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Why am I having a receding hairline in men

Nowadays, men are often faced with such a problem, as the bald areas on the head.For some, the problem is not terrible, well, for someone such a state is very undesirable.Of course, every man wants as long as possible to keep their hair in a paramount, but it is not always possible.It should be distinguished from a simple pattern baldness hair loss.The latter is most often observed in men in the presence of any hormonal disorders and diseases.The causes of hair loss may be several: radiation, stress, injury scalp, chemicals.

As a rule, hair loss primarily affects the forehead and neck.It was observed there baldness foci which gradually occur in other parts of the head.Hair loss can occur on the forehead because of the abuse of alcohol, the body's natural aging process, various skin diseases (seborrhea, ringworm) and hereditary predisposition.It should be noted that the bald areas may be temporary, and may lead to complete baldness of men.So, what are a receding hairline and why they occur in men.

Every day a healthy person can fall about 150 hairs, but if the figure is greater should consult a doctor.Receding hairline may arise under these conditions: skin diseases, a reduced resistance of the organism, the use of hormones and genetic predisposition.But largely affects the growth of hair nourishment.Diseases such as iron deficiency anemia or vitamin deficiencies form may well disrupt the hair growth.Also receding hairline may arise as a result of liver disease or diabetes.

Another cause of the disease - poor circulation, namely microcirculation.Hair growth is directly related to the follicles, so they should not have any harmful effects.Yet it should be noted chemical and physical factors.Basically this paint, varnish and other hair products.Receding hairline in men may be due to stress or exposure to harmful substances from the air.An important factor is smoking, because it disrupts the blood supply, and this affects the hair follicles.

But still the most common cause of male bald patches called early development of alopecia.There are diffuse, and androgenic alopecia varieties of this pathology.The latest version of talk about hereditary factors play a role in the development of bald patches.The follicles accumulates a lot of active testosterone (DHT).When injected into the follicle tissue, this hormone causes irreversible consequences.After that, the new hair becomes thinner, weaker and will melt too short.After some time violations occur which lead to loss of hair and.So there is baldness.

reason bald patches is not only a genetic predisposition to them men.In the case of alopecia areata shapes fall not only the hair on the head, and a mustache, beard or eyebrows.Receding hairline can occur at several smaller sites, which can then connect and form a new big.Unfortunately, from this type of alopecia can not be disinfected.

temporary hair condition is considered to diffuse alopecia, affects the entire scalp.As a rule, it develops due to stress, surgery or various somatic diseases.The follicles in this case simply blocked, and then resume work after a certain period of time.There is still a scar alopecia, which occurs due to various injuries and damages, such as chemical or thermal burns.This alopecia can be treated by transplanting hair from other parts of the body.

There are seven stages of alopecia.In the first stage you will notice a slight indentation front line of hair growth in the temporal region and the forehead.Next on the forehead appear triangular foci of alopecia, and thinning at the crown of the hair significantly.In the third stage there is baldness on the crown.In the next phase the hair is thinning more and more, many are reborn in the beam.At the fifth stage of alopecia is significantly reduced amount of hair growing on the head.The sixth stage of development of the disease is characterized by a single focus of baldness on the crown and forehead, the hair falls out gradually and at the back.And finally, the last stage of baldness on the head is a rare thin strip of hair that seems bordered by a head from behind and from the side.

If you notice a receding hairline at the forehead, it is recommended in this case to use such therapies to prevent their further development.Every day for 10 minutes massage the head should be, from the back of the head and gradually moving to the forehead.Olive oil also helps with alopecia.It must be massaged to the hair and scalp.Alternatively, the castor oil can be used.Another effective way to deal with balding in men is regular hair steaming over the steam.Once the head has cooled down, it is necessary to rinse with cool water.

There are also more modern methods to combat balding.It can be eliminated by surgery.That is, in this case the hair is transplanted to any part of the body in the man's head.The therapeutic method is also very popular.You can apply medicated lotions and shampoos that prevent hair loss.Another effective physiotherapy, laser, especially if use this method in the early stages of alopecia.Bald patches and can be removed with the help of mesotherapy.That is, in this case it is assumed maintaining vitamin complex under the scalp.Useful components activate the work of hair follicles, hair and very soon cease to fall.Another modern method of combating alopecia is Plazmolifting, that is a special curative effect of plasma rich platelets necessary.The substance must be administered under the epidermis of the head man, stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Many men prefer to treat bald patches at home.You can recommend some effective folk remedies.It is considered an effective cognac mask, which must be applied directly to the forehead.To prepare it, you need a spoon brandy, egg yolk and a tablespoon of honey.All this should be mixed and applied to the locus of alopecia.Mask wash off after 10 minutes with warm water.

Every day can be rubbed into the scalp a little bit of sea salt.After 15 minutes, the hair should be washed thoroughly.Good help from alopecia tincture of cayenne pepper.For its preparation you need to mix 70-degree alcohol with a bitter red pepper.The mixture should insist for a week.The resulting tool is necessary to filter and dilute with water.This infusion should be applied on the bald patches 3 times a week just before bedtime.Still you can prepare a decoction of calendula, helichrysum, St. John's wort, plantain leaves and burdock root.Accepted inside before a meal.

But remember that the correct treatment can only appoint a doctor.It will help to determine the root cause of baldness.It should be understood that it is not always possible to save people from this disease.Of great importance is the life history.The physician should determine whether men with relatives such pathology.Most of these genes are transmitted through the mother's side.Diagnostics should include carrying out such laboratory tests: blood chemistry, handing the general blood and urine.It is imperative to investigate the level of male sex hormones, particularly testosterone.Also it carried out the analysis of hair.To eliminate the pathology of the endocrine system, a determination is thyroid function.In any case, consultation of doctors (dermatologist or trichologist) is a must.To prevent hair loss, it is best to deal with hair loss prevention (avoid the use of hair dryer and private washing hair, proper nutrition, good shampoo, with the exception of stress).