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Treatment and prevention of androgenic alopecia in men

Healthy and beautiful hair is an ornament not only female but also male head.Lately all baldness is more common in young men.As statistics show, at the age of 18-19 years suffer from alopecia 16% of young people, aged 40-50 years, the risk of baldness is more than 50%.The process of hair loss can affect different parts of the head, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, rare enough disease process affects the armpits, and even rarer - the pubis, and other parts of the skin.In a healthy person the hair life cycle is 3-5 years, the day may fall about 100 hairs, and if more - a reason to sound the alarm.

disease is quite difficult to determine the beginning of hair is initially fall evenly across the head.It must actively guard locks loss, especially if they have never been observed.The most affected areas are considered to be whiskey and top, if you notice excessive thinning of these places, seek medical advice immediately.It should be noted that the hair that fell as a result of illness, can not be restored, modern

medicine can only stop the progression of the disease and prescribe preventive treatment.

Androgenic alopecia in men occurs, as a rule, due to the prevalence of the hormone DHT in the body.Baldness is caused by excessive sensitivity of hair follicles to these hormones.Under their influence the hair follicles become weakened and flabby, respectively, thinning hair and fall.Most often, high levels of hormones caused by heredity, but in some cases, hormonal swings can be purchased as a result of the negative impact of the environment, frequent stress and disease.If a hereditary predisposition to this type of alopecia disease begins to develop in men about 20 years.Knowing this, it is necessary to monitor the state of their hair and undergo periodic examinations.In other cases, the disease mainly develops not before 40-45 years, then it is desirable to show more attention to your body.

Androgenic alopecia in men treated mainly anti-androgen therapy, which includes a popular treatment and drugs.This will help to stop hair loss, but does not guarantee the return of the same thickness.At the moment, the most effective drug Minoxidil is considered that acts directly on the follicles, prolonging the growth phase of hair.Another method is the influence on the activity of 5-alpha-reductase.It is worth noting that in this case all the effects provided by testosterone (muscle mass distribution, sexual behavior, spermatogenesis) remain intact.It is also often used themselves and blockers of androgen receptors.These blockers are strong enough to affect libido and potency, a spermatogenesis and breast size (gynecomastia in men), so at the same time is taking the amino acid arginine, yohimbe and other stimulants of potency.

Androgenic alopecia in men can be treated with low-intensity laser radiation.In this case, it stimulated cell metabolism in bulbs and microcirculation in the tissues, thus recovering the lost strands.Weakened hair stronger and thicken, they become thick and shiny.House can use the laser comb, even though the effect of this will be much less.A more pronounced effect is given special clinical laser systems that resemble a cap with multiple emitters.Recommended irradiated for years once a week for 15 minutes.Unlike other methods, the result does not disappear after stopping the treatment laser.

Surgical treatment of baldness involves transplantation of healthy hair in its place baldness.Results largely depend on the characteristics of the human body.Some have hair well acclimatized, and the end of life retain a healthy appearance, in others transplantation shows an unsatisfactory result.

Many men prefer to be treated with folk remedies.Great find is gamma-linolenic acid, which is synthesized from natural products.It is part of a black currant oil, borage, evening primrose.The best treatment for baldness is considered avocado oil, despite the lack there of gamma-linolenic acid.Avocados contain oleic acid, which allows the oil to penetrate deep into the scalp surface and well-distributed on it.Typically, avocado oil is added to the other oil compositions to improve their absorbency.

androgens cause baldness, but estrogens stimulate hair growth.This means that they can be used as anti-androgen therapy.It is not recommended to use synthetic estrogen, as they can cause side effects (cancer, phlebitis).It is best to use natural and safe phytoestrogens that are structurally similar to human estrogen.These compounds have anti-cancer activity and are beneficial to the skin.Phytoestrogens are found in sage, verbena, wild yamse, red clover, soy, seeds and skins of grapes.Using these tools, you need to understand that the treatment will be quite lengthy.The first results will be seen only after a few months.

As you can see, the process of the treatment of androgenetic alopecia is quite time-consuming, so it is better to take preventive measures to prevent the disease.First of all, you need to properly care for your hair.The head should be washed only with quality shampoos at a water temperature of 35-40 degrees.Try as little as possible to use a hairdryer.Also not recommended to comb wet hair because they are more fragile.Use only the individual comb and can be periodically regenerating salon for hair treatments.

desirable to lead an active healthy lifestyle (sports, spend more time in the fresh air and to minimize the bad habits).An important role is played by a balanced diet.Be sure to include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and carbohydrates.They are believed to slow down the process of hair loss.Another should eat more protein foods containing amino acids (meat, fish, milk and cheese).Thanks to them, the hair becomes soft, shiny and strong.Avoid drinking too fatty and sugary foods, and a variety of meats, preservatives, salting and alcohol.For stimulation of the hair follicles is desirable periodic head massage.Try to avoid stressful situations.And remember, when the first signs of thinning and increased hair loss should immediately consult a doctor.

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