Up to what age is increasing penis

many modern men are interested in such a sensitive issue as the size of the penis.It is no secret that the body is very important for the stronger sex humanity, so a large penis is considered to be the pride of any man.Particularly strong complexes and worried about the growth of its members, young people adolescence.And no wonder, because the fear that a small penis is not able to satisfy a woman in full, is one of the most powerful men.

Understand this intimate concerns of almost all the guys, we suggest examining our current publication.

According to research conducted by specialists who, growth in the male sexual organ continues until the average man of twenty-two years.It is believed that at this age, the penis grows to its maximum size, and its performance over time lengths are gradually reduced.At eighteen penis expands (ie, its diameter increases), reducing the length of half a centimeter.

It is important to note that the onset of puberty in each man passes individually.Some of the boys are se

xually formed nine years, others - with fifteen.The average value of the start of puberty varies from twelve to thirteen years.

On average, during the period of maturation of the male penis to increase in length by centimeter per year:

signs of puberty in males are the following changes:

In addition, during puberty in boys begins to form masculine figure.Ends development of only twenty-two years.At sixteen, the boys appear pollutions - nocturnal ejaculation, showing that teen is ready for sex.

Summing up all the above, we can conclude that the male intimate body grows to an average of 17-22 years, depending on the start of sexual development of males.Therefore, the age of sixteen boys do not have to worry about the small size of his body, and wait a little longer, that is, grow up.However, if at the end of sexual development guys are unhappy to have received an award from the nature, the penis and become more confident, you can own.

According to statistics, about 45% of men dream to increase the size of his body, thus, even if the parameters of their penises average or more than average.The fact that representatives of the stronger sex by nature want to be leaders, always and everywhere.And if a man knows that after 22 years the size of his penis will remain unchanged, slightly adjust the parameters he can well before this age.Such preventive measures will help prevent the development of complexes about the lack of a long penis and give yourself a full sex life.However, before proceeding to action, it is necessary to find out if you have any diseases that affect the size of the penis, and if everything is OK with the hormonal background.And, of course, if your partner is satisfied with the length of the body, then the next paragraph, you can skip.

There are special extenders - a kind of dumbbells, which are hung on the male body and contribute to its prolongation.This simulator is allowed to use the guys who have reached twenty years.

can also help lengthen the penis by means of self-stretching.After a shower or bath gently pat dry with a towel and a member of gently pull the skin in the direction of his up and down.Many guys are positive about this process, claiming that this method can increase the size of the penis for a couple of centimeters.

hope that we exhaustively answered the question you are interested.