicose veins, endarteritis (inflammation in the inner lining of blood vessels of smokers) and injuries in the pelvic area and the perineum.

reason for reducing the potency may be problems with blood circulation in the blood vessels of the penis due to smoking and reception of individual preparations and sometimes for no apparent reason.By normalizing the initial treatment may cause the disease and the administration of drugs that affect the vascular tone.The overall decline in immunity and tone of the penis leads to chronic diseases of the pelvic organs.Diseases in the genital area are the causes of neurosis and depression, in addition, they impair erectile function.Fully restore potency will complete treatment.

worth noting that quite rare surgery anatomical changes of the penis, which can also be a reason for the decline in potency.For example, incorrect placement opening of the urethra, or Peyronie's disease.

desirable that every time a man was examined by specialists.By reducing the potency can help the urologist, andrologist and psychologist.The doctor must take into account both psychological and physiological characteristics of men.Particular attention should be given to lifestyle to be adjusted as necessary.At the moment, there are many different tools to improve the potency.And not always need to take medication.It can be assigned to physiotherapy, massage action, herbal medicine and so on.Sometimes a fairly complex exercise or spa treatment.Quite often the best method of improving the potency are psychotherapeutic sessions.

But if the cause of the problem are the diseases of internal organs and circulatory problems, in this case, no drugs can not do.You also need to comply with certain conditions, to minimize the use of alcohol and stop smoking.It is desirable to maintain an active lifestyle, engage in physical exercise, spend more time on the street.Particular attention is to increase potency should be given to the diet.The food must be present optimal level of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

By following these simple recommendations, you can achieve not only sustainable improvement of potency, but also improve the body as a whole.