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Causes of midlife crisis in men

With the term "midlife crisis" is quite difficult to determine, as a clear description of the term does not.In general, the mid-life crisis - it is a long-term emotional depression (or depression), which arises from the revaluation of their life experiences.Such a condition occurs most often between the ages of 35-45 years.The man in this period begins to realize that in his youth was missing a lot of opportunities, and advance their own old age is inevitable process.

main feature of middle-aged men is dissatisfaction with their work and career.Even if he has a decent salary and occupies a high position, he still believes that this is not enough.Men often compare themselves with their classmates and fellow students who have achieved great results in life.From this depression is only strengthened.

Representatives of the stronger sex, and begin to experience dissatisfaction with their personal life.He thinks that the intimacy with his wife does not give her pleasure.That is why there is a lack of underst

anding and the frequent quarrels with his wife.Often men go into the "spree".The second half could find in a notebook man unknown number of women phones, it starts to disappear in the evening, and when he comes home, captured the flavor of foreign female spirits.That is a man in this way trying to "catch up" time, "dogulyat".The woman in this critical period should be treated with wisdom, if it values ​​family and relationships with her husband.Another symptom of the crisis is that men start to worry excessively about your health.Fear for their lives because of each trifle and constant seeking out at diseases can even acquire an obsessive character.It should be understood that every man this critical period passes differently.As a rule, it all depends on a person's character, the degree of dissatisfaction with their lives, and from people surrounding a man.Some are kept in themselves, but become more rigid and collected over time.Others are trying to assert themselves in society.Unfortunately, incidents and breakdowns, the man starts to get involved with alcohol, gambling, and anger tear to his wife and children.And some never faced midlife crisis.

person by nature tend to dream, at the same time without any restrictions.The most common in childhood and adolescence people dream about more than achieve a result.In his youth, we do not live in the present and the future, and we instinctively know when any failures that are still to come, and that all your dreams come true.However, sooner or later, matured young man begins to realize that it is not already become an astronaut, and not invent a perpetual motion machine.That is, he begins to realize that it is waiting for a dull life of an ordinary person, that is a strong psychological stress.

is not eternal, and the human body.Man becomes aware of his age at about the time when the body begins to present a number of unpleasant surprises because of excessive beer consumption occurs beer belly, hair gradually begins to thin, warmly recalls his shortness of breath.In general, nothing to rejoice.The result of psychological stress, which obviously does not work for the benefit of the body, undermining the health and health problems (especially with potency), in turn, exacerbate the stress and depression.

Another change the social role of the person.From a child, he turns to the parents, and from a young specialist - an experienced mentor.Many parents grow old, in need of care and assistance.However, many men are not ready for such a radical change of roles, when you have to rely on their own strength, fully taking responsibility not only for themselves but also for others.And, finally, comes awareness of the transience of life and limb.

Midlife crisis is not just a male problem, but also a real challenge for women who have to bear all the "quirks" of his wife.So he quickly deal with this problem, it is necessary to support it.It is necessary to follow some guidelines that will help to avoid conflicts and to facilitate the experience of men.

First of all, try to be as discreet and relaxed as possible.Pretend not to notice the differences husband mood, and it is better not to argue with him, and especially not to sort things out.It is important to inspire her man to inspire his faith in the future.Convince him that is still to come, since he is young and full of energy.You will find that these words have a positive impact on the man, and will help to quickly cope with depressed mood and loss of strength.At every opportunity, be generous with praise, often say his wife about what he had done.However, do not overdo it, because the excessive praise with or without cause suspicion, and the man will understand that you are doing this out of a sense of pity.So you will only aggravate the depression.

The average age of a man quite often there is a desire to change jobs, buy a new car, or open their own business.Support him in all his endeavors, it will give him confidence and adjusts to the positive.It is also necessary to improve their intimate relationships.midlife crisis in men characterized by some weakening of sexual potency.Often a man's mistress gets to prove their worth in bed.Of course, the part of her husband's infidelity every woman is a real tragedy, and many quite difficult to forgive such.But in this case it should be understood that the husband has changed not because he no longer loves you, but only to again make sure in his masculine power.Therefore, do not deny her husband in intimacy, not to bring the case to the betrayal, and with the understanding attributed to its desire for sex.They ate the same result for a long time not seen, it is advisable to seek help from a therapist.However, not all men agree on this, it is important to convince him that this is necessary for his own good.