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Causes and treatment of hair loss in men

hair lose everything - it's a natural process.On the day we lose about 50-100 hair, we do not even notice this loss, because the head is about 100 thousand hairs.But sometimes people can appear excessive hair loss.You should know that each hair has to go through a phase of growth and rest.Curls grow about 3 years during which they grow to approximately 1 cm per month.This growing phase called anagen.After that comes a resting phase - telogen, which lasts three to four months.Hair on the fourth year, usually drops after 6 months and in its place a new grows.

unequivocal answer to the question of why hair falls out, no.But in any case, hair loss - this is not the norm, and the disease being treated.In addition, thinning hair for some become a real challenge for self-esteem, especially at a young age.

So what are the causes of hair loss in men?

cause of hair loss can be any infectious disease, especially what is accompanied by high fever.But sometimes this lead and chronic infections, which occur almost

imperceptibly.Another common reason for this problem is to stress.It is proved that in times of stress hair loss increases.Stress adversely affect blood circulation and stimulates spasms, particularly in small vessels and scalp.As a result, the hair does not get enough to eat, stop growing and then die.

Most of the male population (about 95%) is subject to androgenetic alopecia.This hair loss is due to the work of hormones and genetic predisposition.As a rule, the most vulnerable to frontal and parietal region.Hair thinning at first, then become short, reminding down and after some time completely disappear.There are several stages of androgenetic alopecia.The first two stages of hair thinning in the area of ​​the temples and forehead, forming a receding hairline.From the third to the sixth stage of hair loss area is growing strongly, including the parietal zone.And in the last step all merge into a single zone.

Next cause of hair loss in men - poor diet.The constant use of semi-finished products will lead to a lack of vitamins and a general weakening of the body.Deficiency of B vitamins, vitamin E, C and iron deficiency - a common cause of hair loss.It should also be careful to use the means of hair loss.The structure of professional shampoos and masks, as well as funds from the cosmetic department of a supermarket, includes active ingredients that improve blood circulation, stimulate hair growth and strengthen the follicles.Remember, they are only effective if the loss is caused by the negative impact of temporary factors, such as stress or a lack of vitamins spring.But before using these funds definitely need to carefully read the instructions.If the submitted products contain minoxidil, be prepared for the fact that after stopping these drugs you can greatly worsen hair loss.Also, after prolonged use may develop dermatitis, or dandruff, seborrhea up to.

to use more serious remedies for hair loss, you need to consult with experts.If necessary, you can offer a therapeutic treatment in a clinic or drugs and tools that you can use by yourself at home.It can be a welcome minoksidilsoderzhaschih drugs or other means, taking special vitamins or laser combs.

Medications play an important role in the treatment and prevention of hair loss.They are particularly useful in the early stages of baldness.The most popular treatments for this problem are Propecia and Minoxidil.The first is considered to be more efficient, but when used together can achieve an additional effect.This is because the use of Minoxidil improve hair growth, however, while their use efficiency reaches 90%.

To achieve the desired result, you need to have patience, because treatment takes from 6 months to 1 year.In the early stages of treatment of hair marked relief, but then they cease to fall.In no event it is impossible to interrupt the course, you need to go through it completely.Minoxidil is applied directly to the scalp for promoting hair follicles.It slows down hair loss, and some men even grow new locks.Until the end it is not known exactly how this drug works, but some believe that it dilates blood vessels in the scalp.Use should be 2 times a day throughout life.If you stop using it, the hair will start to fall out again.

include drugs for the treatment of male pattern baldness and approved Finasteride.This tablet that affect certain male hormone production associated with hair loss.This tablet slows the miniaturization of the hair follicles, leading to hair loss.It is necessary to drink 1 tablet a day until the end of life.The drug is contraindicated in men with liver problems.

Hair transplantation is the transplantation own hair from all parts of the body in which bald.After this procedure may remain small scars.In addition, it requires multiple sessions and quite expensive.But the results are excellent, and the effect is permanent.It is strictly forbidden to use implants made of artificial fibers due to the high probability of infection.

to treat hair loss in men is also used laser treatment.Many scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of this method.The course of treatment is about a year, it should start with 2 times a week to a few treatments a month.Avoid laser treatment in a hair salon.To achieve the best results, it is desirable to find a doctor, specializes in hair loss.

following procedure - Mesotherapy is a series of micro-injections of vitamins and minerals to promote hair re-growth.This method is simple, safe and cost-effective option of hair restoration.The procedure should be performed every 5-7 days, full course includes 10-12 procedures.After that, it is desirable to once a month to maintain the results mesotherapy.

relatively new way to treat male pattern baldness are scalp rollers.Rollers are a lot of small needles that help to increase the flow of blood to carry nutrients to the hair follicles, as well as improve the effectiveness of creams and masks from hair loss.

Remember that the earlier you start to care about the preservation of hair, the longer you will enjoy your beautiful hair.Start taking care of your health and visual appeal today that in the future not to fight baldness.

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