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Early baldness in men

Nowadays, many men are faced with the problem of hair loss, which gives them a lot of trouble, facilities and experiences.After a magnificent head of hair for them is a symbol of success, confidence and sex appeal.To get rid of this disease, it is necessary to identify the true causes of baldness, and to select suitable methods of treatment (medication or folk remedies).

According to scientists, early baldness in men shows a predisposition to cardiovascular disease.Moreover, the risk of a heart attack to make them are much higher than those not suffering from baldness.It was also proved that balding men are 20% more likely to suffer from heart disease than their peers with hair.

There are several causes of early baldness.First of all, it's heredity.If close relatives could not boast lush head of hair, even the descendants of these people will be problems with the hair.It is worth noting that there are even signs of the impending baldness.For example, if the hair above the eyebrows and on the crown bega

n to grow quickly, but it became more thin, brittle and fall out, it means that there will be trouble.Very soon you will find complete baldness and given genetic character, help will be very difficult.

Today, virtually all the scientists and neuroscientists claim that small nerve shakes are good for our body because of its train.But if a small problem turns into a great nervous shock - it is quite another matter.If a person lives in constant tension, the excitement will undermine the immune system that lead to violations and disruptions in the body, and may occur earlier baldness.The fact that at the time of stress the hair follicles are disabled from the "power supply", as energy is expended for other purposes.In this case, just need to normalize the psychological background and the atmosphere around them.Remember that only the power of mind to restore your hair follicles and the hair stop falling out.

hair can fall out and the result carried over chronic diseases, oncology, diabetes and metabolic disorders, excess or lack of trace elements.

As you know, a man makes a man of testosterone in his body.The lack of this hormone makes the stronger sex effeminate, but an excess can lead to baldness.This is because the hair follicles are very sensitive to testosterone, and as a result of excessive exposure of male hormones are first hair like fluff, and after all fall.In this case, the course will receive a phytoestrogen, which normalizes the content of male hormones.

Next cause of early baldness - hair and scalp dryness of the skin itself.Due to the work of the sebaceous glands is a natural softening of the skin, otherwise there is dry and brittle hair, dandruff, and then the bald head.It should also be understood that dandruff is not only an aesthetic issue, but provocateur triggering mechanisms baldness as dandruff clog the skin pores, and the skin of the head as a result of breath stop.It is worth noting that excessive oiliness and greasiness can also lead to bald patches.Therefore, as soon as you notice a malfunction of the sebaceous glands is recommended to immediately fix the problem, so you do not deal with hair loss.

Many men like strong coffee, while the number of cups drunk quite impressive.This is very dangerous not only for the cardiovascular system, but is the cause of baldness.Due to the excessive consumption of coffee disrupts the blood supply to hair follicles, hair growth slows down, and soon they fall.Moreover, excessive amounts of caffeine formulation leads to cholesterol in the body, the formation of atherosclerotic plaque on blood vessel walls.

Whatever the causes of baldness may be, it is certainly a disease to be treated, and the sooner the better.At the moment, there are various methods of treatment of early baldness.The first step is to consult a doctor-trichologist and endocrinologist.They will help determine the cause of the disease, choose the appropriate drugs to stimulate hair growth and normalization of hormonal levels.Also, in addition, you can use other means.

most common way, but quite expensive, is a hair transplant on an outpatient basis.In this case, a piece of the patient's own hair transplanted to the bald spot.If the hair is completely absent, the implant implantation.

If you are unable to have surgery, it is possible to make use of folk remedies for hair loss treatment.Enough effective is the following recipe.For it is necessary to finely chop a large pod of red pepper, and pour 100 grams of vodka.The resulting mixture should infuse overnight and then it can be rubbed into the scalp.You can still clear the clove of garlic, let the juice and rub the hair roots.Within 2 weeks you will see results.For the following means necessary to crush 75 g of leaves of burdock and pour 200 g of sunflower oil.This mixture should insist night, after which it should be boiled for 15 minutes, cool and strain.Rub into the skin for an hour before shampooing.

sufficiently effective mixture of onion and honey.It is necessary to grate the onion and mix with honey in the ratio of 4: 1.The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the hair roots.Then, tie the head with a towel or wear a rubber cap.After half an hour you need to thoroughly wash your hair without the use of soap.Repeat 1 time every 2 weeks.For another means pour 100 g of crushed leaves Nettle 500 ml of water.Then add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and simmer for about 30 minutes.The cooled mixture is filtered and rub into the roots of the hair for 4 weeks every 2-3 days before going to bed.You can also mix the protein is separated from the egg yolk with a tablespoon of brandy or vodka.This mixture is gently rub into the scalp, wrap a towel and leave for 30-40 minutes, then it should be washed off with warm water and chamomile extract.

addition to folk remedies, do not forget about proper nutrition.Contraindicated diet, alcohol, smoking and coffee.Lifestyle changes, you will achieve significant results.A great help in maintaining a healthy head of hair - vitamin H (biotin), which regulates fat and protein metabolism.Quite a lot of it is contained in the liver, cauliflower, nuts, eggs, yeast, spinach and tomatoes.Early graying can be the cause of a lack of zinc, magnesium, calcium and tyrosine.If necessary, a specialist will assign you a vitamin-mineral complex.

Remember that age-related changes are inevitable, especially if the reason lies exclusively in heredity.If the cause is malfunction of the internal organs, and it is timely access to specialist help to significantly improve the situation.