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Vaccination against rabies and alcohol

No one is safe from force majeure as the bites of poisonous insects, attack stray animals.Bites Dog always recommended to neutralize the rabies vaccination - better safe and God will save.But very often affected person can then get into the company, which celebrate different events with alcohol.How will combine the use of alcohol and the newly to be vaccinated?What you should know about the consequences of such a combination?

Once bitten stray dogs is always assigned to a course of vaccinations against rabies.It traditionally is 6 doses, ie vaccination is on such a scheme: an injection on the day the bite, then at the third, seventh, fourteenth, twenty-eighth and the ninetieth day after the bite.The whole course of treatment is three months.

Vaccination against rabies is no danger, as well as many other vaccines.However, some people it may cause side reactions such as edema and itching, redness and fever, dizziness and joint pain, allergies.It should be noted that such side effects are observed in only

3% of people who are vaccinated against rabies.And to these negative consequences of vaccination was not, you need to take antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs.When these vaccinations should be made mandatory?Vaccination is needed in such cases:

Vaccination against rabies is the same virus, but do not pose a danger to human life.

So Conventional adverse events following rabies vaccine we already know.They are rare.And what can happen if a person after vaccination drink alcohol?When alcohol enters the action of rabies vaccination may increase or neutralized.Ethanol under the action of the vaccine, which contains alcohol, may cause such side effects include fever and pain at the injection site, fever vaccination and seal space, lymphadenopathy and paralysis Lyandri encephalitis.Paralysis Lyandri mostly leads to death, and ends with encephalitis lethal in 25% of cases.In addition, under the influence of alcohol after vaccination may develop a neurological disease, brain damage, seizures.

Rabies is a very serious disease.Therefore combine it with alcohol is very dangerous.Use of alcoholic beverages after vaccination leads to a weakening immunity.For this reason, doctors strongly recommend that, within 90 days did not drink any kind of alcohol.It contraindicated even beer in a small amount.After all, any kind of alcohol leads to a rapid spread of the virus.And it threatens to death.The rabies virus is activated - and the disease develops in full form, that is fatal.

So, the combination of the course of vaccinations against rabies with the use of different types of alcohol is extremely dangerous for human life.If alcohol with other drugs only strengthens their side property, in this case it is much more serious.Therefore, to risk their lives for the sake of the company and the dubious pleasure is not worth it.We must be patient and not overshadow their lives and the lives of loved ones threatening problems.