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How to prevent hair loss in men

According to statistics, baldness (alopecia) is more typical of men, rather than the representatives of the weak half of humanity.And if in your family in the male line is happening, it is likely that over the years it happened again and you.How to prevent the problem?What to do at the first sign of baldness?

First of all, experts advise not to panic.After all the nerves, stress, irritability, - it is the basis and provoking factor that trigger the mechanism of alopecia provided genetic predisposition to it.Also, in order to avoid problems is to listen to these recommendations:

Absolutely all the relatives in the male line of the men were bald.Accordingly, he began to go bald very early, at age 19.The young Americans in this age diagnosed "androgenic alopecia."As a bodybuilder, man has developed a set of exercises for the muscles of the scalp, which helped him at the age of 70 years have an excellent hair.Here they are:

Technique Tom Hadzherti - a daily 20-30 minute performance of such exercises.The

result of this is to strengthen the hair.The advantage of this technique is its accessibility, that exercise can be done simultaneously performing different case.

And it is a bonus to reduce the number of wrinkles, because it is the work of the facial muscles.

Its essence is in the normal brush head massage.Named technique called the barber, the first to demonstrate the results of its application.

necessary to massage every day, with the manipulation of 5-10 minutes in the evening and in the morning.Massage is done by combing the hair in different directions, as well as clamping the brush to the head and the displacement in the pressing area of ​​the scalp.It should not be too strong pressing.Also, you can omit the procedure in front of the brush in almond or olive oil, which will strengthen its positive effects.