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Today we invite you to discuss this delicate, but many exciting theme, as the significance of the size of the male sexual organ.Among our contemporaries, there is an two radically opposing views on this subject.Some argue that only a big penis is able to give to the woman the greatest pleasure in sex.Others argue that even the small size of the penis with the right approach can be a "main character" in the achievement of female orgasm.In fact, however, as always, is in the details.So whether size matters?A look at our today's publication.

According to statistics, the average size of the unexcited male organ is from 8.5 to 10.5 centimeters.At the same time we all know that under the influence of low temperature on the penis (such as during swimming in cold water), it is significantly reduced.The erect penis increases in size, the average value of which ranges from 15 to 18 centimeters.However, quite often "manhood" not up to accepted standards, causing an uproar from its owner.But panic and get upset in

this case it is not necessary, because, as experts say, the size - not the main thing.It is important to be able to use it.After all, according to the majority of women, a large penis in bed - not always a joy.Let's see why.

So vagina nulliparous women has an average length of 7.5 centimeters in a state of sexual tranquility.When excited, it increases in length and 10 centimeters.This means that the penis of any man is able to fill the vagina completely.However, at very large scale, "manhood," the majority of women experiencing pain, so the partners have to enter your body only half.Correct this situation can, if qualitatively excite a woman and move very slowly.Under such conditions, the vagina and can still adapt to elongate to the desired size.But, unfortunately, give full attention to your partner is not capable of a representative of the male sex.It turns out that girls do not bother too much about the length of the penis, the main thing - that the man was considerate in bed and knew how to use his body, though not outstanding size.

So, regardless of the size of the male sexual organ is able to deliver you and your partner maximum pleasure in bed, if you will follow a few guidelines.For example, owners of a small length of the penis should be used more frequently pose in which penetration will be most deeply: the man behind the woman, standing on all fours or on the side (partner's legs should be as divorced).Missionary posture, when the girls legs are a man's shoulders, also recommended for those who have sex organ is not too large.Welcomes the position of "rider", where the partner is on top.

If you are the owner of an impressive size of the penis, then try the following postures:

Also do not forget that if the male sexual organ is impressive for its size, during sex is necessary to use additional lubrication.They can be purchased at the pharmacy.

summed up our conversation today, I would like to note that the size of the "manhood", of course, important, but only for those who love the eyes.In the process of sexual pleasures, provided that the man wisely uses his "gift of nature" in the length of the penis, no one pays attention.The main thing - the care shown by a partner, and a desire to please her and yourself the maximum pleasure.Believe me, it is the opinion of the majority of the female.

Good luck and victories in sexual terms!

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