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Use mussels for men

In modern supermarkets range of seafood simply amazing.shelves today are filled with a variety of seafood - a crab, shrimp, squid, octopus, oysters and other marine life.They are quite expensive, but, despite this, many people are always include them in your diet.One of the most popular species of marine life are the mussels.These shellfish are real vitamin and mineral complex in miniature.Mussels recommended to use all the people, but they are especially useful for the stronger sex.Use

mussels men primarily lies in the fact that they are almost entirely composed of a single protein.As you know, protein is extremely important for the male body.It is a source of strength and health, as well as a positive effect on mental activity and emotional state, in difficult moments helps you choose the right solution.Protein is especially important for athletes as it supports in the form of lean muscle mass.Finally, it promotes the production of testosterone - the main male sex hormone.Mussels

contain in its composition vitamin E, D and B complex, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorus, iodine, cobalt and manganese.Even shellfish are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, but they are low-calorie, so they can be safely attributed to the products of a dietary food.Especially beneficial effect on male body zinc.Together with selenium, he is actively involved in the production of the main hormone of male power, of course, testosterone.Deficiency of this trace element can cause male infertility.

These shellfish are a unique natural aphrodisiac.When sexual failures, modern men do not immediately grasp at the same Viagra, better often include in your diet mussels.They increase reproduction and improves the viscosity of the male seminal fluid.Among other things, mussels have a positive effect on bone tissue, help to strengthen joints.Regular consumption of this product is an excellent prevention of such diseases as arthritis.This will greatly push the boundary of the inevitable male aging.This seafood contains high amounts of iodine, which is very useful for the functioning of the thyroid gland.

widely known benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids for the human body.The composition of shellfish includes Omega-3 - is an excellent means of prevention against diseases of the cardiovascular system, which in our time is more likely to hit the stronger sex.At the use of mussels can be obtained not only a gastronomic pleasure, but also to normalize cholesterol, preventing the development of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke and heart attack.Once the mussels help to improve the state of the nervous system, which is especially important at the present rhythm of life of men.

Typically, dishes of mussels served in expensive restaurants.This is due to the fact that the product is expensive and requires proper preparation.But they may well be prepared in the home.It should be remembered that the mussels - a perishable product, so it is important to observe all the rules of their storage and preparation.The fact that the mussels, which live in the sea, are a kind of a natural filter that absorbs all the toxins and harmful bacteria.That is why it is better not eat freshly caught shellfish.Before shipment to the consumer should lie mussels under running water for a month, to all poisons and toxins out of them.

necessary to choose seafood with tightly closed and undamaged shells.Carapace should be moist and smell the sea.In them the ice can be stored for more than 2-3 days.House of the product should be rinsed with running water, but do not soak it, and then a knife to clean the dirt from the shells.It is advisable to immediately mussels cook and eat, leaving the next day, to avoid poisoning.In addition, shellfish quickly lose the beneficial properties, so they are much more useful than fresh.

product should be cooked directly in the shells: broil, bake, marinate.For example, in the Crimea is very popular mussels pilaf with meat, and in Korea they are used for salads and appetizers.Not worth eating mussels raw.This is due not only to the taste, but also with the possibility of poisoning.It is best to cook shellfish on a couple of no more than 3-5 minutes.Steamed meat with garlic, spices and lemon juice - the perfect diet food.To taste properly cooked meat resembles the protein of chicken eggs with light sea smell and a sweet taste.

best companion for mussels is considered white wine, which you can wash down meals or use for cooking treats from mussels.For their preparation is desirable to use sea salt.But it is important to remember that the seafood already contains a certain amount of salt, so as not to overdo food.Mussels are perfectly combined with all products - vegetables, dough, meat, chicken, fish and other seafood.But true gourmets claim that mollusks are best to cook alone, that other ingredients do not interrupt their taste.

So, mussels have a positive effect on men's health, increase the potency and overall body tone.

The chemical composition of the mussel enters one particular toxin - saxitoxin, which is produced from all harmful substances introduced into the body clam water.If mussel lives in the sea under running water, then the toxin rather quickly deduced from its structure.But if the shellfish are contained in specific bodies of water where they are grown specifically for sale, then there is water circulates worse than in the sea, as do mussels accumulate a sufficiently large amount of venom.Therefore, when buying in a supermarket you need to pay attention to the country of origin.For example, in Turkey or Japan shellfish are grown directly into the sea in special banks, the quality they do not concede to the wild.But in Korea and China of "standing" a lot of farms.

mussels harm to the organism may also lie in the fact that their structure contains sand.In some cases, an analog of oyster pearls.These components are very solid and can lead to the destruction of tooth enamel.A mussel in preparation for export can not be cleaned of these inclusions, since they are too deep in the tissues.

Do not forget that the mussels are one of the most useful members of marine ecosystems, which purify the water and make the sea so beautiful and real.Therefore, it is not necessary to maintain poaching and buying shellfish from the hands, it is better to choose packages grown on special farms.

But perhaps few people eating this delicacy in such quantities as to be able to talk about the risk of tooth decay or severe poisoning.It is best to buy high-quality mussels in the package are not at the lowest price, then you can be sure that they are collected on a cleaner marine farms away from places of technogenic pollution of the sea.