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The use of tomato juice for men

tomatoes began to grow in the lands of the American continent for a long time, about more than 2500 years ago.In Peru, people have learned to grow them, producing a gradual selection of the breeding of wild fruits, the size of which was the same as that of berries.Wild tomatoes can be found today, their fruit is really a berry, not a vegetable, but in China it is even referred to the fruit.In our country, the tomatoes were just in the middle of the 17th century, and then they spread immediately.First, like potatoes, they were considered poisonous.At the moment, the tomatoes are very popular, and tomato juice is used more often than other vegetables and even fruit juices.This drink, nutritionists considered one of the most useful, and even call it a multivitamin.

What is the benefit of tomato juice for the stronger sex?

First of all, it contains B vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 and B12) which are responsible for the quality of the nervous system.In today's world, men are more exposed to stress than the re

presentatives of the opposite sex.And it happened so long ago that a man should be strong, protector and breadwinner.According to statistics, nervous system disease, strokes and heart attacks occur in men more often than women.Therefore, they should focus on its nervous and vascular systems.Tomato juice in this case is several times reduces the risk to make a stroke, a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.

Vitamin B1 saturates the blood with oxygen, is involved in protein synthesis and processing of fats and carbohydrates, which helps build muscle mass.Of course, one tomato juice does not help, but with proper nutrition tomatoes promote rapid muscle growth.So if you go to the gym, it is desirable to reinforce themselves with tomato juice.This vitamin is very useful, and those engaged in intellectual work, because glucose supplies the brain and improves memory.Also for the metabolism and processing of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is responsible vitamin B2, and he also participates in the formation of red blood cells and the synthesis of hemoglobin.Vitamin B6 is necessary for the functioning of the prostate, testis, and testosterone, and B12 enhances male libido.

The composition of tomato juice contains a large amount of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and strengthens the cardiovascular system.In addition, it protects the body from aging, you need only to drink a glass of this drink per day.However, it should be noted that all these vitamins are rapidly excreted from the body of the smoker, which is poisoned by nicotine.Therefore, if you can not give up the habit, the juice should not drink on an enlarged scale.The use of tomato juice for smokers is still in the fact that it reduces the risk of developing emphysema.

people, working on the production, together with a glass of milk should issue a glass of tomato juice, since it is able to excrete heavy metals and other trace elements, the negative effects on health.Tomato juice useful for the stronger and more floor because it contains vitamins A and E, which are most involved in the production of testosterone responsible sexual and reproductive functions.Deficiency of this vitamin leads to a decrease in sexual activity and the development of diseases in the intimate sphere.Among other things, vitamin E even lowers cholesterol, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, preventing their fragility.A vitamin A prevents the development of "night blindness" and protects against infections.

The tomato juice is still present vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting, and vitamin PP, regulating hormonal balance and blood-forming processes.

Of all the trace elements contained in tomatoes, is particularly important for men of calcium, which is responsible for the growth of bones and muscles, and protects the prostate and testicles of inflammation and tumors.Perhaps, everyone knows about the benefits of zinc for the production of high-quality sperm.Excellent increases male sexual stamina and sensitivity phosphorus, and selenium has a positive effect on the potency and makes the sperm more mobile.

Magnesium is a building material for bones and regulates the function of nerve cells.It needs it for older people, because thanks to the magnesium the heart muscle is supplied with blood.An extremely important component in tomato juice is lycopene, that it prevents the development of plaques in blood vessels, which is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis and thrombosis.Lycopene is among other things in the body increases further the level of serotonin (hormone of happiness).

Tomato juice is very beneficial to health, but to all his nutrients assimilated and brought maximum benefit, you need to remember a few rules.It is not recommended to consume this drink with foods rich in starch, such as potatoes, corn and bread.This can cause the formation of kidney stones and bladder.To preserve all the nutrients in the juice, it is best not to add to it salt or sugar.Far better it is combined with fresh herbs and garlic.Also, undesirable tomato juice drink with protein products such as meat, cheese and eggs.This combination can lead to digestive disorders, so that neither the first nor the second does not benefit the body.It is best absorbed by the tomato juice with nuts, vegetable oils, cheeses, herbs, many vegetables and garlic.Nutritionists do not recommend drinking this drink during the meal, better to do it in half an hour before a meal.And, of course, the most useful is a fruit juice that preserves all the nutrients in their entirety.Can it be done in a juicer, but you can rub a tomato on a grater, grind them in a meat grinder, food processor or blender, then strain through cheesecloth.Juice should be prepared immediately before use.You can also cook the canned juice, it will be stored for much longer.But we should choose the best possible gentle way.You need to bring the best and ripe tomatoes, wash them and remove the stalk, cut each fruit into 3-4 parts, put in an enamel saucepan and add water (15% by weight of the tomatoes themselves).Pot set on fire, and when the tomatoes soften, rub them through a sieve made of stainless steel.As a result, it leaves juice with pulp, which is then heated to 85 degrees and poured into the prepared hot sterilized jars.Then they were sterilized again 30-40 minutes.

Children can use fresh juice from 2 years old.But to enter it in the diet is necessary to very carefully, because it can cause allergic reactions.

When used in moderation contraindicated in tomato juice there is little, they are more likely to abuse field.Do not drink juice to people with cholelithiasis, because in large quantities it can lead to muscle spasm of the gall bladder and increase pain.Juice is contraindicated in case of poisoning, and at the time of acute cholecystitis, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis.

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