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Why do men fall hair color

Hair loss, or alopecia, today is a fairly common problem among men.According to statistics, this problem faced by virtually 80% of men and 6 out of 10 members of the stronger sex are beginning to go bald by the age of 25-35.Trichologists note that alopecia younger, to date, hair loss occurs even at 18-25 men who do not even have a genetic predisposition to it.You need to know about the possible causes of hair loss, and in time to take appropriate measures to maintain beautiful hair.When

be disturbing?You should know that the life of the hair is 3-5 years, after which it falls.From one hair follicle for the life of a human hair can grow to 25-30 bars.The norm is considered fallen 50-100 hairs a day, but if they are a lot more, then there is talking about pathological hair loss, requiring immediate treatment.The main signs of balding even before visual thinning hair, the hair is left on the pillow or on the collar of his shirt.

Currently, the most common cause of hair loss in the stronger sex is conside

red to androgenetic alopecia.Scientists have found that a greater influence on heredity have a mother chromosome.This explains why the pattern of baldness most often is similar to hair loss in maternal grandfather than his father.However, in some cases, a direct inheritance from the father of baldness is also observed.A gene that affects hair loss, should be dominant.This means that a person may have genes influencing hair loss, but not necessarily that they are just so themselves will show.

Against the background of a significant increase in the level of male sex hormones in the peripheral blood of men may develop androgenic alopecia.This form of alopecia generally develops due to the sensitivity of cell hair follicles to androgen hormones.Everything happens as follows.Under the action of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which is located in the cells of the hair bulb, the male sex hormone is converted into the more active androgen hormone - 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone.The latter, in turn, enters the cell and thereby gives biochemical protein synthesis reactions.Such "sensitive" follicles is not at all, but if any molecules of the sex hormones begin to reduce the phase anagen (growth) phase and extend the telogen (resting).As a result, the follicles decrease in size, the hair is weakened, replaced in the fluff and gradually fall.Noticeable only when the hair volume is reduced significantly due to their thinning.

believed that diets only addicted to the fairer sex, but, as the statistics show, approximately 20% of the men of our country is obese.Due to this and other problems develop severe disease, thereby reducing the life expectancy of men.But not all diets are useful for the organism, and in particular for hair.Restricting food or simply fasting is the cause of baldness because the body simply stops receiving the nutrients needed for the proper functioning of systems and organs.In addition, due to diet, we lose a lot of adipose tissue, and with it the fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for healthy hair.That is why you need to lose weight slowly, preferably under the supervision of a nutritionist.Be sure to replenish lost vitamins and minerals, and proteins.

It is known that smoking reduces blood flow, which contributes to hair loss.Try to get rid of this bad habit.Also, for good blood flow it is recommended to engage in moderate exercise.

Infectious diseases can also cause hair loss.Hair is considered the best health indicators.After suffering flu, scarlet fever, typhoid, pneumonia, accompanied by a strong rise in temperature and fever, the body takes defensive measures - losing hair.

baldness One reason can be called with the scalp problems, namely the occurrence of seborrhea.It occurs when a malfunction of the sebaceous glands, resulting in there dandruff, itching, oily scalp and flaking.Often dry and greasy seborrhea, but in any case it leads to hair loss.In this case, the pores become clogged, the bulb can not breathe, and the hair gradually thins and falls.This problem can only identify clinically.Treatment can be quite long, but effective.Remember that self-treatment can only aggravate the situation.

cause sudden hair loss may be exposure to chemicals or radiation (usually 1-3 weeks after the procedure).This occurs most often in the treatment of malignant tumors, which is carried out using radiation or cytotoxic agents.Also, your hair may fall out due to arsenic poisoning, thallium and other toxic substances.If a strong impact, unfortunately, the hair can not be restored.But in some cases, with a special treatment of hair growth completely restored.

quite significant hair loss can be for some diseases, such as diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and thyroid gland, surgery, metabolic disorders, excess or lack of certain trace elements in the body.

to prevent baldness, men should include in your diet more nuts, beans, green vegetables, seafood and fish containing polyunsaturated amino acids.They will fill protein deficiency, which is the basic building material for the hair.It is necessary to use vitamins and minerals that promote nutrition of hair follicles.Also, do not forget to spend time daily delicate scalp massage to stimulate circulation.It is advisable to use special means of anti-aging care for the hair.

At the first sign of baldness is recommended to add in shampoo decoctions of funds on the basis of calendula and mother-and-stepmother.A good remedy for baldness is a shampoo composition of which is specifically designed for men.But as an adult you need to intensively nourish and tone the scalp.For this is well suited shampoos based on chestnuts and ginseng tones the scalp, providing anti-aging and promote preservation of the natural pigmentation of the hair and prevents the appearance of gray hair.Use only the individual means of hair care (combs, hair brushes).It can be transmitted through a comb infectious disease that can lead to hair loss.

should start as early as possible to take care of maintaining the hair, then you will delight your long luxurious hair.

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