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Folic acid for men

Folic acid is an essential element for the health of women of childbearing age.As you know, this is a very important vitamin for pregnant women.But, nevertheless, folic acid is essential for each individual specific physiological functions.It provides numerous health benefits, so it need both women and men, and in general, people of all ages, genotypes and color.

This B vitamin that has the ability to dissolve in water.In humans, folic acid is not synthesized, therefore needs constant replenishment with food.This material may serve as auxiliary enzyme acting as a catalyst of metabolic processes in the body.Folic acid is essential for the body, this is evidenced by the fact that at its deficiency may develop severe anemia.In addition, vitamin B9 (folic acid), and E are needed for normal brain function, mental and emotional health.This material still participates in the production of DNA and RNA, the formation of the genetic material of an organism.This is especially important in childhood and adolescence

, when cells and tissues actively growing and developing.This substance is a must to use when planning pregnancy for both women and men, since both parents are involved in the pattern during conception.Vitamin B9, together with vitamins B6 and B12 are important to maintain the level of homocysteine, an increased content of which is associated with heart disease.

In most cases, men consume folic acid due to problems with conception.This material is required to be appointed for both men and women with infertility as pathological conditions can be observed in both parents.Men's sperm in certain pathologies may contain the wrong number of chromosomes, the reason for this can be called a poor diet or an unhealthy way of life.However, the investigation revealed that, even in completely healthy the stronger sex there is a certain percentage of defective sperm, which can cause infertility.Folic acid in this case will be one of the top aides in the treatment.

As instructed, the daily rate of vitamin B9 for men is 700-1100 mg.This may be a trace mineral supplement for receiving vitamin E, which stimulates sperm production, increasing its amount.Thus, the combined use of these vitamins several times increases the likelihood of conception.In the male, the final destination of "route" Folic acid is the liver where it is converted to tetrahydrofolic acid.As such, it is involved in amino acid metabolism.In this case simply requires vitamin B9 men as responsible for the correct functioning of the bone marrow and the central nervous system.Yet this acid is necessary for young people during puberty.It affects the development of secondary sexual characteristics: activates hair growth in certain areas of the body and change the timbre of the voice.At deficiency of this element may be a delay in puberty and growth.The main symptoms of a lack of folic acid are: problems with memory and the work of the gastrointestinal tract, decreased appetite, and increased the number of defective sperm.

Contraindications to the use of folic acid are the idiosyncrasy of the body and the manifestation of allergic reactions.In no event should not drink folic acid with analgesic, anticonvulsant, sulfanilamidnymi means, as well as with cytostatics, antibiotics and drugs for reducing gastric acidity.With long-term use of vitamin B9 is recommended to make samples for vitamin B12.The fact that these elements are quite closely together, assisting the formation of erythrocytes and proper operation of the iron in the body.

meat - is the product of power, without which it is difficult to name your diet really healthy and nutritious.Hereby folic acid is a fount of beef.Especially useful beef liver: every man is recommended to use food from it, regardless of age.It is also rich in vitamin B9 and chicken giblets.Because herbal products should be allocated legumes (peas, beans, lentils), herbs (parsley, sorrel, lettuce, green onions, spinach), citrus fruits, nuts, peaches, and buckwheat sprouts.It should be noted that the heat treatment is destroyed to 90% folic acid, and therefore vegetables and fruits is best consumed raw.But most of all B9 vitamin found in brewer's yeast - they are included in the composition of dietary supplements that increase virility as well as a variety of vitamin complexes.But keep in mind that it is useful for the organism brewer's yeast, but not beer.Alcohol in any form is a real poison for your sperm.Under its influence, even perfectly healthy men can conceive a very unhealthy children.Therefore, the future fathers do best to give up drinking.

It is also possible to use folic acid tablets.It is worth noting that they are not an alternative to balanced nutrition, but merely complement it.You can not eat some pills, though in reality we know nothing about the origin of the products that we buy in the store.Vegetables grown in the ground under the sun, contain much more essential human substances than greenhouse.A GMO plants are not worth mentioning, they are not only not helpful, but may even harm the body.

It is not necessary to take folic acid, vitamins constantly, but in some cases it is necessary.For example, future fathers need to improve the quality of the genetic material.The course is desirable to begin 3 months before the likely conception.Another vitamin B9 needs during adolescence to stimulate spermogeneza, especially if there is a delayed sexual development.Also under certain sexual dysfunctions, including infertility.Another indication for the use of folic acid is not entirely related to male reproductive function.It is required to improve memory and the nervous system.

would seem that taking folic acid tablets is very simple.This should be done during or after a meal, not chewing and washing down with water.But it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations.The amount of the B9 is inversely proportional to the digestibility of vitamin B12, and vitamin C, along with both of them are better absorbed.Therefore, if only bioadditive contain folic acid, the remaining components needed to make up food or other vitamin complexes.

This substance does not accumulate in the body, so that the course should be from beginning to end, without stopping it before pregnancy.And be sure to drink tablets in a timely manner.