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Treatment of inguinal hernia in men

Hernia is a disease in which the internal organs of the bulges outward.The disease is recognized by characteristic features, a person feels pain in the inflamed site and sees a strange bulging.The most common is considered an inguinal hernia, which in most cases occurs in men.All is explained by anatomical features of the male body.The inguinal canal in the stronger sex - is a narrow gap between the abdominal muscles in a normal state, it is filled with the spermatic cord and its accompanying nerves.If you have any pathology inguinal canal is expanded, which is formed as a result of direct or oblique hernia.

There are congenital and acquired inguinal hernia.First produced during testicular descent into the scrotum and, as a rule, it is accompanied by other diseases: cryptorchidism, hydrocele and other.But the second most common form of hernia (almost 85%), which can be caused by physical exertion, prostate disease, weight lifting, the problems of the gastrointestinal tract, the weakening of the muscles

of the abdominal cavity of the front wall due to age.

The main symptom of this disease is a protrusion (resembling a tumor) in the groin or scrotum.It can occur within weeks or a few months, mainly suddenly, immediately after lifting, coughing, tension, bending, laughing.Soreness at the same time may not be available.Also, symptoms are swelling and feeling of heaviness, throbbing or burning sensation in the area of ​​the hernia.Symptoms are usually relieved by lying down.If you suddenly feel pain, nausea or vomiting, it indicates that was part of the intestine in the hernia.In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Diagnosis of the disease is of a visual examination of the patient in a standing position and lying both inguinal regions to identify in unclear cases of asymmetry, which gives some indication of the possible presence of a hernia.The doctor offers to cough patient natuzhitsya while watching the protrusion.More determined reducible hernia (partial or complete).Specialist by palpation must determine the consistency of herniation, and after reduction of hernia sac to explore the external opening of the inguinal canal.

necessary to distinguish between inguinal hernia from other diseases, such as ovarian dropsy and femoral hernia.For example, in hydrocele is located inside the formation and hernia outside.In the case of femoral hernia sac located below the inguinal ligament, and in the groin above it.If the doctor is difficult to diagnosis, it can take the help of ultrasound.

Regardless of the size of the hernia, it can be removed only by surgery.No folk remedies, gymnastics, conservative methods or wearing a bandage is not able to deliver man from this disease.The goal of surgery (hernia repair) is to return the body to its original place, followed by plastics hernial ring.Currently, more than 80% in the groin hernia repair is carried out by Lichtenstein procedure (the so-called pull hernioplastics).First of all dissected hernia sac.This must be done very carefully, as close to its walls can be pressed bowel loops.Length 10-12 cm incision should be made parallel to the inguinal ligament and a little above it.At the next stage the surgeon assesses the state of internal organs.If all goes well, the contents of the hernia sac back into the abdominal cavity.Then remove the bag, synthetic mesh sutured to the inguinal canal and the skin incision was sutured.

To avoid recurrence, the inguinal canal must be strengthened mesh allograft.After some time, the tissue grows into the graft and prevents re-formed protrusion.Some time ago, during surgery the tissue of the inguinal canal just sewn, as a result, this led to their tension and frequent relapses (approximately 30%).But when using a mesh fabric integrity is not broken, and the hernial ring is securely closed (the probability that the disease will arise again, less than 1%).Operation in most cases performed under local anesthesia, but sometimes resorting to the total.Operation is contraindicated in certain diseases (stroke, heart attack, kidney failure), as well as men in old age.In this case, justified by the wearing of a bandage.

Emergency operation is necessary in the case of strangulated hernia, since such a state is a threat to the patient's life.If the intestine until transactions retains viability, it can simply be placed in the abdominal cavity.If the part of the intestine is not viable, the doctor performs its resection with anastomosis.

After surgery, some day you may still bother moderate pain in the incision area.The patient at this point is still under observation in the hospital.Write out, usually the next day.

Remember that when inguinal hernia can not lift weights, as this tense muscles, and there is a lot of pressure in the abdomen.In addition, the severity of the need to lift correctly: when picked bend legs in knee joints, and the back should remain straight.The main burden should fall on your feet and not on your stomach or back.Do not eat foods that may have an irritating effect on the gastric mucosa.The head end of your bed, it is desirable to raise a few centimeters in order to prevent the return throw of stomach contents into the esophagus.There should be frequently and in small portions.Also, after a meal is not recommended to immediately take a horizontal position, or go to bed.

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