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Depression in men

According to psychologists, depression in men is much rarer than in women.Perhaps this is due to the fact that the process of thinking and the mentality of men and women differs considerably.Brain men, despite the ability to abstract spatial thinking and rationality, by the right hemisphere works asymmetrically.It has long been proven that the strong half of humanity is less developed intuition more limited emotional perception of information, life goals are specific and straightforward way to achieve them.And although the stronger sex quickly adapts to changing external factors, men as well as women, are subject to mood disorders.And, of course, there is depression in men, and in severe forms.

is difficult to identify a single cause, causes depression in men, mostly of reasons: psychological, biological and social factors, lifestyle and relationships with people.Usually, depression caused by stress and all that evokes a feeling of worthlessness, helplessness and loneliness.This can be a problem at work

, at school, high school, family problems or relationship problems, not achieved important goals, change or job loss, financial problems.Also causes of depression can be health problems, injuries, chronic illness, disability or death of someone from relatives.Depression in men can cause impotence (erectile dysfunction).

especially man prone to depressive moods and vulnerable in these periods of life.Often young people (under 25) is forced to leave his home to continue their studies or find a job in another city, in an unfamiliar place and totally unfamiliar environment for him.This situation itself is very stressful, and young people are particularly susceptible to stress.

midlife crisis, as a rule, are subject to men 30-40 years old who have already created their own family and linked certain responsibility.Many fear they are connected with the fear of losing a job or get a career promotion.An excellent breeding ground for stress becomes problematic own health or illness of someone from the family members.During this period, men usually summarize his many years of work experience and personal achievements, analyze satisfaction and relationship quality.If the assessment is negative, and the future is uncertain, depression may occur.

major stress factor in men older than 50 years is to realize reduction of their social significance.Men often suffer from the loss of loved ones and grieve from such irreparable losses with aging.These feelings are normal, but may trigger depression.

Unlike women who are depressed are whining, lethargy and feel defective, for men are characterized by mood swings, aggressiveness (causeless hatred), anxiety, impulsivity and irritability.Also can be observed: the apathy and a feeling of melancholy, absent-mindedness, loss of interest in any vigorous activity and decreased performance, headaches, pain in the chest, in the stomach or back pain, increased blood pressure.Doldrums still characterized by a sense of emptiness, guilt and hopelessness, decreased libido and potency problems, loss of ability to make decisions.

Depending on the severity of depression, the combination and the severity of various symptoms.But, as the experience of the past 15-20 years, the main symptom for the diagnosis of depression is considered gipotimii - a person's mental state, in which there is the instability of mood, reduce emotional background, apathy and a feeling of oppression.

According to statistics, most men depression lasts from six months to 9-10 months, and the rest of the patient may be in the doldrums to two years or more.

First of all, the native man who is depressed, to take it out of this state, it is necessary to provide him with an opportunity to talk well.Friendly chat - is a great way to support, emotional reactions to negative as well as the analysis of the problems of life in the process of voicing out loud.If the reason for your close person experiences become any adverse events, then the sense help directly searches in this event.Often we think that everything bad that happens to us, it is very unfair, and we did not deserve.The search for the meaning of even the most terrible events allow you to feel the ground under his feet again.

also try to switch the attention of the man, inviting for a walk in the fresh air.Thus it is desirable to focus attention on a variety of surrounding parts: the birds, the color of leaves, the distant and near objects.The main thing in this case, to overcome possible resistance, which is associated with a reluctance to get away from their own problems.An excellent remedy for depression are positive emotions.It is best to go to a place where there is no need to chat with many people (for this party will not work).The best option - a joint viewing of a movie or going to the theater.

to overcome various problems psychologists recommend to buy the animal.But note that this option should be discussed in advance with the "sufferer", may in fact be that he does not like pets or he is allergic.

man, aware of his problem, may itself out of depression.It should seek to obtain the greatest possible amount of positive emotions.It is necessary often to spend time with friends, family and loved ones, as well as pay more attention to his beloved, for example, do yourself a nice gifts.It is desirable to reduce the time, when you are alone with yourself.Some experts recommend a radical change of the situation, for example, apartment to make repairs or to go on vacation.Think of all the good things that happened to you in life - it helps to believe in themselves.Still it is necessary to train the muscles of laughter on his face, and to practice physical exercises.His diet is rich in complex carbohydrates to replenish food (potatoes, pasta) and to limit protein and alcohol.

With worsening symptoms should immediately seek help from a qualified psychotherapist.It is necessary to treat depression, or it could drag on for months and years.In addition, the probability of re-attack the disease.According to the study, it was found that depression in men is significantly increases the risk of stroke.The basis of treatment is medication and psychotherapy.For the treatment of chronic depression doctor individually selects medications (antidepressants) for each patient.They need to take a long time, for several months.Remember that treatment will be successful only if you strictly adhere to the recommended regimen of drugs.Psychotherapy is to teach to regulate their own emotions.For this method of treatment requires the active participation of the patient and his willingness to negotiable their problems.

But best of all men engaged in the prevention of depression.She is in moderate physical activity and sedentary behavior change in an active-motor.Quite enough hours in the day.It can be run in the mornings, cycling, regular exercise, going to the gym or pool.It is desirable to include in the diet of more fruits and vegetables, which will replenish the body with essential vitamins and trace elements.It is recommended to eat oily fish as it contains a lot of phosphorus and iodine, as well as omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.One is docosahexaenoic acid that is part of the cerebral gray matter of the human.Its deficiency leads to the inhibition of nerve impulse transmission process, decrease mental ability and memory impairment.In addition, you need to sleep well, a minimum of 7 hours of night sleep to help the brain cells and throughout the body to work without interruption.

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